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ValueSet: Encounter Type


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Title:Encounter Type
Status:Active as of 2020-07-23

The type of encounter: a specific code indicating type of service provided. This value set includes codes from SNOMED CT decending from the concept 308335008 (Patient encounter procedure (procedure))

Publisher:Canadian FHIR Implementor Working Group

This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement.

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This value set contains 158 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jul 2020

All codes from system

308335008Patient encounter procedure
680007Radiation physics consultation
726007Pathology consultation, comprehensive, records and specimen with report
2530001Chiropractic visit
4525004Emergency department patient visit
5947002Consultation for hearing and/or speech problem
8502007Radiation physics consultation with therapeutic radiologist
12566000Consultation in computer dosimetry and isodose chart, teletherapy
12843005Subsequent hospital visit by physician
14736009Patient evaluation and management
15301000Consultation in chemotherapy
18170008Subsequent nursing facility visit
19681004Nursing evaluation of patient and report
24882007Medical consultation on hospital inpatient
25028003Dermatology consultation and report, comprehensive
28191001Consultation and report by radiologist
30078008Dermatology consultation and report, brief
30274002Chiropractic consultation
31108002Consultation for laboratory medicine
34043003Dental consultation and report
35437002Consultation in computer dosimetry and isodose chart for brachytherapy
35755007Chiropractic interpretation of x-rays
42423000Chiropractic consultation, history and examination
44340006Prosthodontic dental consultation and report
48550003Medical consultation on nursing facility inpatient
49463003Consultation for paternity case
49569001Consultation in teletherapy
50357006Evaluation and management of patient at home
50687007Digestive tract consultation and report
53923005Medical consultation on inpatient
58400001Chiropractic examination
59000001Surgical pathology consultation and report on referred slides prepared elsewhere
65981005Consultation in laboratory medicine for test interpretation
68341005Hemodialysis, supervision at home
69399002Initial hospital visit by physician
70495004Limited consultation
71318009Physical medicine consultation and report
71387007Endodontic dental consultation and report
73007006Dermatology consultation and report
73575006Chiropractic consultation with history
77406008Confirmatory medical consultation
77965002Consultation in brachytherapy
83362003Final inpatient visit with instructions at discharge
84251009Comprehensive consultation
86013001Periodic reevaluation and management of healthy individual
86181006Evaluation and management of inpatient
87790002Follow-up inpatient consultation visit
89291005Orthodontic dental consultation and report
90526000Initial evaluation and management of healthy individual
108219001Physician visit with evaluation AND/OR management service
108220007Evaluation AND/OR management - new patient
108221006Evaluation AND/OR management - established patient
185316007Indirect encounter
185317003Telephone encounter
185318008Third party encounter
185320006Encounter by computer link
185321005Letter encounter to patient
185345009Encounter for symptom
185346005Encounter for sign
185347001Encounter for problem
185348006Encounter for fear
185349003Encounter for check up
185387006New patient consultation
185389009Follow-up visit
185462000Home visit request by relative
185463005Visit out of hours
185464004Out of hours visit - not night visit
185465003Weekend visit
185466002Home visit for urgent condition
185467006Home visit for acute condition
185468001Home visit for chronic condition
185469009District nurse visit
185470005Home visit elderly assessment
207195004History and physical examination with evaluation and management of nursing facility patient
209099002History and physical examination with management of domiciliary or rest home patient
210098006Domiciliary or rest home patient evaluation and management
225929007Joint home visit
270424005Letter encounter from patient
270425006Letter from specialist
270427003Patient-initiated encounter
270430005Provider-initiated encounter
275693003Letter from consultant
281036007Follow-up consultation
288836004Agreeing on elements of the care plan
308720009Letter encounter
310587004First annual visit by district nurse
310588009Visit by health visitor
313183009Inappropriate use of out of hours service
314849005Telephone contact by consultant
315205008Bank holiday home visit
386472008Telephone consultation
386473003Telephone follow-up
388970003Weight maintenance consultation
388975008Weight reduction consultation
388977000Weight increase consultation
390906007Follow-up encounter
398228004Anesthesia consultation
400979004Homeopathic consultation
401267002Telephone triage encounter
401271004E-mail sent to patient
406547006Urgent follow-up
408482001District nurse follow up
408483006District nurse initial visit
408487007Health visitor follow up
416520008Consultation for unaccompanied minor
420454001Consultation for chronic pain
420650002Consultation for pain
421946003Consultation for acute pain
423215004Provision of continuity of care
423861007Consultation for restraint debriefing
425604002Case management follow up
438515009E-mail encounter from carer
438516005E-mail encounter to carer
439058005Home visit for care and maintenance of urinary catheter
439708006Home visit
439740005Postoperative follow-up visit
439887005Home visit for mechanical ventilation care
440068009Home visit for newborn care and assessment
440085006Home visit for postpartum care and assessment
440146002Home visit for care and maintenance of colostomy
440168007Provision of copy of letter from specialist to patient
440568002Visit with nurse at next appointment requested
440611006Home visit for marriage counseling
440696002Home visit for intramuscular injection
441244001Home visit for cystostomy care and maintenance
445450000Encounter by short message service text messaging
448337001Telemedicine consultation with patient
698307003Consultation for benign neoplasm disease
698308008Consultation for malignant neoplasm disease
698309000Consultation for endoscopic procedure
698310005Consultation for colposcopy related procedure
698311009Consultation for assisted reproductive procedure
698312002Consultation for minor abdominal procedure
698313007Consultation for minor operation
698314001Consultation for treatment
698704008Home visit for rheumatology service
704126008Home visit for anticoagulation monitoring
711420002X-ray consultation
711458003Encounter for fitness for duty exam
711532000Surgical pathology consultation on slides with comprehensive review and interpretation
713281006Consultation for palliative care
713776001Email encounter from third party
719407002Remote non-verbal consultation
719410009Consultation via video conference
763184009Telepractice consultation
773298008Trauma dental consultation and report
788339009Genetic consultation
788542004Consultation by acupuncturist
788543009Consultation by ergotherapist
866149003Annual visit
866203004Consultation for asthma
866204005Consultation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
868184008Telemedicine consultation with provider
870191006Follow up for depression
870194003Body mass index follow-up planning
3391000175108Office visit for pediatric care and assessment
428931000124102Pharmacogenetic consultation

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