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ValueSet: Ethnicity Code


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Status:Draft as of 2019-09-30

Codes representing a self-reported ethnic group. This should not be confused with citizenship or nationality.

Publisher:Canadian FHIR Implementor Working Group
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle


Logical Definition (CLD)

  • Include these codes as defined in version 20190731
    CodeDisplayEnglish (Canada) (English (Canada), en)French (fr)
    88790004Abyssinians (Amharas) (ethnic group)Abyssinians (Amharas)Abyssiniens (Amharas)
    25750005Admiralty Islanders (ethnic group)Admiralty Islandersinsulaires de l'Amiraut�
    15086000African American (ethnic group)African AmericanAfro-Am�ricain
    413465009Afro-Caribbean (ethnic group)Afro-Caribbeanafro-antillais
    413466005Afro-Caucasian (ethnic group)Afro-Caucasianafro-caucasien
    89026003Alacaluf (ethnic group)AlacalufAlakaluf
    21047009Aleuts (ethnic group)AleutsAl�outes
    66920001Amerind (ethnic group)Amerindam�rindiens
    42632009Andamanese (ethnic group)AndamaneseAndamanais
    74302004Apache (ethnic group)ApacheApache
    90027003Arabs (ethnic group)Arabsarabes
    113169009Armenians (ethnic group)Armeniansarm�niens
    315280000Asian - ethnic group (ethnic group)Asian - ethnic groupasiatique : groupe ethnique
    77502007Atacamenos (ethnic group)AtacamenosAtacamenos
    38144004Athabascans (ethnic group)AthabascansAthabascans
    43608005Australian Aborigines (ethnic group)Australian Aboriginesaborig�nes de l'Australie
    68486007Austrians (ethnic group)Austriansautrichiens
    113170005Aymara (ethnic group)AymaraAymaras
    67931002Aztec (ethnic group)AztecAzt�que
    46723002Badagas (ethnic group)BadagasBadagas
    704390004Bajau (ethnic group)Bajau
    186003008Bangladeshi (ethnic group)BangladeshiBangladais
    39764005Bantu (ethnic group)BantuBantou
    58047002Barundi (ethnic group)BarundiBarundi
    45465003Basques (ethnic group)Basquesbasques
    23922002Batutsi (ethnic group)BatutsiBatutsi
    56056003Belgians (ethnic group)Belgiansbelges
    704391000Bidayuh (ethnic group)Bidayuh
    315240009Black - ethnic group (ethnic group)Black - ethnic groupnoir : groupe ethnique
    185993005Black - other African country (ethnic group)Black - other African countryNoir d'un autre pays africain
    185996002Black - other Asian (ethnic group)Black - other AsianNoir ou autre Asiatique
    185998001Black - other, mixed (ethnic group)Black - other, mixedNoir ou autre d'origine m�tiss�e
    18167009Black African (ethnic group)Black AfricanAfricain noir
    275587000Black Arab (ethnic group)Black Arab
    185990008Black British (ethnic group)Black BritishBritannique noir
    185988007Black Caribbean (ethnic group)Black CaribbeanCarib�en noir
    270460000Black Caribbean/West India/Guyana (ethnic group)Black Caribbean/W.I./GuyanaNoir des Cara�bes ou des Antilles ou de la Guyane
    275589002Black East African Asian (ethnic group)Black East African Asian
    270462008Black East African Asian/Indo-Caribbean (ethnic group)Black East African Asian/Indo-CaribbeanNoir asiatique est-africain ou Indo-Cara�be
    309644006Black Guyana (ethnic group)Black Guyana
    185995003Black Indian sub-continent (ethnic group)Black Indian sub-continentNoir du sous-continent indien
    275590006Black Indo-Caribbean (ethnic group)Black Indo-Caribbean
    275588005Black Iranian (ethnic group)Black Iranian
    39007007Black Jews (ethnic group)Black JewsJuifs noirs
    270461001Black N African/Arab/Iranian (ethnic group)Black N African/Arab/IranianNoir nord-africain ou Arabe ou Iranien
    275586009Black North African (ethnic group)Black North African
    309643000Black West Indian (ethnic group)Black West IndianAntillais noir
    185989004Black, other, non-mixed origin (ethnic group)Black, other, non-mixed originNoir ou autre d'origine non m�tiss�e
    65776006Blackfeet (ethnic group)BlackfeetPieds-Noirs
    32873005Bloods (ethnic group)BloodsGens-du-Sang
    38750003Bororo (ethnic group)BororoBororo
    72337002Brazilian Indians (ethnic group)Brazilian Indiansam�rindiens du Br�sil
    186006000British ethnic minority specified (NMO) (ethnic group)British ethnic minority specified (NMO)minorit� ethnique britannique sp�cifi�e (origine non m�tiss�e)
    186007009British ethnic minority unspecified (NMO) (ethnic group)British ethnic minority unspecified (NMO)minorit� ethnique britannique non sp�cifi�e (origine non m�tiss�e)
    29343004Bulgarian (ethnic group)Bulgarianbulgare
    772857241000087105Burgher (ethnic group)Burgher
    85371009Bushmen (ethnic group)BushmenBochimans
    73524008Caingang (ethnic group)CaingangCaingang
    733446001Canadian (ethnic group)Canadian
    270463003Caribbean I./W.I./Guyana (NMO) (ethnic group)Caribbean I./W.I./Guyana (NMO)insulaire des Cara�bes ou des Antilles ou de la Guyane (origine non m�tiss�e)
    275591005Caribbean Island (NMO) (ethnic group)Caribbean Island (NMO)�le cara�b�enne (origine non m�tiss�e)
    41798002Caroline Islanders (ethnic group)Caroline Islandersinsulaires des Carolines
    14045001Caucasian (ethnic group)Caucasiancaucasien
    57405008Chenchu (ethnic group)ChenchuChenchus
    33897005Chinese (ethnic group)ChineseChinois
    71949006Chippewa (ethnic group)ChippewaChippewas
    6373008Choco (ethnic group)ChocoChoco
    52075006Congolese (ethnic group)CongoleseCongolais
    186040000Cook Island Maori (ethnic group)Cook Island Maorimaori des �les Cook
    113171009Coushatta (ethnic group)CoushattaCoushattas
    43056000Cuna (ethnic group)CunaCunas
    286009Czech (ethnic group)Czechtch�que
    43890005Dieguenos (ethnic group)DieguenosDieguenos
    9533000Dutch (ethnic group)Dutchn�erlandais
    270465005E Afric Asian/Indo-Carib (NMO) (ethnic group)E Afric Asian/Indo-Carib (NMO)Asiatique est-africain ou Indo-Caribb�en (origine non m�tiss�e)
    275596000East African Asian (NMO) (ethnic group)East African Asian (NMO)Asiatique est-africain (origine non m�tiss�e)
    24171000087107East Asian or Southeast Asian (ethnic group)East Asian or Southeast Asian
    28821007Easter Islanders (ethnic group)Easter Islandersinsulaires de P�ques
    1919006Egyptians (ethnic group)Egyptians�gyptiens
    60157000Ellice Islanders (ethnic group)Ellice Islandersinsulaires d'Ellice
    25804004English (ethnic group)Englishanglais
    85515006Eskimo (ethnic group)EskimoEsquimaux
    18583004Estonians (ethnic group)Estoniansestoniens
    365455004Ethnic groups (1991 census) (United Kingdom) (ethnic group)Ethnic groups (1991 census) (UK)Ethnic groups (1991 census) (UK)
    414152003European (ethnic group)Europeaneurop�en
    10008004Ewe (ethnic group)EweEw�
    69865008Fijian (ethnic group)FijianFidjiens
    10117001Finns (ethnic group)FinnsFinlandais
    665323461000087104First Nations (ethnic group)First Nations
    13233008Flathead (ethnic group)Flatheadt�te-plate
    19434008French (ethnic group)Frenchfran�ais
    37843006Fulani (ethnic group)FulaniFoulani
    90822005Gambians (ethnic group)GambiansGambiens
    32045009Georgians (ethnic group)Georgiansg�orgiens
    7695005Germans (ethnic group)Germansallemands
    37474002Ghanaians (ethnic group)GhanaiansGhan�ens
    49202008Gilbertese (ethnic group)GilberteseGilbertiens
    275599007Greek (NMO) (ethnic group)Greek (NMO)Grec (origine non m�tiss�e)
    275600005Greek Cypriot (NMO) (ethnic group)Greek Cypriot (NMO)Chypriote grec (origine non m�tiss�e)
    270466006Greek/Greek Cypriot (NMO) (ethnic group)Greek/Greek Cypriot (NMO)Grec ou Chypriote grec (origine non m�tiss�e)
    1451003Greeks (ethnic group)Greeksgrecs
    10292001Guamians (ethnic group)GuamiansGuamiens
    275593008Guyana (NMO) (ethnic group)Guyana (NMO)Guyane (origine non m�tiss�e)
    40182006Gypsies (ethnic group)Gypsiestsigans
    20140003Hawaiians (ethnic group)HawaiiansHawa�ens
    72201005Hobe (ethnic group)HobeHobe
    51750002Hottentot (ethnic group)HottentotHottentot
    66406004Huasteco (ethnic group)HuastecoHuaxt�que
    76883002Huichol (ethnic group)HuicholHuichol
    64693008Hungarian (ethnic group)Hungarianhongrois
    2720008Hututu (ethnic group)HututuHutu
    704392007Iban (ethnic group)Iban
    59366001Ibo (ethnic group)IboIbo
    72809004Icelanders (ethnic group)Icelandersislandais
    55990000Inca (ethnic group)IncaInca
    186001005Indian (East Indian) (ethnic group)Indian (East Indian)Indian (Indien d'Asie)
    186012005Indian sub-continent (NMO) (ethnic group)Indian sub-continent (NMO)sous-continent indien (origine non m�tiss�e)
    64483007Indians (Hindi-speaking) (ethnic group)Indians (Hindi-speaking)Indiens de langue hindi
    275597009Indo-Caribbean (NMO) (ethnic group)Indo-Caribbean (NMO)Indo-Cara�be (origine non m�tiss�e)
    107036091000087107Inuit (ethnic group)Inuit
    69983001Irani (ethnic group)IraniIraniens
    275595001Iranian (NMO) (ethnic group)Iranian (NMO)Iranien (origine non m�tiss�e)
    27700004Iraqi (ethnic group)IraqiIraquien
    186014006Irish (NMO) (ethnic group)Irish (NMO)Irlandais (origine non m�tiss�e)
    83939006Irula (ethnic group)IrulaIrulas
    31637002Italians (ethnic group)Italiansitaliens
    414551003Japanese (ethnic group)JapaneseJaponais
    704387005Kadazan (ethnic group)Kadazan
    15801006Kapingas (ethnic group)KapingasKapingas
    11794009Kenyans (ethnic group)KenyansK�nyans
    72248007Kikuyu (ethnic group)KikuyuKikuyu
    77686000Kwakiutl (ethnic group)KwakiutlKwakiutl
    75326007Labradors (ethnic group)LabradorsLabradors
    20291009Lacandon (ethnic group)LacandonLacandon
    9158000Liberians (ethnic group)LiberiansLib�riens
    83584002Luo (ethnic group)LuoLuo
    21868006Madagascans (ethnic group)MadagascansMalgaches
    73736004Maori (ethnic group)MaoriMaori
    75301003Mapuche (ethnic group)MapucheMapuche
    4299001Marathas (ethnic group)MarathasMarathes
    59597001Marshallese (ethnic group)MarshalleseMarshallais
    63457007Maya (ethnic group)MayaMaya
    704388000Melanau (ethnic group)Melanau
    414661004Melanesian (ethnic group)Melanesianm�lan�sien
    23534002Melanesians (ethnic group)MelanesiansM�lan�siens
    74159009Melanuans (ethnic group)MelanuansMelan�ens
    47327008Mexican Indians (ethnic group)Mexican IndiansAm�rindiens du Mexique
    3698008Micronesians (ethnic group)MicronesiansMicron�siens
    24181000087109Middle Eastern (ethnic group)Middle Eastern
    315239007Mixed ethnic census group (ethnic group)Mixed ethnic census groupgroupe ethnique mixte selon le recensement
    24812003Mongol (ethnic group)Mongolmongolo�de
    134214211000087107Moor (ethnic group)Moor
    41076003Mozambiquans (ethnic group)MozambiquansMozambicains
    67439005Msutu (ethnic group)MsutuMsutu
    704389008Murut (ethnic group)Murut
    243284401000087108M�tis (ethnic group)M�tis
    270464009N African Arab/Iranian (NMO) (ethnic group)N African Arab/Iranian (NMO)Arabe nord-africain ou Iranien (origine non m�tiss�e)
    81846005Naiars (ethnic group)NaiarsNaiars
    57539009Navaho (ethnic group)NavahoNavahos
    91488008New Britons (ethnic group)New BritonsN�o-Britanniques
    34334001New Caledonians (ethnic group)New CaledoniansN�o-Cal�doniens
    63732001New Hebrideans (ethnic group)New HebrideansN�o-H�bridais
    186035008New Zealand ethnic groups (ethnic group)New Zealand ethnic groupsgroupes ethniques de la Nouvelle-Z�lande
    186036009New Zealand European (ethnic group)New Zealand EuropeanEurop�en de la Nouvelle-Z�lande
    186039002New Zealand Maori (ethnic group)New Zealand MaoriMaori de la Nouvelle-Z�lande
    87323008Nez Perc� (ethnic group)Nez Perc�Nez Perc�
    88934004Nigerians (ethnic group)NigeriansNig�rians
    186041001Niuean (ethnic group)NiueanNiou�en
    275594002North African Arab (NMO) (ethnic group)North African Arab (NMO)Arabe nord-africain (origine non m�tiss�e)
    18575005Oceanian (ethnic group)Oceanianoc�anien
    10432001Onge (ethnic group)OngeOnges
    704386001Orang asli (ethnic group)Orang asli
    91191002Oraons (ethnic group)OraonsOraons
    414978006Oriental (ethnic group)Orientaloriental
    51827000Oriental Jews (ethnic group)Oriental Jewsjuifs orientaux
    186010002Other African countries (NMO) (ethnic group)Other African countries (NMO)autres pays africains (origine non m�tiss�e)
    186013000Other Asian (NMO) (ethnic group)Other Asian (NMO)autre Asiatique (origine non m�tiss�e)
    315281001Other Asian ethnic group (ethnic group)Other Asian ethnic groupautre groupe ethnique asiatique
    186000006Other Black - Black/Asian orig (ethnic group)Other Black - Black/Asian origautre Noir d'origine noire ou asiatique
    185999009Other Black - Black/White orig (ethnic group)Other Black - Black/White origautre Noir d'origine noire ou blanche
    315279003Other black ethnic group (ethnic group)Other black ethnic groupautre groupe ethnique noir
    186005001Other ethnic non-mixed (NMO) (ethnic group)Other ethnic non-mixed (NMO)autre ethnie non m�tiss�e
    186017004Other European (NMO) (ethnic group)Other European (NMO)autre Europ�en (origine non m�tiss�e)
    186037000Other European in New Zealand (ethnic group)Other European in New Zealandautre Europ�en en Nouvelle-Z�lande
    401214002Other white British ethnic group (ethnic group)Other white British ethnic groupautre groupe ethnique britannique blanc
    27301002Paez (ethnic group)PaezPaez
    186002003Pakistani (ethnic group)PakistaniPakistanais
    4073004Palauans (ethnic group)PalauansPalaosiens
    17789004Papuans (ethnic group)PapuansPapous
    81653003Pehuenches (ethnic group)PehuenchesPehuenches
    28562006Poles (ethnic group)Polespolonais
    23517005Polynesians (ethnic group)PolynesiansPolyn�siens
    80208004Portuguese (ethnic group)Portugueseportugais
    3353005Pueblo (ethnic group)PuebloPueblo
    704385002Punjabi (ethnic group)Punjabi
    71176007Pygmies (ethnic group)PygmiesPygm�es
    79434006Quechua (ethnic group)QuechuaQuechua
    718958002Roma (ethnic group)Roma
    445343003Romanian (ethnic group)Romanian
    85163001Russians (ethnic group)Russiansrusses
    19085009Saipanese (ethnic group)SaipaneseSaipanais
    86275006Samoan (ethnic group)SamoanSamoan
    735001008Scandinavian (ethnic group)Scandinavian
    48375000Seminole (ethnic group)SeminoleS�minole
    3818007Senegalese (ethnic group)SenegaleseS�n�galais
    53460002Serbs (ethnic group)Serbsserbes
    82174001Shona (ethnic group)ShonaShona
    22007004Shoshone (ethnic group)ShoshoneShoshone
    231697211000087107Sinhalese (ethnic group)Sinhalese
    36329002Slovak (ethnic group)Slovakslovaque
    48294008Solomon Islanders (ethnic group)Solomon IslandersSalomonais
    46110004Somalis (ethnic group)SomalisSomaliens
    24191000087106South Asian (ethnic group)South Asian
    26215007South Asian Aborigine (ethnic group)South Asian Aborigineaborig�ne de l'Asie du Sud
    108342005South Asian AND/OR Australian aborigine (ethnic group)South Asian AND/OR Australian aborigineaborig�ne de l'Asie du Sud et/ou de l'Australie
    186044009South East Asian (ethnic group)South East AsianAsiatique du Sud-Est
    28409002Spaniards (ethnic group)Spaniardsespagnols
    88839008Sudanese (ethnic group)SudaneseSoudanais
    76574004Swiss (ethnic group)Swisssuisses
    59487007Syrians (ethnic group)Syrianssyriens
    12556008Tamils (ethnic group)TamilsTamouls
    13440006Tanganyikans (ethnic group)TanganyikansTanzaniens
    75704009Toba (ethnic group)TobaToba
    81283004Todas (ethnic group)TodasTodas
    186042008Tokelauan (ethnic group)TokelauanTokelauan
    81560001Tongan (ethnic group)TonganTongan
    2688009Tristan da Cunhans (ethnic group)Tristan da Cunhansoriginaires de Tristan da Cunha
    33182009Trukese (ethnic group)TrukeseTrukois
    275601009Turkish (NMO) (ethnic group)Turkish (NMO)Turc (origine non m�tiss�e)
    275602002Turkish Cypriot (NMO) (ethnic group)Turkish Cypriot (NMO)Chypriote turc (origine non m�tiss�e)
    270467002Turkish/Turkish Cypriot (NMO) (ethnic group)Turkish/Turkish Cypriot (NMO)Turc ou Chypriote turc (origine non m�tiss�e)
    14470009Tutsi (ethnic group)TutsiTutsi
    76775001Ugandans (ethnic group)UgandansOugandais
    733078003Ukrainian (ethnic group)Ukrainian
    35007000Utes (ethnic group)UtesUtes
    62598008Venezuelan Indians (ethnic group)Venezuelan Indiansam�rindiens du Venezuela
    312859007Vietnamese (ethnic group)VietnameseVietnamien
    14999008Welsh (ethnic group)Welshgallois
    8124001West Africans (ethnic group)West AfricansOuest-Africains
    275592003West Indian (NMO) (ethnic group)West Indian (NMO)Antillais (origine non m�tiss�e)
    185984009White - ethnic group (ethnic group)White - ethnic groupblanc : groupe ethnique
    315236000White British (ethnic group)White BritishBritannique blanc
    315237009White Irish (ethnic group)White IrishIrlandais blanc
    401213008White Scottish (ethnic group)White Scottish�cossais blanc
    18664001Xavante (ethnic group)XavanteXavantes
    80528001Xosa (ethnic group)XosaXhosa
    76460008Yanomama (ethnic group)YanomamaYanomamis
    48118002Yapese (ethnic group)YapeseYapois
    76253004Zulu (ethnic group)ZuluZoulou
    14176005Danes (ethnic group)Danes
    315283003Irish traveller (ethnic group)Irish traveller
    17095009Norwegians (ethnic group)Norwegians
    81035008Pakistani (Urduspeakers) (ethnic group)Pakistani (Urduspeakers)
    81403004Swede (ethnic group)Swedes
    160531006race: West indian (ethnic group)race: West indian



No Expansion for this valueset (Unknown Code System)

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
Source The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code