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ValueSet: CH AllergyIntolerance Condition (Experimental)

Official URL: Version: 3.0.0-ci-build
Draft as of 2024-05-01 Computable Name: CHAllergyIntoleranceConditionValueSet

Copyright/Legal: CC0-1.0

CH AllergyIntolerance condition value set. This value set includes codes from SNOMED Clinical Terms® values for values from the manifestation of reactions value set PLUS findings for the documentation of allergy or intolerances in conditions as problem-list or as encounter-diagnosis as well as its absence (no know allergies)


This value set is not used here; it may be used elsewhere (e.g. specifications and/or implementations that use this content)

Logical Definition (CLD)

  • Include these codes as defined in
    CodeDisplayEnglish (United States) (English (United States), en)French (Switzerland) (fr)Deutsch (Schweiz) (German (Switzerland), de)Italian (Switzerland) (it)
    716186003No known allergy (situation)No known allergypas d'allergie connueKeine bekannte Allergienessuna allergia nota
    716220001No known animal allergy (situation)No known animal allergypas d'allergie connue aux animauxKeine bekannte Allergie gegen Tierenessuna allergia agli animali nota
    428197003No known insect allergy (situation)No known insect allergypas d'allergie connue aux insectesKeine bekannte Allergie gegen Insektennessuna allergia agli insetti nota
    409137002No known drug allergy (situation)No known drug allergypas d'allergie médicamenteuse connueKeine bekannte Arzneimittelallergienessuna allergia a farmaci nota
    428607008No known environmental allergy (situation)No known environmental allergypas d'allergie environnementale connueKeine bekannte Umweltallergienessuna allergia ambientale nota
    429625007No known food allergy (situation)No known food allergypas d'allergie alimentaire connueKeine bekannte Lebensmittelallergienessuna allergia alimentare nota
    1003774007No known Hevea brasiliensis latex allergy (situation)No known Hevea brasiliensis latex allergypas d'allergie connue au latex d'Hevea brasiliensisKeine bekannte Allergie gegen Hevea brasiliensis-Latexnessuna allergia nota al lattice di Hevea brasiliensis
    11861000122107Allergy to pantoprazole (finding)Allergy to pantoprazoleallergie au pantoprazoleAllergie gegen Pantoprazolallergia al pantoprazolo
    13181000122107Allergy to levofloxacin (finding)Allergy to levofloxacinallergie à la lévofloxacineAllergie gegen Levofloxacinallergia alla levofloxacina
    13221000122100Allergy to atorvastatin (finding)Allergy to atorvastatinallergie à l'atorvastatineAllergie gegen Atorvastatinallergia all'atorvastatina
    13511000122108Allergy to pineapple (finding)Allergy to pineappleallergie à l'ananasAllergie gegen Ananasallergia all'ananas
    151201000119107Allergy to insect venom (finding)Allergy to insect venomallergie au venin d'insectesAllergie gegen Insektengiftallergia al veleno di insetti
    190749000Glucose-galactose malabsorption (disorder)Glucose-galactose malabsorptionmalabsorption du glucose-galactoseGlukose-Galaktose-Malabsorptionmalassorbimento di glucosio-galattosio
    20052008Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase B deficiency (disorder)Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase B deficiencyintolérance héréditaire au fructoseFructose-1,6-Bisphosphat-Aldolase-B-Mangeldeficit di fruttosio-1,6-bisfosfato aldolasi B
    21191000122102Allergy to mustard seasoning (finding)Allergy to mustard seasoningallergie à la moutardeAllergie gegen Senfgewürzallergia alla senape
    213020009Allergy to egg protein (finding)Allergy to egg proteinallergie aux protéines de l'œufAllergie gegen Eiproteinallergia alle proteine dell'uovo
    23181000122104Allergy to mango fruit (finding)Allergy to mango fruitallergie à la mangueAllergie gegen Mangofruchtallergia al mango
    232349006Allergy to house dust (finding)Allergy to house dustallergie à la poussière de maisonAllergie gegen Hausstaubmilbenallergia alla polvere
    232350006Allergy to dust mite protein (finding)Allergy to dust mite proteinallergie aux acariensAllergie gegen Hausstaubmilbenproteinallergia alle proteine degli acari della polvere
    293584003Allergy to paracetamol (finding)Allergy to paracetamolallergie au paracétamolAllergie gegen Paracetamolallergia al paracetamolo
    293585002Allergy to salicylate (finding)Allergy to salicylateallergie au salicylateAllergie gegen Salicylatallergia ai salicilati
    293588000Allergy to pentazocine (finding)Allergy to pentazocineallergie à la pentazocineAllergie gegen Pentazocinallergia alla pentazocina
    293594008Allergy to methadone (finding)Allergy to methadoneallergie à la méthadoneAllergie gegen Methadonallergia al metadone
    293596005Allergy to buprenorphine (finding)Allergy to buprenorphineallergie à la buprénorphineAllergie gegen Buprenorphinallergia alla buprenorfina
    293597001Allergy to codeine (finding)Allergy to codeineallergie à la codéineAllergie gegen Kodeinallergia alla codeina
    293598006Allergy to diamorphine (finding)Allergy to diamorphineallergie à la diamorphineAllergie gegen Diamorphinallergia alla diamorfina
    293600000Allergy to nalbuphine (finding)Allergy to nalbuphineallergie à la nalbuphineAllergie gegen Nalbuphinallergia alla nalbufina
    293601001Allergy to morphine (finding)Allergy to morphineallergie à la morphineAllergie gegen Morphinallergia alla morfina
    293604009Allergy to alfentanil (finding)Allergy to alfentanilallergie à l'alfentanilAllergie gegen Alfentanilallergia all’alfentanil
    293605005Allergy to fentanyl (finding)Allergy to fentanylallergie au fentanylAllergie gegen Fentanylallergia al fentanyl
    293606006Allergy to pethidine (finding)Allergy to pethidineallergie à la péthidineAllergie gegen Pethidinallergia alla petidina
    293608007Allergy to meptazinol (finding)Allergy to meptazinolallergie au meptazinolAllergie gegen Meptazinolallergia al meptazinolo
    293611008Allergy to acemetacin (finding)Allergy to acemetacinallergie à l'acémétacineAllergie gegen Acemetacinallergia all’acemetacina
    293612001Allergy to azapropazone (finding)Allergy to azapropazoneallergie à l'azapropazoneAllergie gegen Azapropazonallergia all’azapropazone
    293613006Allergy to diclofenac (finding)Allergy to diclofenacallergie au diclofénacAllergie gegen Diclofenacallergia al diclofenac
    293618002Allergy to flurbiprofen (finding)Allergy to flurbiprofenallergie au flurbiprofèneAllergie gegen Flurbiprofenallergia al flurbiprofene
    293619005Allergy to ibuprofen (finding)Allergy to ibuprofenallergie à l'ibuprofèneAllergie gegen Ibuprofenallergia all’ibuprofene
    293620004Allergy to indometacin (finding)Allergy to indometacinallergie à l'indométacineAllergie gegen Indometacinallergia all’indometacina
    293621000Allergy to ketoprofen (finding)Allergy to ketoprofenallergie au kétoprofèneAllergie gegen Ketoprofenallergia al ketoprofene
    293623002Allergy to mefenamic acid (finding)Allergy to mefenamic acidallergie à l'acide méfénamiqueAllergie gegen Mefenaminsäureallergia all’acido mefenamico
    293625009Allergy to naproxen (finding)Allergy to naproxenallergie au naproxèneAllergie gegen Naproxenallergia al naproxene
    293629003Allergy to piroxicam (finding)Allergy to piroxicamallergie au piroxicamAllergie gegen Piroxicamallergia al piroxicam
    293631007Allergy to tenoxicam (finding)Allergy to tenoxicamallergie au ténoxicamAllergie gegen Tenoxicamallergia al tenoxicam
    293635003Allergy to tuberculin (finding)Allergy to tuberculinallergie tuberculiniqueAllergie gegen Tuberculinallergia alla tubercolina
    293648004Allergy to misoprostol (finding)Allergy to misoprostolallergie au misoprostolAllergie gegen Misoprostolallergia al misoprostolo
    293650007Allergy to cimetidine (finding)Allergy to cimetidineallergie à la cimétidineAllergie gegen Cimetidinallergia alla cimetidina
    293653009Allergy to ranitidine (finding)Allergy to ranitidineallergie à la ranitidineAllergie gegen Ranitidinallergia alla ranitidina
    293655002Allergy to omeprazole (finding)Allergy to omeprazoleallergie à l'oméprazoleAllergie gegen Omeprazolallergia all’omeprazolo
    293656001Allergy to lansoprazole (finding)Allergy to lansoprazoleallergie au lansoprazoleAllergie gegen Lansoprazolallergia al lansoprazolo
    293658000Allergy to pirenzepine (finding)Allergy to pirenzepineallergie à la pirenzépineAllergie gegen Pirenzepinallergia alla pirenzepina
    293660003Allergy to mesalazine (finding)Allergy to mesalazineallergie à la mésalazineAllergie gegen Mesalazinallergia alla mesalazina
    293663001Allergy to sulfasalazine (finding)Allergy to sulfasalazineallergie à la sulfasalazineAllergie gegen Sulfasalazinallergia alla sulfasalazina
    293678008Allergy to bisacodyl (finding)Allergy to bisacodylallergie au bisacodylAllergie gegen Bisacodylallergia al bisacodile
    293680002Allergy to sodium picosulfate (finding)Allergy to sodium picosulfateallergie au picosulfate de sodiumAllergie gegen Picosulfatallergia al sodio picosolfato
    293692002Allergy to mebeverine (finding)Allergy to mebeverineallergie à la mébévérineAllergie gegen Mebeverinallergia alla mebeverina
    293706001Allergy to etomidate (finding)Allergy to etomidateallergie à l'étomidateAllergie gegen Etomidatallergia all’etomidato
    293707005Allergy to ketamine (finding)Allergy to ketamineallergie à la kétamineAllergie gegen Ketaminallergia alla ketamina
    293708000Allergy to propofol (finding)Allergy to propofolallergie au propofolAllergie gegen Propofolallergia al propofol
    293709008Allergy to thiopental (finding)Allergy to thiopentalallergie au thiopentalAllergie gegen Thiopentalallergia al tiopentale
    293714007Allergy to halothane (finding)Allergy to halothaneallergie à l'halothaneAllergie gegen Halothanallergia all’alotano
    293715008Allergy to isoflurane (finding)Allergy to isofluraneallergie à l'isofluraneAllergie gegen Isofluranallergia all’isoflurano
    293717000Allergy to desflurane (finding)Allergy to desfluraneallergie au desfluraneAllergie gegen Desfluranallergia al desflurano
    293719002Allergy to bupivacaine (finding)Allergy to bupivacaineallergie à la bupivacaïneAllergie gegen Bupivacainallergia alla bupivacaina
    293720008Allergy to cinchocaine (finding)Allergy to cinchocaineallergie à la cinchocaïneAllergie gegen Cinchocainallergia alla cincocaina
    293722000Allergy to lidocaine (finding)Allergy to lidocaineallergie à la lidocaïneAllergie gegen Lidocainallergia alla lidocaina
    293724004Allergy to benzocaine (finding)Allergy to benzocaineallergie à la benzocaïneAllergie gegen Benzocainallergia alla benzocaina
    293725003Allergy to tetracaine (finding)Allergy to tetracaineallergie à la tétracaïneAllergie gegen Tetracainallergia alla tetracaina
    293726002Allergy to oxybuprocaine (finding)Allergy to oxybuprocaineallergie à l'oxybuprocaïneAllergie gegen Oxybuprocainallergia all’ossibuprocaina
    293727006Allergy to procaine (finding)Allergy to procaineallergie à la procaïneAllergie gegen Procainallergia alla procaina
    293728001Allergy to proxymetacaine (finding)Allergy to proxymetacaineallergie à la proxymétacaïneAllergie gegen Proxymetacainallergia alla prossimetacaina
    293733002Allergy to aldesleukin (finding)Allergy to aldesleukinallergie à l'aldesleukineAllergie gegen Aldesleukinallergia all'aldesleuchina
    293735009Allergy to molgramostim (finding)Allergy to molgramostimallergie au molgramostimAllergie gegen Molgramostimallergia al molgramostim
    293736005Allergy to lenograstim (finding)Allergy to lenograstimallergie au lénograstimAllergie gegen Lenograstimallergia al lenograstim
    293737001Allergy to filgrastim (finding)Allergy to filgrastimallergie au filgrastimAllergie gegen Filgrastimallergia al filgrastim
    293738006Allergy to levamisole (finding)Allergy to levamisoleallergie au lévamisoleAllergie gegen Levamisolallergia al levamisolo
    293742009Allergy to busulfan (finding)Allergy to busulfanallergieau busulfanAllergie gegen Busulfanallergia al busulfano
    293743004Allergy to treosulfan (finding)Allergy to treosulfanallergie au tréosulfanAllergie gegen Treosulfanallergia al treosulfano
    293745006Allergy to thiotepa (finding)Allergy to thiotepaallergie au thiotépaAllergie gegen Thiotepaallergia al tiotepa
    293747003Allergy to chlorambucil (finding)Allergy to chlorambucilallergie au chlorambucilAllergie gegen Chlorambucilallergia al clorambucile
    293748008Allergy to cyclophosphamide (finding)Allergy to cyclophosphamideallergie au cyclophosphamideAllergie gegen Cyclophosphamidallergia alla ciclofosfamide
    293750000Allergy to ifosfamide (finding)Allergy to ifosfamideallergie à l'ifosfamideAllergie gegen Ifosfamidallergia all’ifosfamide
    293751001Allergy to melphalan (finding)Allergy to melphalanallergie au melphalanAllergie gegen Melphalanallergia al melfalan
    293752008Allergy to estramustine (finding)Allergy to estramustineallergie à l'estramustineAllergie gegen Estramustinallergia all’estramustina
    293755005Allergy to carmustine (finding)Allergy to carmustineallergie à la carmustineAllergie gegen Carmustinallergia alla carmustina
    293756006Allergy to lomustine (finding)Allergy to lomustineallergie à la lomustineAllergie gegen Lomustinallergia alla lomustina
    293758007Allergy to dacarbazine (finding)Allergy to dacarbazineallergie à la dacarbazineAllergie gegen Dacarbazinallergia alla dacarbazina
    293760009Allergy to dactinomycin (finding)Allergy to dactinomycinallergie à la dactinomycineAllergie gegen Dactinomycinallergia alla dactinomicina
    293761008Allergy to bleomycin (finding)Allergy to bleomycinallergie à la bléomycineAllergie gegen Bleomycinallergia alla bleomicina
    293762001Allergy to mitomycin (finding)Allergy to mitomycinallergie à la mitomycineAllergie gegen Mitomycinallergia alla mitomicina
    293765004Allergy to mitoxantrone (finding)Allergy to mitoxantroneallergie à la mitoxantroneAllergie gegen Mitoxantronallergia al mitoxantrone
    293767007Allergy to epirubicin (finding)Allergy to epirubicinallergie à l'épirubicineAllergie gegen Epirubicinallergia all’epirubicina
    293768002Allergy to idarubicin (finding)Allergy to idarubicinallergie à l'idarubicineAllergie gegen Idarubicinallergia all’idarubicina
    293771005Allergy to methotrexate (finding)Allergy to methotrexateallergie au méthotrexateAllergie gegen Methotrexatallergia al metotrexato
    293772003Allergy to mercaptopurine (finding)Allergy to mercaptopurineallergie à la mercaptopurineAllergie gegen Mercaptopurinallergia alla mercaptopurina
    293774002Allergy to pentostatin (finding)Allergy to pentostatinallergie à la pentostatineAllergie gegen Pentostatinallergia alla pentostatina
    293775001Allergy to cytarabine (finding)Allergy to cytarabineallergie à la cytarabineAllergie gegen Cytarabinallergia alla citarabina
    293776000Allergy to fluorouracil (finding)Allergy to fluorouracilallergie au fluorouracilAllergie gegen Fluorouracilallergia al fluorouracile
    293777009Allergy to etoposide (finding)Allergy to etoposideallergie à l'étoposideAllergie gegen Etoposidallergia all’etoposide
    293778004Allergy to amsacrine (finding)Allergy to amsacrineallergie à l'amsacrineAllergie gegen Amsacrinallergia all’amsacrina
    293779007Allergy to carboplatin (finding)Allergy to carboplatinallergie au carboplatineAllergie gegen Carboplatinallergia al carboplatino
    293780005Allergy to cisplatin (finding)Allergy to cisplatinallergie au cisplatineAllergie gegen Cisplatinallergia al cisplatino
    293781009Allergy to hydroxycarbamide (finding)Allergy to hydroxycarbamideallergie à l'hydroxycarbamideAllergie gegen Hydroxycarbamidallergia all’idrossicarbamide
    293782002Allergy to procarbazine (finding)Allergy to procarbazineallergie à la procarbazineAllergie gegen Procarbazinallergia alla procarbazina
    293785000Allergy to paclitaxel (finding)Allergy to paclitaxelallergie au paclitaxelAllergie gegen Paclitaxelallergia al paclitaxel
    293787008Allergy to aminoglutethimide (finding)Allergy to aminoglutethimideallergie à l'aminoglutéthimideAllergie gegen Aminoglutethimidallergia all’amminoglutetimide
    293790002Allergy to tamoxifen (finding)Allergy to tamoxifenallergie au tamoxifèneAllergie gegen Tamoxifenallergia al tamoxifene
    293795007Allergy to vindesine (finding)Allergy to vindesineallergie à la vindésineAllergie gegen Vindesinallergia alla vindesina
    293798009Allergy to ciclosporin (finding)Allergy to ciclosporinallergie à la cyclosporineAllergie gegen Ciclosporinallergia alla ciclosporina
    293799001Allergy to azathioprine (finding)Allergy to azathioprineallergie à l'azathioprineAllergie gegen Azathioprinallergia all’azatioprina
    293812003Allergy to apomorphine (finding)Allergy to apomorphineallergie à l'apomorphineAllergie gegen Apomorphinallergia all’apomorfina
    293814002Allergy to pergolide (finding)Allergy to pergolideallergie au pergolideAllergie gegen Pergolidallergia alla pergolide
    293815001Allergy to bromocriptine (finding)Allergy to bromocriptineallergie à la bromocriptineAllergie gegen Bromocriptinallergia alla bromocriptina
    293823004Allergy to doxepin (finding)Allergy to doxepinallergie à la doxépineAllergie gegen Doxepinallergia alla doxepina
    293826007Allergy to nortriptyline (finding)Allergy to nortriptylineallergie à la nortriptylineAllergie gegen Nortriptylinallergia alla nortriptilina
    293827003Allergy to trimipramine (finding)Allergy to trimipramineallergie à la trimipramineAllergie gegen Trimipraminallergia alla trimipramina
    293829000Allergy to amitriptyline (finding)Allergy to amitriptylineallergie à l'amitriptylineAllergie gegen Amitriptylinallergia all’amitriptilina
    293830005Allergy to clomipramine (finding)Allergy to clomipramineallergie à la clomipramineAllergie gegen Clomipraminallergia alla clomipramina
    293833007Allergy to imipramine (finding)Allergy to imipramineallergie à l'imipramineAllergie gegen Imipraminallergia all’imipramina
    293840008Allergy to moclobemide (finding)Allergy to moclobemideallergie au moclobémideAllergie gegen Moclobemidallergia alla moclobemide
    293843005Allergy to venlafaxine (finding)Allergy to venlafaxineallergie à la venlafaxineAllergie gegen Venlafaxinallergia alla venlafaxina
    293845003Allergy to sertraline (finding)Allergy to sertralineallergie à la sertralineAllergie gegen Sertralinallergia alla sertralina
    293847006Allergy to paroxetine (finding)Allergy to paroxetineallergie à la paroxétineAllergie gegen Paroxetinallergia alla paroxetina
    293849009Allergy to citalopram (finding)Allergy to citalopramallergie au citalopramAllergie gegen Citalopramallergia al citalopram
    293850009Allergy to fluoxetine (finding)Allergy to fluoxetineallergie à la fluoxétineAllergie gegen Fluoxetinallergia alla fluoxetina
    293851008Allergy to fluvoxamine (finding)Allergy to fluvoxamineallergie à la fluvoxamineAllergie gegen Fluvoxaminallergia alla fluvoxamina
    293853006Allergy to maprotiline (finding)Allergy to maprotilineallergie à la maprotilineAllergie gegen Maprotilinallergia alla maprotilina
    293854000Allergy to mianserin (finding)Allergy to mianserinallergie à la miansérineAllergie gegen Mianserinallergia alla mianserina
    293855004Allergy to trazodone (finding)Allergy to trazodoneallergie à la trazodoneAllergie gegen Trazodonallergia al trazodone
    293859005Allergy to lamotrigine (finding)Allergy to lamotrigineallergie à la lamotrigineAllergie gegen Lamotriginallergia alla lamotrigina
    293860000Allergy to piracetam (finding)Allergy to piracetamallergie au piracétamAllergie gegen Piracetamallergia al piracetam
    293861001Allergy to gabapentin (finding)Allergy to gabapentinallergie à la gabapentineAllergie gegen Gabapentinallergia al gabapentin
    293865005Allergy to phenobarbital (finding)Allergy to phenobarbitalallergie au phénobarbitalAllergie gegen Phenobarbitalallergia al fenobarbital
    293866006Allergy to primidone (finding)Allergy to primidoneallergie à la primidoneAllergie gegen Primidonallergia al primidone
    293867002Allergy to carbamazepine (finding)Allergy to carbamazepineallergie à la carbamazépineAllergie gegen Carbamazepinallergia alla carbamazepina
    293868007Allergy to vigabatrin (finding)Allergy to vigabatrinallergie à la vigabatrineAllergie gegen Vigabatrinallergia al vigabatrin
    293869004Allergy to phenytoin (finding)Allergy to phenytoinallergie à la phénytoïneAllergie gegen Phenytoinallergia alla fenitoina
    293870003Allergy to ethosuximide (finding)Allergy to ethosuximideallergie à l'éthosuximideAllergie gegen Ethosuximidallergia all’etosuccimide
    293871004Allergy to clonazepam (finding)Allergy to clonazepamallergie au clonazépamAllergie gegen Clonazepamallergia al clonazepam
    293874007Allergy to zopiclone (finding)Allergy to zopicloneallergie à la zopicloneAllergie gegen Zopiclonallergia allo zopiclone
    293880004Allergy to amobarbital (finding)Allergy to amobarbitalallergie à l'amobarbitalAllergie gegen Amobarbitalallergia all’amobarbital
    293886005Allergy to flunitrazepam (finding)Allergy to flunitrazepamallergie au flunitrazépamamAllergie gegen Flunitrazepamallergia al flunitrazepam
    293887001Allergy to flurazepam (finding)Allergy to flurazepamallergie au flurazépamAllergie gegen Flurazepamallergia al flurazepam
    293889003Allergy to lormetazepam (finding)Allergy to lormetazepamallergie au lormétazépamAllergie gegen Lormetazepamallergia al lormetazepam
    293890007Allergy to nitrazepam (finding)Allergy to nitrazepamallergie au nitrazépamAllergie gegen Nitrazepamallergia al nitrazepam
    293891006Allergy to triazolam (finding)Allergy to triazolamallergie au triazolamAllergie gegen Triazolamallergia al triazolam
    293892004Allergy to alprazolam (finding)Allergy to alprazolamallergie à l'alprazolamAllergie gegen Alprazolamallergia all’alprazolam
    293893009Allergy to bromazepam (finding)Allergy to bromazepamallergie au bromazépamAllergie gegen Bromazepamallergia al bromazepam
    293894003Allergy to chlordiazepoxide (finding)Allergy to chlordiazepoxideallergie au chlordiazépoxideAllergie gegen Chlordiazepoxidallergia al clordiazepossido
    293895002Allergy to clobazam (finding)Allergy to clobazamallergie au clobazamAllergie gegen Clobazamallergia al clobazam
    293897005Allergy to ketazolam (finding)Allergy to ketazolamallergie au kétazolamAllergie gegen Ketazolamallergia al ketazolam
    293899008Allergy to oxazepam (finding)Allergy to oxazepamallergie à l'oxazépamAllergie gegen Oxazepamallergia all’oxazepam
    293900003Allergy to prazepam (finding)Allergy to prazepamallergie au prazépamAllergie gegen Prazepamallergia al prazepam
    293901004Allergy to midazolam (finding)Allergy to midazolamallergie au midazolamAllergie gegen Midazolamallergia al midazolam
    293902006Allergy to diazepam (finding)Allergy to diazepamallergie au diazépamAllergie gegen Diazepamallergia al diazepam
    293903001Allergy to lorazepam (finding)Allergy to lorazepamallergie au lorazépamAllergie gegen Lorazepamallergia al lorazepam
    293904007Allergy to temazepam (finding)Allergy to temazepamallergie au témazépamAllergie gegen Temazepamallergia al temazepam
    293906009Allergy to meprobamate (finding)Allergy to meprobamateallergie au méprobamateAllergie gegen Meprobamatallergia al meprobamato
    293908005Allergy to chloral hydrate (findingAllergy to chloral hydrateallergie à l'hydrate de chloralAllergie gegen Chloralhydratallergia al cloralio idrato
    293911006Allergy to buspirone (finding)Allergy to buspironeallergie à la buspironeAllergie gegen Buspironallergia al buspirone
    293912004Allergy to clomethiazole (finding)Allergy to clomethiazoleallergie au clométhiazoleAllergie gegen Clomethiazolallergia al clometiazolo
    293914003Allergy to sulpiride (finding)Allergy to sulpirideallergie au sulpirideAllergie gegen Sulpiridallergia alla sulpiride
    293916001Allergy to clozapine (finding)Allergy to clozapineallergie à la clozapineAllergie gegen Clozapinallergia alla clozapina
    293917005Allergy to risperidone (finding)Allergy to risperidoneallergie à la rispéridoneAllergie gegen Risperidonallergia al risperidone
    293918000Allergy to tetrabenazine (finding)Allergy to tetrabenazineallergie à la tétrabénazineAllergie gegen Tetrabenazinallergia alla tetrabenazina
    293920002Allergy to benperidol (finding)Allergy to benperidolallergie au benpéridolAllergie gegen Benperidolallergia al benperidolo
    293923000Allergy to droperidol (finding)Allergy to droperidolallergie au dropéridolAllergie gegen Droperidolallergia al droperidolo
    293924006Allergy to haloperidol (finding)Allergy to haloperidolallergie à l'halopéridolAllergie gegen Haloperidolallergia all’aloperidolo
    293927004Allergy to fluspirilene (finding)Allergy to fluspirileneallergie au fluspirilèneAllergie gegen Fluspirilenallergia al fluspirilene
    293928009Allergy to phenothiazine (finding)Allergy to phenothiazineallergie à la phénothiazineAllergie gegen Phenothiazinallergia alla fenotiazina
    293929001Allergy to levomepromazine (finding)Allergy to levomepromazineallergie à la lévomépromazineAllergie gegen Levomepromazinallergia alla levomepromazina
    293933008Allergy to thiethylperazine (finding)Allergy to thiethylperazineallergie à la thiéthylpérazineAllergie gegen Thiethylperazinallergia alla tietilperazina
    293934002Allergy to fluphenazine (finding)Allergy to fluphenazineallergie à la fluphénazineAllergie gegen Fluphenazinallergia alla flufenazina
    293935001Allergy to chlorpromazine (finding)Allergy to chlorpromazineallergie à la chlorpromazineAllergie gegen Chlorpromazinallergia alla clorpromazina
    293943006Allergy to chlorprothixene (finding)Allergy to chlorprothixeneallergie au chlorprothixèneAllergie gegen Chlorprothixenallergia al clorprotixene
    293946003Allergy to zuclopenthixol (finding)Allergy to zuclopenthixolallergie au zuclopenthixolAllergie gegen Zuclopenthixolallergia allo zuclopentixolo
    293948002Allergy to flupentixol (finding)Allergy to flupentixolallergie au flupentixolAllergie gegen Flupentixolallergia al flupentixolo
    293955000Allergy to methylphenidate (finding)Allergy to methylphenidateallergie au méthylphénidateAllergie gegen Methylphenidatallergia al metilfenidato
    293960001Allergy to disulfiram (finding)Allergy to disulfiramallergie au disulfirameAllergie gegen Disulfiramallergia al disulfiram
    293965006Allergy to atenolol (finding)Allergy to atenololallergie à l'aténololAllergie gegen Atenololallergia all’atenololo
    293966007Allergy to betaxolol (finding)Allergy to betaxololallergie au bétaxololAllergie gegen Betaxololallergia al betaxololo
    293967003Allergy to bisoprolol (finding)Allergy to bisoprololallergie au bisoprololAllergie gegen Bisoprololallergia al bisoprololo
    293972007Allergy to nadolol (finding)Allergy to nadololallergie au nadololAllergie gegen Nadololallergia al nadololo
    293974008Allergy to carvedilol (finding)Allergy to carvedilolallergie au carvédilolAllergie gegen Carvedilolallergia al carvedilolo
    293982008Allergy to propranolol (finding)Allergy to propranololallergie au propranololAllergie gegen Propranololallergia al propanololo
    293983003Allergy to sotalol (finding)Allergy to sotalolallergie au sotalolAllergie gegen Sotalolallergia al sotalolo
    293984009Allergy to timolol (finding)Allergy to timololallergie au timololAllergie gegen Timololallergia al timololo
    293986006Allergy to alfuzosin (finding)Allergy to alfuzosinallergie à l'alfuzosineAllergie gegen Alfuzosinallergia all’alfuzosina
    293987002Allergy to doxazosin (finding)Allergy to doxazosinallergie à la doxazosineAllergie gegen Doxazosinallergia alla doxazosina
    293991007Allergy to prazosin (finding)Allergy to prazosinallergie à la prazosineAllergie gegen Prazosinallergia alla prazosina
    293992000Allergy to terazosin (finding)Allergy to terazosinallergie à la térazosineAllergie gegen Terazosinallergia alla terazosina
    293993005Allergy to nicotine (finding)Allergy to nicotineallergie à la nicotineAllergie gegen Nikotinallergia alla nicotina
    293996002Allergy to nifedipine (finding)Allergy to nifedipineallergie à la nifédipineAllergie gegen Nifedipinallergia alla nifedipina
    293998001Allergy to isradipine (finding)Allergy to isradipineallergie à l'isradipineAllergie gegen Isradipinallergia all’isradipina
    293999009Allergy to felodipine (finding)Allergy to felodipineallergie à la félodipineAllergie gegen Felodipinallergia alla felodipina
    294001005Allergy to nimodipine (finding)Allergy to nimodipineallergie à la nimodipineAllergie gegen Nimodipinallergia alla nimodipina
    294002003Allergy to amlodipine (finding)Allergy to amlodipineallergie à l'amlodipineAllergie gegen Amlodipinallergia all’amlodipina
    294003008Allergy to diltiazem (finding)Allergy to diltiazemallergie au diltiazemAllergie gegen Diltiazemallergia al diltiazem
    294005001Allergy to verapamil (finding)Allergy to verapamilallergie au vérapamilAllergie gegen Verapamilallergia al verapamil
    294007009Allergy to pilocarpine (finding)Allergy to pilocarpineallergie à la pilocarpineAllergie gegen Pilocarpinallergia alla pilocarpina
    294017004Allergy to neostigmine (finding)Allergy to neostigmineallergie à la néostigmineAllergie gegen Neostigminallergia alla neostigmina
    294028000Allergy to naphazoline (finding)Allergy to naphazolineallergie à la naphazolineAllergie gegen Naphazolinallergia alla nafazolina
    294030003Allergy to phenylephrine (finding)Allergy to phenylephrineallergie à la phenylephrineAllergie gegen Phenylephrinallergia alla fenilefrina
    294036009Allergy to salmeterol (finding)Allergy to salmeterolallergie au salmétérolAllergie gegen Salmeterolallergia al salmeterolo
    294039002Allergy to fenoterol (finding)Allergy to fenoterolallergie au fénotérolAllergie gegen Fenoterolallergia al fenoterolo
    294047002Allergy to dobutamine (finding)Allergy to dobutamineallergie à la dobutamineAllergie gegen Dobutaminallergia alla dobutamina
    294050004Allergy to isoprenaline (finding)Allergy to isoprenalineallergie à l'isoprénalineAllergie gegen Isoprenalinallergia all’isoprenalina
    294055009Allergy to methyldopa (finding)Allergy to methyldopaallergie à la méthyldopaAllergie gegen Methyldopaallergia alla metildopa
    294057001Allergy to apraclonidine (finding)Allergy to apraclonidineallergie à l'apraclonidineAllergie gegen Apraclonidinallergia all’apraclonidina
    294058006Allergy to clonidine (finding)Allergy to clonidineallergie à la clonidineAllergie gegen Clonidinallergia alla clonidina
    294062000Allergy to ephedrine (finding)Allergy to ephedrineallergie à l'éphédrineAllergie gegen Ephedrinallergia all’efedrina
    294069009Allergy to biperiden (finding)Allergy to biperidenallergie au bipéridèneAllergie gegen Biperidenallergia al biperidene
    294073007Allergy to tropicamide (finding)Allergy to tropicamideallergie au tropicamideAllergie gegen Tropicamidallergia alla tropicamide
    294074001Allergy to scopolamine (finding)Allergy to scopolamineallergie à la scopolamineAllergie gegen Scopolaminallergia alla scopolamina
    294076004Allergy to atropine (finding)Allergy to atropineallergie à l'atropineAllergie gegen Atropinallergia all’atropina
    294080009Allergy to glycopyrronium (finding)Allergy to glycopyrroniumallergie au glycopyrroniumAllergie gegen Glycopyrroniumallergia al glicopirronio
    294088002Allergy to oxybutynin (finding)Allergy to oxybutyninallergie à l'oxybutynineAllergie gegen Oxybutyninallergia all’ossibutinina
    294097003Allergy to acetylcysteine (finding)Allergy to acetylcysteineallergie à l'acétylcystéineAllergie gegen Acetylcysteinallergia all’acetilcisteina
    294101007Allergy to doxapram (finding)Allergy to doxapramallergie au doxapramAllergie gegen Doxapramallergia al doxapram
    294112007Allergy to terfenadine (finding)Allergy to terfenadineallergie à la terfénadineAllergie gegen Terfenadinallergia alla terfenadina
    294114008Allergy to loratadine (finding)Allergy to loratadineallergie à la loratadineAllergie gegen Loratadinallergia alla loratadina
    294115009Allergy to azelastine (finding)Allergy to azelastineallergie à l'azélastineAllergie gegen Azelastinallergia all’azelastina
    294116005Allergy to cetirizine (finding)Allergy to cetirizineallergie à la cétirizineAllergie gegen Cetirizinallergia alla cetirizina
    294118006Allergy to clemastine (finding)Allergy to clemastineallergie à la clémastineAllergie gegen Clemastinallergia alla clemastina
    294119003Allergy to mebhydrolin (finding)Allergy to mebhydrolinallergie à la mébhydrolineAllergie gegen Mebhydrolinallergia alla mebidrolina
    294125004Allergy to antazoline (finding)Allergy to antazolineallergie à l'antazolineAllergie gegen Antazolinallergia all’antazolina
    294126003Allergy to promethazine (finding)Allergy to promethazineallergie à la prométhazineAllergie gegen Promethazinallergia alla prometazina
    294130000Allergy to cinnarizine (finding)Allergy to cinnarizineallergie à la cinnarizineAllergie gegen Cinnarizinallergia alla cinnarizina
    294131001Allergy to cyproheptadine (finding)Allergy to cyproheptadineallergie à la cyproheptadineAllergie gegen Cyproheptadinallergia alla ciproeptadina
    294132008Allergy to dimetindene (finding)Allergy to dimetindeneallergie au dimétindèneAllergie gegen Dimetindenallergia al dimetindene
    294133003Allergy to diphenhydramine (finding)Allergy to diphenhydramineallergie à la diphénhydramineAllergie gegen Diphenhydraminallergia alla difenidramina
    294135005Allergy to hydroxyzine (finding)Allergy to hydroxyzineallergie à l'hydroxyzineAllergie gegen Hydroxyzinallergia all’idrossizina
    294136006Allergy to mepyramine (finding)Allergy to mepyramineallergie à la mépyramineAllergie gegen Mepyraminallergia alla mepiramina
    294138007Allergy to pheniramine (finding)Allergy to pheniramineallergie à la phéniramineAllergie gegen Pheniraminallergia alla feniramina
    294144006Allergy to ketotifen (finding)Allergy to ketotifenallergie à la kétotifèneAllergie gegen Ketotifenallergia al ketotifene
    294152009Allergy to noscapine (finding)Allergy to noscapineallergie à la noscapineAllergie gegen Noscapinallergia alla noscapina
    294153004Allergy to pholcodine (finding)Allergy to pholcodineallergie à la pholcodineAllergie gegen Pholcodinallergia alla folcodina
    294157003Allergy to xanthine (finding)Allergy to xanthineallergie à la xanthineAllergie gegen Xanthinallergia alla xantina
    294158008Allergy to aminophylline (finding)Allergy to aminophyllineallergie à l'aminophyllineAllergie gegen Aminophyllinallergia all’aminofillina
    294169006Allergy to coal tar (finding)Allergy to coal tarallergie au goudron de houilleAllergie gegen Kohleteerallergia al catrame di carbone
    294172004Allergy to bufexamac (finding)Allergy to bufexamacallergie au bufexamacAllergie gegen Bufexamacallergia al bufexamac
    294179008Sulfur allergy (disorder)Sulfur allergyallergie au soufreAllergie gegen Schwefelallergia allo zolfo
    294183008Allergy to podophyllotoxin (finding)Allergy to podophyllotoxinallergie à la podophyllotoxineAllergie gegen Podophyllotoxinallergia alla podofillotossina
    294200004Allergy to crotamiton (finding)Allergy to crotamitonallergie au crotamitonAllergie gegen Crotamitonallergia al crotamitone
    294207001Allergy to retinoid (finding)Allergy to retinoidallergie aux rétinoïdesAllergie gegen Retinoidallergia ai retinoidi
    294209003Allergy to acitretin (finding)Allergy to acitretinallergie à l'acitrétineAllergie gegen Acitretinallergia all’acitretina
    294210008Allergy to tretinoin (finding)Allergy to tretinoinallergie à la trétinoïneAllergie gegen Tretinoinallergia alla tretinoina
    294211007Allergy to isotretinoin (findingAllergy to isotretinoinallergie à l'isotrétinoïneAllergie gegen Isotretinoinallergia all’isotretinoina
    294217006Allergy to probenecid (finding)Allergy to probenecidallergie au probénécideAllergie gegen Probenecidallergia al probenecid
    294220003Allergy to allopurinol (finding)Allergy to allopurinolallergie à l'allopurinolAllergie gegen Allopurinolallergia all’allopurinolo
    294224007Allergy to succinylcholine (finding)Allergy to succinylcholineallergie à la succinylcholineAllergie gegen Succinylcholinallergia alla succinilcolina
    294226009Allergy to mivacurium (finding)Allergy to mivacuriumallergie au mivacuriumAllergie gegen Mivacuriumallergia al mivacurio
    294228005Allergy to atracurium (finding)Allergy to atracuriumallergie à l'atracuriumAllergie gegen Atracuriumallergia all’atracurio
    294230007Allergy to pancuronium (finding)Allergy to pancuroniumallergie au pancuroniumAllergie gegen Pancuroniumallergia al pancuronio
    294232004Allergy to vecuronium (finding)Allergy to vecuroniumallergie au vécuroniumAllergie gegen Vecuroniumallergia al vecuronio
    294233009Allergy to rocuronium (finding)Allergy to rocuroniumallergie au rocuroniumAllergie gegen Rocuroniumallergia al rocuronio
    294234003Allergy to baclofen (finding)Allergy to baclofenallergie au baclofèneAllergie gegen Baclofenallergia al baclofene
    294236001Allergy to methocarbamol (finding)Allergy to methocarbamolallergie au méthocarbamolAllergie gegen Methocarbamolallergia al metocarbamolo
    294237005Allergy to dantrolene (finding)Allergy to dantroleneallergie au dantrolèneAllergie gegen Dantrolenallergia al dantrolene
    294238000Allergy to gold (finding)Allergy to goldallergie à l'orAllergie gegen Goldallergia all’oro
    294242002Allergy to papaverine (finding)Allergy to papaverineallergie à la papavérineAllergie gegen Papaverinallergia alla papaverina
    294243007Allergy to flavoxate (finding)Allergy to flavoxateallergie au flavoxateAllergie gegen Flavoxatallergia al flavoxato
    294245000Allergy to mifepristone (finding)Allergy to mifepristoneallergie à la mifepristoneAllergie gegen Mifepristonallergia al mifepristone
    294253008Allergy to dinoprostone (finding)Allergy to dinoprostoneallergie à la dinoprostoneAllergie gegen Dinoprostonallergia al dinoprostone
    294255001Allergy to alprostadil (finding)Allergy to alprostadilallergie à l'alprostadilAllergie gegen Alprostadilallergia all’alprostadil
    294269001Allergy to mesna (finding)Allergy to mesnaallergie au mesnaAllergie gegen Mesnaallergia al mesna
    294271001Allergy to flumazenil (finding)Allergy to flumazenilallergie au flumazénilAllergie gegen Flumazenilallergia al flumazenil
    294276006Allergy to naltrexone (finding)Allergy to naltrexoneallergie à la naltrexoneAllergie gegen Naltrexonallergia al naltrexone
    294277002Allergy to naloxone (finding)Allergy to naloxoneallergie à la naloxoneAllergie gegen Naloxonallergia al naloxone
    294278007Allergy to protamine (finding)Allergy to protamineallergie à la protamineAllergie gegen Protaminallergia alla protamina
    294282009Allergy to chelating agent (finding)Allergy to chelating agentallergie à l'agent chélateurAllergie gegen Chelatorallergia ad agente chelante
    294291008Allergy to penicillamine (finding)Allergy to penicillamineallergie à la pénicillamineAllergie gegen Penicillaminallergia alla penicillamina
    294324005Allergy to paraffin (finding)Allergy to paraffinallergie à la paraffineAllergie gegen Paraffinallergia alla paraffina
    294330005Allergy to wool alcohol (finding)Allergy to wool alcoholallergie à l'alcool de laineAllergie gegen Wollwachsalkoholallergia agli alcoli della lanolina
    294339006Allergy to carmellose (finding)Allergy to carmelloseallergie à la carboxyméthylcelluloseAllergie gegen Carmelloseallergia al carmellosio
    294341007Allergy to flucytosine (finding)Allergy to flucytosineallergie à la flucytosineAllergie gegen Flucytosinallergia alla flucitosina
    294342000Allergy to terbinafine (finding)Allergy to terbinafineallergie à la terbinafineAllergie gegen Terbinafinallergia alla terbinafina
    294346002Allergy to amorolfine (finding)Allergy to amorolfineallergie à l'amorolfineAllergie gegen Amorolfinallergia all’amorolfina
    294348001Allergy to griseofulvin (finding)Allergy to griseofulvinallergie à la griséofulvineAllergie gegen Griseofulvinallergia alla griseofulvina
    294349009Allergy to amphotericin (finding)Allergy to amphotericinallergie à l'amphotéricineAllergie gegen Amphotericinallergia all’amfotericina
    294350009Allergy to natamycin (finding)Allergy to natamycinallergie à la natamycineAllergie gegen Natamycinallergia alla natamicina
    294351008Allergy to nystatin (finding)Allergy to nystatinallergie à la nystatineAllergie gegen Nystatinallergia alla nistatina
    294354000Allergy to undecenoate (finding)Allergy to undecenoateallergie à l'undécénoateAllergie gegen Undecenoatallergia all’undecanoato
    294356003Allergy to clotrimazole (finding)Allergy to clotrimazoleallergie au clotrimazoleAllergie gegen Clotrimazolallergia al clotrimazolo
    294359005Allergy to econazole (finding)Allergy to econazoleallergie à l'éconazoleAllergie gegen Econazolallergia all’econazolo
    294362008Allergy to ketoconazole (finding)Allergy to ketoconazoleallergie au kétoconazoleAllergie gegen Ketoconazolallergia al ketoconazolo
    294363003Allergy to miconazole (finding)Allergy to miconazoleallergie au miconazoleAllergie gegen Miconazolallergia al miconazolo
    294365005Allergy to fluconazole (finding)Allergy to fluconazoleallergie au fluconazoleAllergie gegen Fluconazolallergia al fluconazolo
    294366006Allergy to itraconazole (finding)Allergy to itraconazoleallergie à l'itraconazoleAllergie gegen Itraconazolallergia all’itraconazolo
    294369004Allergy to zidovudine (finding)Allergy to zidovudineallergie à la zidovudineAllergie gegen Zidovudinallergia alla zidovudina
    294371004Allergy to famciclovir (finding)Allergy to famciclovirallergie au famciclovirAllergie gegen Famciclovirallergia al famciclovir
    294372006Allergy to didanosine (finding)Allergy to didanosineallergie à la didanosineAllergie gegen Didanosinallergia alla didanosina
    294374007Allergy to valaciclovir (finding)Allergy to valaciclovirallergie au valaciclovirAllergie gegen Valaciclovirallergia al valaciclovir
    294380004Allergy to ribavirin (finding)Allergy to ribavirinallergie à la ribavirineAllergie gegen Ribavirinallergia alla ribavirina
    294381000Allergy to trifluridine (finding)Allergy to trifluridineallergie à la trifluridineAllergie gegen Trifluridinallergia alla trifluridina
    294382007Allergy to foscarnet (finding)Allergy to foscarnetallergie au foscarnetAllergie gegen Foscarnetallergia al foscarnet
    294384008Allergy to aciclovir (finding)Allergy to aciclovirallergie à l'aciclovirAllergie gegen Aciclovirallergia all'aciclovir
    294388006Allergy to pyrimethamine (finding)Allergy to pyrimethamineallergie à la pyriméthamineAllergie gegen Pyrimethaminallergia alla pirimetamina
    294391006Allergy to primaquine (finding)Allergy to primaquineallergie à la primaquineAllergie gegen Primaquinallergia alla primachina
    294392004Allergy to mefloquine (finding)Allergy to mefloquineallergie à la méfloquineAllergie gegen Mefloquinallergia alla meflochina
    294394003Allergy to chloroquine (finding)Allergy to chloroquineallergie à la chloroquineAllergie gegen Chloroquinallergia alla clorochina
    294396001Allergy to proguanil (finding)Allergy to proguanilallergie au proguanilAllergie gegen Proguanilallergia al proguanil
    294398000Allergy to quinine (finding)Allergy to quinineallergie à la quinineAllergie gegen Chininallergia alla chinina
    294407003Allergy to hexetidine (finding)Allergy to hexetidineallergie à l'hexétidineAllergie gegen Hexetidinallergia all’esetidina
    294418003Allergy to phenol (finding)Allergy to phenolallergie au phénolAllergie gegen Phenolallergia al fenolo
    294426006Allergy to formaldehyde (finding)Allergy to formaldehydeallergie au formaldéhydeAllergie gegen Formaldehydallergia alla formaldeide
    294431008Allergy to chlorhexidine (finding)Allergy to chlorhexidineallergie à la chlorhexidineAllergie gegen Chlorhexidinallergia alla clorexidina
    294438002Allergy to benzalkonium (finding)Allergy to benzalkoniumallergie au benzalkoniumAllergie gegen Benzalkoniumallergia al benzalconio
    294451007Allergy to piperazine (finding)Allergy to piperazineallergie à la pipérazineAllergie gegen Piperazinallergia alla piperazina
    294458001Allergy to mebendazole (finding)Allergy to mebendazoleallergie au mébendazoleAllergie gegen Mebendazolallergia al mebendazolo
    294459009Allergy to albendazole (finding)Allergy to albendazoleallergie à l'albendazoleAllergie gegen Albendazolallergia all’albendazolo
    294460004Allergy to tiabendazole (finding)Allergy to tiabendazoleallergie au thiabendazoleAllergie gegen Tiabendazolallergia al tiabendazolo
    294463002Allergy to amikacin (finding)Allergy to amikacinallergie à l'amikacineAllergie gegen Amikacinallergia all’amikacina
    294466005Allergy to streptomycin (finding)Allergy to streptomycinallergie à la streptomycineAllergie gegen Streptomycinallergia alla streptomicina
    294468006Allergy to neomycin (finding)Allergy to neomycinallergie à la néomycineAllergie gegen Neomycinallergia alla neomicina
    294469003Allergy to gentamicin (finding)Allergy to gentamicinallergie à la gentamicineAllergie gegen Gentamicinallergia alla gentamicina
    294470002Allergy to tobramycin (finding)Allergy to tobramycinallergie à la tobramycineAllergie gegen Tobramycinallergia alla tobramicina
    294472005Allergy to azithromycin (finding)Allergy to azithromycinallergie à l'azithromycineAllergie gegen Azithromycinallergia all’azitromicina
    294475007Allergy to vancomycin (finding)Allergy to vancomycinallergie à la vancomycineAllergie gegen Vancomycinallergia alla vancomicina
    294476008Allergy to teicoplanin (finding)Allergy to teicoplaninallergie à la teicoplanineAllergie gegen Teicoplaninallergia alla teicoplanina
    294477004Allergy to trimethoprim (finding)Allergy to trimethoprimallergie au triméthoprimeAllergie gegen Trimethoprimallergia al trimetoprim
    294478009Allergy to nitrofurantoin (finding)Allergy to nitrofurantoinallergie à la nitrofurantoïneAllergie gegen Nitrofurantoinallergia alla nitrofurantoina
    294480003Allergy to mupirocin (finding)Allergy to mupirocinallergie à la mupirocineAllergie gegen Mupirocinallergia alla mupirocina
    294481004Allergy to nitrofural (finding)Allergy to nitrofuralallergie au nitrofuralAllergie gegen Nitrofuralallergia al nitrofurazone
    294482006Allergy to fusidic acid (finding)Allergy to fusidic acidallergie à l'acide fusidiqueAllergie gegen Fusidinsäureallergia all’acido fusidico
    294485008Allergy to cinoxacin (finding)Allergy to cinoxacinallergie à la cinoxacineAllergie gegen Cinoxacinallergia alla cinoxacina
    294487000Allergy to ciprofloxacin (finding)Allergy to ciprofloxacinallergie à la ciprofloxacineAllergie gegen Ciprofloxacinallergia alla ciprofloxacina
    294489002Allergy to ofloxacin (finding)Allergy to ofloxacinallergie à l'ofloxacineAllergie gegen Ofloxacinallergia all’ofloxacina
    294490006Allergy to norfloxacin (finding)Allergy to norfloxacinallergie à la norfloxacineAllergie gegen Norfloxacinallergia alla norfloxacina
    294497009Allergy to phenoxymethylpenicillin (finding)Allergy to phenoxymethylpenicillinallergie à la phénoxyméthylpénicillineAllergie gegen Phenoxymethylpenicillinallergia alla fenossimetilpenicillina
    294499007Allergy to benzylpenicillin (finding)Allergy to benzylpenicillinallergie à la benzylpénicillineAllergie gegen Benzylpenicillinallergia alla benzilpenicillina
    294502006Allergy to flucloxacillin (finding)Allergy to flucloxacillinallergie à la flucloxacillineAllergie gegen Flucloxacillinallergia alla flucloxacillina
    294505008Allergy to amoxicillin (finding)Allergy to amoxicillinallergie à l'amoxicillineAllergie gegen Amoxicillinallergia all’amoxicillina
    294506009Allergy to ampicillin (finding)Allergy to ampicillinallergie à l'ampicillineAllergie gegen Ampicillinallergia all’ampicillina
    294514003Allergy to temocillin (finding)Allergy to temocillinallergie à la témocillineAllergie gegen Temocillinallergia alla temocillina
    294515002Allergy to piperacillin (finding)Allergy to piperacillinallergie à la pipéracillineAllergie gegen Piperacillinallergia alla piperacillina
    294517005Allergy to ticarcillin (finding)Allergy to ticarcillinallergie à la ticarcillineAllergie gegen Ticarcillinallergia alla ticarcillina
    294529001Allergy to colistin (finding)Allergy to colistinallergie à la colistineAllergie gegen Colistinallergia alla colistina
    294531005Allergy to carbapenem (finding)Allergy to carbapenemallergie au carbapénèmeAllergie gegen Carbapenemallergia ai carbapenemi
    294532003Allergy to cephalosporin antibacterial (finding)Allergy to cephalosporin antibacterialallergie à la céphalosporine (antibiotique)Allergie gegen Cephalosporineallergia alle cefalosporine antibatteriche
    294537009Allergy to cefazolin (finding)Allergy to cefazolinallergie à la céfazolineAllergie gegen Cefazolinallergia alla cefazolina
    294541008Allergy to cefaclor (finding)Allergy to cefaclorallergie au céfaclorAllergie gegen Cefaclorallergia al cefaclor
    294542001Allergy to cefuroxime (finding)Allergy to cefuroximeallergie au céfuroximeAllergie gegen Cefuroximallergia alla cefuroxima
    294543006Allergy to cefamandole (finding)Allergy to cefamandoleallergie au céfamandoleAllergie gegen Cefamandolallergia al cefamandolo
    294546003Allergy to ceftazidime (finding)Allergy to ceftazidimeallergie à la ceftazidimeAllergie gegen Ceftazidimallergia alla ceftazidima
    294548002Allergy to cefixime (finding)Allergy to cefiximeallergie au céfiximeAllergie gegen Cefiximallergia alla cefixima
    294550005Allergy to cefpodoxime (finding)Allergy to cefpodoximeallergie au cefpodoximeAllergie gegen Cefpodoximallergia alla cefpodoxima
    294551009Allergy to ceftriaxone (finding)Allergy to ceftriaxoneallergie to ceftriaxoneAllergie gegen Ceftriaxonallergia al ceftriaxone
    294559006Allergy to fosfomycin (finding)Allergy to fosfomycinallergie à la fosfomycineAllergie gegen Fosfomycinallergia alla fosfomicina
    294561002Allergy to clindamycin (finding)Allergy to clindamycinallergie à la clindamycineAllergie gegen Clindamycinallergia alla clindamicina
    294564005Allergy to monobactam (finding)Allergy to monobactamallergie au monobactamAllergie gegen Monobactamallergia ai monobattami
    294565006Allergy to aztreonam (finding)Allergy to aztreonamallergie à l'aztréonamAllergie gegen Aztreonamallergia all’aztreonam
    294566007Allergy to nitroimidazole (finding)Allergy to nitroimidazoleallergie au nitro-imidazoleAllergie gegen Nitroimidazolallergia ai nitroimidazoli
    294567003Allergy to metronidazole (finding)Allergy to metronidazoleallergie au métronidazoleAllergie gegen Metronidazolallergia al metronidazolo
    294568008Allergy to tinidazole (finding)Allergy to tinidazoleallergie au tinidazoleAllergie gegen Tinidazolallergia al tinidazolo
    294573002Allergy to sulfadiazine (finding)Allergy to sulfadiazineallergie à la sulfadiazineAllergie gegen Sulfadiazinallergia alla sulfadiazina
    294580000Silver sulfadiazine allergy (disorder)Silver sulfadiazine allergyallergie à la sulfadiazine argentiqueAllergie gegen Silbersulfadiazinallergia alla sulfadiazina argentica
    294582008Allergy to sulfacetamide (finding)Allergy to sulfacetamideallergie au sulfacétamideAllergie gegen Sulfacetamidallergia alla sulfacetamide
    294585005Allergy to doxycycline (finding)Allergy to doxycyclineallergie à la doxycyclineAllergie gegen Doxycyclinallergia alla doxiciclina
    294586006Allergy to lymecycline (finding)Allergy to lymecyclineallergie à la lymécyclineAllergie gegen Lymecyclinallergia alla limeciclina
    294587002Allergy to minocycline (finding)Allergy to minocyclineallergie à la minocyclineAllergie gegen Minocyclinallergia alla minociclina
    294588007Allergy to oxytetracycline (finding)Allergy to oxytetracyclineallergie à l'oxytétracyclineAllergie gegen Oxytetracyclinallergia all’ossitetraciclina
    294590008Allergy to chlortetracycline (finding)Allergy to chlortetracyclineallergie à la chlortétracyclineAllergie gegen Chlortetracyclinallergia alla clortetraciclina
    294591007Allergy to demeclocycline (finding)Allergy to demeclocyclineallergie à la déméclocyclineAllergie gegen Demeclocyclinallergia alla demeclociclina
    294592000Allergy to tetracycline (finding)Allergy to tetracyclineallergie à la tétracyclineAllergie gegen Tetracyclinallergia alle tetracicline
    294593005Allergy to chloramphenicol (finding)Allergy to chloramphenicolallergie au chloramphénicolAllergie gegen Chloramphenicolallergia al cloramfenicolo
    294596002Allergy to atovaquone (finding)Allergy to atovaquoneallergie à l'atovaquoneAllergie gegen Atovaquonallergia all’atovaquone
    294600007Allergy to pentamidine (finding)Allergy to pentamidineallergie à la pentamidineAllergie gegen Pentamidinallergia alla pentamidina
    294604003Allergy to clioquinol (finding)Allergy to clioquinolallergie au clioquinolAllergie gegen Clioquinolallergia al cliochinolo
    294607005Allergy to pyrazinamide (finding)Allergy to pyrazinamideallergie au pyrazinamideAllergie gegen Pyrazinamidallergia alla pirazinamide
    294610003Allergy to cycloserine (finding)Allergy to cycloserineallergie à la cyclosérineAllergie gegen Cycloserinallergia alla cicloserina
    294611004Allergy to rifampicin (finding)Allergy to rifampicinallergie à la rifampicineAllergie gegen Rifampicinallergia alla rifampicina
    294612006Allergy to rifabutin (finding)Allergy to rifabutinallergie à la rifabutineAllergie gegen Rifabutinallergia alla rifabutina
    294614007Allergy to isoniazid (finding)Allergy to isoniazidallergie à l'isoniazideAllergie gegen Isoniazidallergia all’isoniazide
    294615008Allergy to ethambutol (finding)Allergy to ethambutolallergie à l'éthambutolAllergie gegen Ethambutolallergia all’etambutolo
    294617000Allergy to dapsone (finding)Allergy to dapsoneallergie à la dapsoneAllergie gegen Dapsonallergia al dapsone
    294621007Allergy to sulfiram (finding)Allergy to sulfiramallergie au sulfiramAllergie gegen Sulfiramallergia al sulfiram
    294625003Allergy to lindane (finding)Allergy to lindaneallergie au lindaneAllergie gegen Lindanallergia al lindano
    294630004Allergy to permethrin (finding)Allergy to permethrinallergie à la perméthrineAllergie gegen Permethrinallergia alla permetrina
    294639003Allergy to Varicella-zoster virus antibody (finding)Allergy to Varicella-zoster virus antibodyallergie à l'immunoglobuline antivirus varicella-zosterAllergie gegen Varizella-Zoster-Virus-Antikörperallergia agli anticorpi contro il virus varicella-zoster
    294642009Allergy to vaccine product containing Corynebacterium diphtheriae antigen (finding)Allergy to vaccine product containing Corynebacterium diphtheriae antigenallergie au vaccin antidiphtériqueAllergie gegen Impfstoffprodukt mit Corynebacterium diphtheriae-Antigenallergia a vaccini contenenti antigeni di Corynebacterium diphtheriae
    294646007Allergy to Hepatitis B virus vaccine (finding)Allergy to Hepatitis B virus vaccineallergie au vaccin contre l'hépatite BAllergie gegen den Hepatitis-B-Virus-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro il virus dell’epatite B
    294651001Allergy to pertussis vaccine (finding)Allergy to pertussis vaccineallergie au vaccin contre la coquelucheAllergie gegen den Keuchhusten-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro la pertosse
    294652008Allergy to pneumococcal vaccine (finding)Allergy to pneumococcal vaccineallergie au vaccin contre les pneumocoquesAllergie gegen den Pneumokokken-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro gli pneumococchi
    294654009Allergy to Poliovirus vaccine (finding)Allergy to Poliovirus vaccineallergie au vaccin contre la poliomyéliteAllergie gegen den Poliovirus-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro la poliomielite
    294655005Allergy to Rabies vaccine (finding)Allergy to Rabies vaccineallergie au vaccin contre la rageAllergie gegen den Tollwut-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro la rabbia
    294656006Allergy to rubella vaccine (finding)Allergy to rubella vaccineallergie au vaccin contre la rubéoleAllergie gegen den Röteln-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro la rosolia
    294658007Allergy to tetanus vaccine (finding)Allergy to tetanus vaccineallergie au vaccin contre le tétanosAllergie gegen den Tetanus-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro il tetano
    294663006Allergy to Hepatitis A virus vaccine (finding)Allergy to Hepatitis A virus vaccineallergie au vaccin contre l'hépatite AAllergie gegen den Hepatitis-A-Virus-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro il virus dell’epatite A
    294664000Allergy to Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine (finding)Allergy to Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccineallergie au vaccin contre Haemophilus influenzae de type BAllergie gegen den Haemophilus influenzae B-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro l’Haemophilus influenzae di tipo B
    294671005Allergy to glucagon (finding)Allergy to glucagonallergie au glucagonAllergie gegen Glucagonallergia al glucagone
    294674002Allergy to carbimazole (finding)Allergy to carbimazoleallergie au carbimazoleAllergie gegen Carbimazolallergia al carbimazolo
    294676000Allergy to propylthiouracil (finding)Allergy to propylthiouracilallergie au propylthiouracileAllergie gegen Propylthiouracilallergia al propiltiouracile
    294678004Allergy to betamethasone (finding)Allergy to betamethasoneallergie à la bétaméthasoneAllergie gegen Betamethasonallergia al betametasone
    294679007Allergy to methylprednisolone (finding)Allergy to methylprednisoloneallergie à la méthylprednisoloneAllergie gegen Methylprednisolonallergia al metilprednisolone
    294682002Allergy to prednisone (finding)Allergy to prednisoneallergie à la prednisoneAllergie gegen Prednisonallergia al prednisone
    294683007Allergy to fluorometholone (finding)Allergy to fluorometholoneallergie à la fluorométholoneAllergie gegen Fluorometholonallergia al fluorometolone
    294685000Allergy to desonide (finding)Allergy to desonideallergie au désonideAllergie gegen Desonidallergia alla desonide
    294687008Allergy to fluocinonide (finding)Allergy to fluocinonideallergie au fluocinonideAllergie gegen Fluocinonidallergia al fluocinonide
    294690002Allergy to halcinonide (finding)Allergy to halcinonideallergie à l'halcinonideAllergie gegen Halcinonidallergia all’alcinonide
    294692005Allergy to beclometasone (finding)Allergy to beclometasoneallergie à la béclométasoneAllergie gegen Beclometasonallergia al beclometasone
    294693000Allergy to clobetasol (finding)Allergy to clobetasolallergie au clobétasolAllergie gegen Clobetasolallergia al clobetasolo
    294698009Allergy to fludrocortisone (finding)Allergy to fludrocortisoneallergie à la fludrocortisoneAllergie gegen Fludrocortisonallergia al fludrocortisone
    294700000Allergy to fluticasone (finding)Allergy to fluticasoneallergie à la fluticasoneAllergie gegen Fluticasonallergia al fluticasone
    294701001Allergy to mometasone (finding)Allergy to mometasoneallergie à la mométasoneAllergie gegen Mometasonallergia al mometasone
    294702008Allergy to dexamethasone (finding)Allergy to dexamethasoneallergie à la dexaméthasoneAllergie gegen Dexamethasonallergia al desametasone
    294707002Allergy to prednisolone (finding)Allergy to prednisoloneallergie à la prednisoloneAllergie gegen Prednisolonallergia al prednisolone
    294711008Allergy to triamcinolone (finding)Allergy to triamcinoloneallergie à la triamcinoloneAllergie gegen Triamcinolonallergia al triamcinolone
    294712001Allergy to budesonide (finding)Allergy to budesonideallergie à la budésonideAllergie gegen Budesonidallergia alla budesonide
    294714000Allergy to insulin (finding)Allergy to insulinallergie à l'insulineAllergie gegen Insulinallergia all’insulina
    294731007Allergy to glibenclamide (finding)Allergy to glibenclamideallergie au glibenclamideAllergie gegen Glibenclamidallergia alla glibenclamide
    294732000Allergy to glibornuride (finding)Allergy to glibornurideallergie au glibornurideAllergie gegen Glibornuridallergia alla glibornuride
    294733005Allergy to gliclazide (finding)Allergy to gliclazideallergie au gliclazideAllergie gegen Gliclazidallergia alla gliclazide
    294740006Allergy to metformin (finding)Allergy to metforminallergie à la metformineAllergie gegen Metforminallergia alla metformina
    294747009Allergy to dydrogesterone (finding)Allergy to dydrogesteroneallergie à la dydrogestéroneAllergie gegen Dydrogesteronallergia al didrogesterone
    294752004Allergy to norethisterone (finding)Allergy to norethisteroneallergie à la noréthistéroneAllergie gegen Norethisteronallergia al noretisterone
    294754003Allergy to levonorgestrel (finding)Allergy to levonorgestrelallergie au lévonorgestrelAllergie gegen Levonorgestrelallergia al levonorgestrel
    294758000Allergy to tibolone (finding)Allergy to tiboloneallergie à la tiboloneAllergie gegen Tibolonallergia al tibolone
    294764007Allergy to danazol (finding)Allergy to danazolallergie au danazolAllergie gegen Danazolallergia al danazolo
    294767000Allergy to finasteride (finding)Allergy to finasterideallergie au finastérideAllergie gegen Finasteridallergia alla finasteride
    294769002Allergy to bicalutamide (finding)Allergy to bicalutamideallergie au bicalutamideAllergie gegen Bicalutamidallergia alla bicalutamide
    294773004Allergy to androgen (finding)Allergy to androgenallergie au traitement antiandrogèneAllergie gegen Androgenallergia agli androgeni
    294776007Allergy to testosterone (finding)Allergy to testosteroneallergie à la testostéroneAllergie gegen Testosteronallergia al testosterone
    294781003Allergy to estrogen (finding)Allergy to estrogenallergie aux œstrogènesAllergie gegen Östrogenallergia agli estrogeni
    294782005Allergy to estradiol (finding)Allergy to estradiolallergie à l'estradiolAllergie gegen Östradiolallergia all’estradiolo
    294794001Allergy to estriol (finding)Allergy to estriolallergie à l'estriolAllergie gegen Östriolallergia all’estriolo
    294798003Allergy to clomifene (finding)Allergy to clomifeneallergie au clomifèneAllergie gegen Clomifenallergia al clomifene
    294800005Allergy to cabergoline (finding)Allergy to cabergolineallergie à la cabergolineAllergie gegen Cabergolinallergia alla cabergolina
    294807008Allergy to desmopressin (finding)Allergy to desmopressinallergie à la desmopressineAllergie gegen Desmopressinallergia alla desmopressina
    294809006Allergy to terlipressin (finding)Allergy to terlipressinallergie à la terlipressineAllergie gegen Terlipressinallergia alla terlipressina
    294810001Allergy to antidiuretic hormone (finding)Allergy to antidiuretic hormoneallergie à l'hormone antidiurétiqueAllergie gegen das antidiuretische Hormonallergia all’ormone antidiuretico
    294815006Allergy to gonadorelin (finding)Allergy to gonadorelinallergie à la gonadorélineAllergie gegen Gonadorelinallergia alla gonadorelina
    294816007Allergy to nafarelin (finding)Allergy to nafarelinallergie à la nafarélineAllergie gegen Nafarelinallergia alla nafarelina
    294817003Allergy to buserelin (finding)Allergy to buserelinallergie à la busérélineAllergie gegen Buserelinallergia alla buserelina
    294819000Allergy to triptorelin (finding)Allergy to triptorelinallergie à la triptorélineAllergie gegen Triptorelinallergia alla triptorelina
    294821005Allergy to leuprorelin (finding)Allergy to leuprorelinallergie à la leuprorélineAllergie gegen Leuprorelinallergia alla leuprorelina
    294823008Allergy to oxytocin (finding)Allergy to oxytocinallergie à l'oxytocineAllergie gegen Oxytocinallergia all’ossitocina
    294825001Allergy to somatropin hormone (finding)|Allergy to somatropin hormoneallergie à la somatropineAllergie gegen Somatotropinallergia alla somatropina
    294826000Allergy to octreotide (finding)Allergy to octreotideallergie à l'octréotideAllergie gegen Octreotidallergia all’octreotide
    294829007Allergy to protirelin (finding)Allergy to protirelinallergie à la protirélineAllergie gegen Protirelinallergia alla protirelina
    294833000Allergy to bisphosphonate (finding)Allergy to bisphosphonateallergie aux bisphosphonatesAllergie gegen Bisphosphonatallergia ai bifosfonati
    294839001Allergy to calcitonin (finding)Allergy to calcitoninallergie à la calcitonineAllergie gegen Calcitoninallergia alla calcitonina
    294840004Allergy to salmon calcitonin (finding)Allergy to salmon calcitoninallergie à la calcitonine de saumonAllergie gegen Calcitonin vom Lachsallergia alla calcitonina di salmone
    294844008Allergy to epoetin alfa (finding)Allergy to epoetin alfaallergie à l'époétine alphaAllergie gegen Epoetin alfaallergia all’epoetina alfa
    294845009Allergy to epoetin beta (finding)Allergy to epoetin betaallergie à l'époétine bêtaAllergie gegen Epoetin betaallergia all’epoetina beta
    294872001Allergy to heparin (finding)Allergy to heparinallergie à l'héparineAllergie gegen Heparinallergia all’eparina
    294873006Allergy to enoxaparin (finding)Allergy to enoxaparinallergie à l'énoxaparineAllergie gegen Enoxaparinallergia all’enoxaparina
    294874000Allergy to dalteparin (finding)Allergy to dalteparinallergie à la daltéparineAllergie gegen Dalteparinallergia alla dalteparina
    294876003Allergy to heparinoid (finding)Allergy to heparinoidallergie à l'héparinoïdeAllergie gegen Heparinoidallergia all’eparinoide
    294881007Allergy to warfarin (finding)Allergy to warfarinallergie à la warfarineAllergie gegen Warfarinallergia al warfarin
    294887006Allergy to tranexamic acid (finding)Allergy to tranexamic acidallergie à l'acide tranexamiqueAllergie gegen Tranexamsäureallergia all’acido tranexamico
    294889009Allergy to aprotinin (finding)Allergy to aprotininallergie à l'aprotinineAllergie gegen Aprotininallergia all’aprotinina
    294913003Allergy to iodine compound (finding)Allergy to iodine compoundallergie aux composés de l'iodeAllergie gegen Jodverbindungenallergia ai composti dello iodio
    294923007Allergy to retinol (finding)Allergy to retinolallergie à la vitamine AAllergie gegen Retinolallergia al retinolo
    294933004Allergy to hydroxocobalamin (finding)Allergy to hydroxocobalaminallergie à l'hydroxocobalamineAllergie gegen Hydroxocobalaminallergia all’idrossicobalamina
    294934005Allergy to cyanocobalamin (finding)Allergy to cyanocobalaminallergie à la cyanocobalamineAllergie gegen Cyanocobalaminallergia alla cianocobalamina
    294940003Allergy to ascorbic acid (finding)Allergy to ascorbic acidallergie à l'acide ascorbiqueAllergie gegen Ascorbinsäureallergia all’acido ascorbico
    294951003Allergy to fluoride (finding)Allergy to fluorideallergie au fluorideAllergie gegen Fluoridallergia al fluoruro
    294956008Allergy to gemfibrozil (finding)Allergy to gemfibrozilallergie au gemfibrozilAllergie gegen Gemfibrozilallergia al gemfibrozil
    294958009Allergy to acipimox (finding)Allergy to acipimoxallergie à l'acipimoxAllergie gegen Acipimoxallergia all’acipimox
    294962003Allergy to colestyramine (finding)Allergy to colestyramineallergie à la cholestyramineAllergie gegen Colestyraminallergia alla colestiramina
    294964002Allergy to bezafibrate (finding)Allergy to bezafibrateallergie au bézafibrateAllergie gegen Bezafibratallergia al bezafibrato
    294965001Allergy to clofibrate (finding)Allergy to clofibrateallergie au clofibrateAllergie gegen Clofibratallergia al clofibrato
    294966000Allergy to fenofibrate (finding)Allergy to fenofibrateallergie au fénofibrateAllergie gegen Fenofibratallergia al fenofibrato
    294971007Allergy to simvastatin (finding)Allergy to simvastatinallergie à la simvastatineAllergie gegen Simvastatinallergia alla simvastatina
    294972000Allergy to fluvastatin (finding)Allergy to fluvastatinallergie à la fluvastatineAllergie gegen Fluvastatinallergia alla fluvastatina
    294973005Allergy to pravastatin (finding)Allergy to pravastatinallergie à la pravastatineAllergie gegen Pravastatinallergia alla pravastatina
    294975003Allergy to adenosine (finding)Allergy to adenosineallergie à l'adénosineAllergie gegen Adenosinallergia all’adenosina
    294977006Allergy to disopyramide (finding)Allergy to disopyramideallergie au disopyramideAllergie gegen Disopyramidallergia alla disopiramide
    294980007Allergy to mexiletine (finding)Allergy to mexiletineallergie à la mexilétineAllergie gegen Mexiletinallergia alla mexiletina
    294982004Allergy to procainamide (finding)Allergy to procainamideallergie au procaïnamideAllergie gegen Procainamidallergia alla procainamide
    294995009Allergy to hydrochlorothiazide (finding)Allergy to hydrochlorothiazideallergie à l'hydrochlorothiazideAllergie gegen Hydrochlorothiazidallergia all’idroclorotiazide
    295000003Allergy to furosemide (finding)Allergy to furosemideallergie au furosémideAllergie gegen Furosemidallergia alla furosemide
    295003001Allergy to piretanide (finding)Allergy to piretanideallergie au pirétanideAllergie gegen Piretanidallergia al piretanide
    295004007Allergy to torasemide (finding)Allergy to torasemideallergie à la torasémideAllergie gegen Torasemidallergia alla torasemide
    295008005Allergy to potassium canrenoate (finding)Allergy to potassium canrenoateallergie au canrénoate de potassiumAllergie gegen Kaliumcanrenoatallergia al potassio canrenoato
    295009002Allergy to spironolactone (finding)Allergy to spironolactoneallergie à la spironolactoneAllergie gegen Spironolactonallergia allo spironolattone
    295010007Allergy to amiloride (finding)Allergy to amilorideallergie à l'amilorideAllergie gegen Amiloridallergia all’amiloride
    295019008Allergy to mannitol (finding)Allergy to mannitolallergie au mannitolAllergie gegen Mannitolallergia al mannitolo
    295023000Allergy to chlortalidone (finding)Allergy to chlortalidoneallergie à la chlortalidoneAllergie gegen Chlortalidonallergia al clortalidone
    295024006Allergy to indapamide (finding)Allergy to indapamideallerge à l'indapamideAllergie gegen Indapamidallergia all’indapamide
    295026008Allergy to metolazone (finding)Allergy to metolazoneallergie à la métolazoneAllergie gegen Metolazonallergia al metolazone
    295030006Allergy to acetazolamide (finding)Allergy to acetazolamideallergie à l'acétazolamideAllergie gegen Acetazolamidallergia all’acetazolamide
    295054001Allergy to digoxin (finding)Allergy to digoxinallergie à la digoxineAllergie gegen Digoxinallergia alla digossina
    295055000Allergy to digitoxin (finding)Allergy to digitoxinallergie à la digitoxineAllergie gegen Digitoxinallergia alla digitossina
    295059006Allergy to phosphodiesterase inhibitor (finding)Allergy to phosphodiesterase inhibitorallergie aux inhibiteurs de phosphodiestéraseAllergie gegen Phosphodiesterasehemmerallergia agli inibitori della fosfodiesterasi
    295062009Allergy to milrinone (finding)Allergy to milrinoneallergie à la milrinoneAllergie gegen Milrinonallergia al milrinone
    295071000Allergy to minoxidil (finding)Allergy to minoxidilallergie au minoxidilAllergie gegen Minoxidilallergia al minoxidil
    295074008Allergy to diazoxide (finding)Allergy to diazoxideallergie au diazoxideAllergie gegen Diazoxidallergia al diazossido
    295075009Allergy to hydralazine (finding)Allergy to hydralazineallergie à l'hydralazineAllergie gegen Hydralazinallergia all’idralazina
    295079003Allergy to glyceryl trinitrate (finding)Allergy to glyceryl trinitrateallergie à la nitroglycérineAllergie gegen Glycerintrinitratallergia alla nitroglicerina
    295108008Allergy to streptokinase (finding)Allergy to streptokinaseallergie à la streptokinaseAllergie gegen Streptokinaseallergia alla streptochinasi
    295109000Allergy to urokinase (finding)Allergy to urokinaseallergie à l'urokinaseAllergie gegen Urokinaseallergia all’urochinasi
    295110005Allergy to alteplase (finding)Allergy to alteplaseallergie à l'altéplaseAllergie gegen Alteplaseallergia all’alteplase
    295111009Allergy to anistreplase (finding)Allergy to anistreplaseallergie à l'anistreplaseAllergie gegen Anistreplaseallergia all’anistreplase
    295112002Allergy to bromelains (finding)Allergy to bromelainsallergie aux bromélaïnesAllergie gegen Bromelainallergia alla bromelina
    300910009Allergy to pollen (finding)Allergy to pollenallergie au pollenAllergie gegen Pollenallergia ai pollini
    300912001Allergy to chocolate (finding)Allergy to chocolateallergie au chocolatAllergie gegen Schokoladeallergia al cioccolato
    417532002Allergy to fish (finding)Allergy to fishallergie au poissonAllergie gegen Fischallergia al pesce
    417918006Allergy to pork (finding)Allergy to porkallergie au porcAllergie gegen Schweinefleischallergia alla carne di maiale
    418085001Allergy to citrus fruit (finding)Allergy to citrus fruitallergie au citronAllergie gegen Zitrusfrüchteallergia agli agrumi
    418689008Allergy to grass pollen (finding)Allergy to grass pollenallergie au pollen de graminéesAllergie gegen Gräserpollenallergia ai pollini di graminacee
    418779002Allergy to tomato (finding)Allergy to tomatoallergie à la tomateAllergie gegen Tomateallergia al pomodoro
    419263009Allergy to tree pollen (finding)Allergy to tree pollenallergie au pollen d' arbresAllergie gegen Baumpollenallergia ai pollini di alberi
    419412007Allergy to rubber (finding)Allergy to rubberallergie au caoutchoucAllergie gegen Gummiallergia al lattice
    419573007Allergy to corn (finding)Allergy to cornallergie au maïsAllergie gegen Maisallergia al mais
    419619007Allergy to potato (finding)Allergy to potatoallergie à la pomme de terreAllergie gegen Kartoffelnallergia alla patata
    419788000Allergy to nickel (finding)Allergy to nickelallergie au nickelAllergie gegen Nickelallergia al nichel
    419972009Allergy to shrimp (finding)Allergy to shrimpallergie aux crevettesAllergie gegen Shrimpsallergia ai gamberetti
    420080006Allergy to carrot (finding)Allergy to carrotallergie à la carotteAllergie gegen Karottenallergia alla carota
    420174000Allergy to wheat (finding)Allergy to wheatallergie au bléAllergie gegen Weizenallergia al grano
    423058007Allergy to wasp venom (finding)Allergy to wasp venomallergie au venin de guêpeAllergie gegen Wespengiftallergia al veleno di vespa
    424213003Allergy to bee venom (finding)Allergy to bee venomallergie au venin d'abeilleAllergie gegen Bienengiftallergia al veleno di ape
    441954006Allergy to sevoflurane (finding)Allergy to sevofluraneallergie à la sévofluraneAllergie gegen Sevofluranallergia al sevoflurano
    441955007Allergy to sufentanil (finding)Allergy to sufentanilallergie au sufentanilAllergie gegen Sufentanilallergia al sufentanil
    441992007Allergy to remifentanil (finding)Allergy to remifentanilallergie au rémifentanilAllergie gegen Remifentanilallergia al remifentanil
    448438007Allergy to cisatracurium (finding)Allergy to cisatracuriumallergie au cisatracuriumAllergie gegen Cisatracuriumallergia al cisatracurio
    450767000Allergy to tramadol (finding)Allergy to tramadolallergie au tramadolAllergie gegen Tramadolallergia al tramadolo
    473077006Allergy to teriparatide (finding)Allergy to teriparatideallergie au tériparatideAllergie gegen Teriparatidallergia al teriparatide
    609409007Pseudoallergic reaction caused by sulfite (disorder)Pseudoallergic reaction caused by sulfiteréaction pseudo-allergique aux sulfitesPseudoallergische Reaktion, verursacht durch Sulfitreazione pseudoallergica causata da solfiti
    609534005Non-allergic hypersensitivity to losartan (finding)hypersensibilité non allergique au losartanNon-allergic hypersensitivity to losartanNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Losartanipersensibilità non allergica al losartan
    609536007Non-allergic hypersensitivity to dextran (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to dextranhypersensibilité non allergique au dextranNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Dextranipersensibilità non allergica al destrano
    609538008Non-allergic hypersensitivity to captopril (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to captoprilhypersensibilité non allergique au captoprilNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Captoprilipersensibilità non allergica al captopril
    609539000Non-allergic hypersensitivity to cilazapril (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to cilazaprilhypersensibilité non allergique au cilazaprilNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Cilazaprilipersensibilità non allergica al cilazapril
    609540003Non-allergic hypersensitivity to enalapril (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to enalaprilhypersensibilité non allergique à l'enalaprilNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Enalaprilipersensibilità non allergica all’enalapril
    609541004Non-allergic hypersensitivity to fosinopril (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to fosinoprilhypersensibilité non allergique au forsinoprilNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Fosinoprilipersensibilità non allergica al fosinopril
    609542006Non-allergic hypersensitivity to lisinopril (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to lisinoprilhypersensibilité non allergique au lisinoprilNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Lisinoprilipersensibilità non allergica al lisinopril
    609543001Non-allergic hypersensitivity to perindopril (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to perindoprilhypersensibilité non allergique au perindoprilNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Perindoprilipersensibilità non allergica al perindopril
    609544007Non-allergic hypersensitivity to quinapril (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to quinaprilhypersensibilité non allergique au quinaprilNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Quinaprilipersensibilità non allergica al quinapril
    609545008Non-allergic hypersensitivity to ramipril (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to ramiprilhypersensibilité non allergique au ramiprilNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Ramiprilipersensibilità non allergica al ramipril
    609546009Non-allergic hypersensitivity to trandolapril (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to trandolaprilhypersensibilité non allergique au trandolaprilNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Trandolaprilipersensibilità non allergica al trandolapril
    609548005Non-allergic hypersensitivity to aspartame (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to aspartamehypersensibilité non allergique à l'aspartameNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Aspartamipersensibilità non allergica all’aspartame
    700468006Allergy to Rotavirus vaccine (finding)Allergy to Rotavirus vaccineallergie au vaccin contre le rotavirusAllergie gegen Rotavirus-Impfstoffallergia al vaccino contro i rotavirus
    703076003Non-allergic hypersensitivity to benzoic acid (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to benzoic acidhypersensibilité non allergique à l'acide benzoïqueNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Benzoesäureipersensibilità non allergica all’acido benzoico
    703930000Allergy to beef (finding)Allergy to beefallergie au bœufAllergie gegen Rindfleischallergia alla carne di manzo
    703932008Allergy to chicken meat (finding)Allergy to chicken meatallergie à la viande de pouletAllergie gegen Pouletfleischallergia alla carne di pollo
    712840004Allergy to hazelnut (finding)Allergy to hazelnutallergie aux noisettesAllergie gegen Haselnüsseallergia alle nocciole
    712843002Allergy to celery (finding)Allergy to celeryallergie au céleriAllergie gegen Sellerieallergia al sedano
    713018004Allergy to darunavir (finding)Allergy to darunavirallergie au darunavirAllergie gegen Darunavirallergia al darunavir
    713296005Allergy to protease inhibitor (finding)Allergy to protease inhibitorallergie aux inhibiteurs de la protéase rétroviraleAllergie gegen Proteasehemmerallergia agli inibitori della proteasi
    713707006Allergy to abacavir (finding)Allergy to abacavirallerge à l'abacavirAllergie gegen Abacavirallergia all'abacavir
    713725004Allergy to nevirapine (finding)Allergy to nevirapineallergie à la névirapineAllergie gegen Nevirapinallergia alla nevirapina
    714332003Allergy to banana (finding)Allergy to bananaallergie à la bananeAllergie gegen Bananenallergia alla banana
    718535005Allergy to pitavastatin (finding)Allergy to pitavastatinallergie à la pitavastatineAllergie gegen Pitavastatinallergia alla pitavastatina
    737493007Allergy to denosumab (finding)Allergy to denosumaballergie au dénosumabAllergie gegen Denosumaballergia al denosumab
    767203005Allergy to cromoglicic acid (finding)Allergy to cromoglicic acidallergie à l'acide cromoglicideAllergie gegen Cromoglicinsäureallergia all’acido cromoglicico
    767468001Allergy to pea (finding)Allergy to peaallergie aux poisAllergie gegen Erbsenallergia ai piselli
    767475000Allergy to vitamin B12 and vitamin B12 derivative (finding)Allergy to vitamin B12 and vitamin B12 derivativeallergie à la vitamine B12 et aux substances apparentéesAllergie gegen Vitamin B12 und Vitamin B12-Derivateallergia alla vitamina B12 e ai derivati della vitamina B12
    767478003Allergy to thiamine (finding)Allergy to thiamineallergie à la thiamineAllergie gegen Thiaminallergia alla tiamina
    767479006Allergy to pyridoxine (finding)Allergy to pyridoxineallergie à la pyridoxineAllergie gegen Pyridoxinallergia alla piridossina
    772021008Allergy to nebivolol (finding)Allergy to nebivololallergie au nébivololAllergie gegen Nebivololallergia al nebivololo
    773399002Allergy to acetylcholine (finding)Allergy to acetylcholineallergie à l'acétylcholineAllergie gegen Acetylcholinallergia all’acetilcolina
    773427008Allergy to danaparoid (finding)Allergy to danaparoidallergie au danaparoïdeAllergie gegen Danaparoidallergia al danaparoid
    773485002Allergy to valproic acid (finding)Allergy to valproic acidallergie à l'acide valproïqueAllergie gegen Valproinsäureallergia all’acido valproico
    773490004Allergy to dihydroergotamine (finding)Allergy to dihydroergotamineallergie à la dihydroergotamineAllergie gegen Dihydroergotaminallergia alla diidroergotamina
    773491000Allergy to pamidronic acid (finding)Allergy to pamidronic acidallergie à l'acide pamidroniqueAllergie gegen Pamidronatallergia all’acido pamidronico
    773505002Allergy to propamidine (finding)Allergy to propamidineallergie à la propamidineAllergie gegen Propamidinallergia alla propamidina
    77560002Contact dermatitis caused by adhesive plaster (disorder)Contact dermatitis caused by adhesive plasterdermatite de contact due aux pansements adhésifsKontaktdermatitis, verursacht durch Heftpflasterdermatite da contatto causata da cerotto adesivo
    782415009Intolerance to lactose (finding)Intolerance to lactoseintolérance au lactoseLaktoseintoleranzintolleranza al lattosio
    782529008Allergy to digitalis glycoside (finding)Allergy to digitalis glycosideallergie au glucoside digitaliqueAllergie gegen Digitalisglykosidallergia ai glicosidi digitalici
    782563005Allergy to lithium compound (finding)Allergy to lithium compoundAllergie au composé de lithiumAllergie gegen Lithiumverbindungenallergia ai composti del litio
    782575000Allergy to lupine seed (finding)Allergy to lupine seedallergie aux graines de lupinAllergie gegen Lupinensamenallergia ai semi di lupino
    782595006Allergy to thiouracil (finding)Allergy to thiouracilallergie au thiouracilAllergie gegen Thiouracilallergia al tiouracile
    78373000Sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (disorder)Sucrase-isomaltase deficiencydéficit en sucrase-isomaltaseSucrase-Isomaltase-Mangeldeficit di sucrasi-isomaltasi
    830080006Allergy to zinc and zinc compound (finding)Allergy to zinc and zinc compoundallergie au zinc et à ses composésAllergie gegen Zink und Zinkverbindungenallergia allo zinco e ai composti dello zinco
    830171008Allergy to meclozine (finding)Allergy to meclozineallergie à la méclozineAllergie gegen Meclozinallergia alla meclozina
    830172001Allergy to metamizole (finding)Allergy to metamizoleallergie au métamizoleAllergie gegen Metamizolallergia al metamizolo
    860604008Allergy to apple (finding)Allergy to appleallergie aux pommesAllergie gegen Äpfelallergia alla mela
    860764004Allergy to triazole (finding)Allergy to triazoleallergie au triazoleAllergie gegen Triazolallergia ai triazoli
    860775000Allergy to imidazole (finding)Allergy to imidazoleallergie à l'imidazoleAllergie gegen Imidazolallergia all'imidazolo
    870712009Allergy to piperacillin and/or tazobactam (finding)Allergy to piperacillin and/or tazobactamallergie à la pipéracilline et/ou au tazobactamAllergie gegen Piperacillin und/oder Tazobactamallergia alla piperacillina e/o al tazobactam
    870714005Allergy to sulfamethoxazole and/or trimethoprim (finding)allergie au sulfaméthoxazole et/ou au triméthoprimeallergie to sulfamethoxazole and/or trimethoprimAllergie gegen Sulfamethoxazol und/oder Trimethoprimallergia al sulfametossazolo e/o al trimetoprim
    870731003Allergy to carbidopa and/or levodopa (finding)Allergy to carbidopa and/or levodopaallergie à la carbidopa et/ou à la levodopaAllergie gegen Carbidopa und/oder Levodopaallergia alla carbidopa e/o alla levodopa
    870749003Allergic contact dermatitis caused by usnic acid (disorder)Allergic contact dermatitis caused by usnic aciddermatite de contact allergique due à l'acide usniqueAllergische Kontaktdermatitis, verursacht durch Usninsäuredermatite allergica da contatto causata da acido usnico
    871508005Allergy to amoxicillin and/or clavulanic acid (finding)Allergy to amoxicillin and/or clavulanic acidallergie à l'amoxicilline et/ou à l'acide clavulaniqueAllergie gegen Amoxicillin und/oder Clavulansäureallergia all’amoxicillina e/o all'acido clavulanico
    91931000Allergy to erythromycin (finding)Allergy to erythromycinallergie à l'érythromycineAllergie gegen Erythromycinallergia all'eritromicina
    91935009Allergy to peanut (finding)Allergy to peanutallergie aux arachidesAllergie gegen Erdnüsseallergia alle arachidi
    91936005Allergy to penicillin (finding)Allergy to penicillinallergie à la pénicillineAllergie gegen Penicillinallergia alla penicillina
    91938006Allergy to strawberry (finding)Allergy to strawberryallergie aux fraisesAllergie gegen Erdbeerenallergia alle fragole
    91939003Allergy to sulfonamide (finding)Allergy to sulfonamideallergie aux sulfamidesAllergie gegen Sulfonamidallergia ai sulfamidici
    91940001Allergy to walnut (finding)Allergy to walnutallergie aux noixAllergie gegen Walnüsseallergia alle noci
    294031004Allergy to xylometazoline (finding)Allergy to xylometazolineallergie à la xylométazolineAllergie gegen Xylometazolinallergia alla xilometazolina
    860765003Allergy to thiazide (finding)Allergy to thiazideallergie aux thiazidiquesAllergie gegen Thiazidallergia ai tiazidici
    860907004Allergy to macrolide (finding)Allergy to macrolideallergie aux macrolidesAllergie gegen Makrolidallergia ai macrolidi
    294462007Allergy to aminoglycoside (finding)Allergy to aminoglycosideallergie aux aminosidesAllergie gegen Aminoglykosidallergia agli aminoglicosidi
    292937002Vancomycin adverse reaction (disorder)Vancomycin adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la vancomycineNebenwirkung von Vancomycinreazione avversa alla vancomicina
    292691002Vecuronium adverse reaction (disorder)Vecuronium adverse reactionréaction indésirable au vécuroniumNebenwirkung von Vecuroniumreazione avversa al vecuronio
    269722001Adverse reaction caused by salicylate (disorder)Adverse reaction caused by salicylateréaction indésirable au salicylateNebenwirkung von Salicylatreazione avversa causata da salicilati
    292044008Aspirin adverse reaction (disorder)Aspirin adverse reactionréaction indésirable à l'aspirineNebenwirkung von Aspirinreazione avversa all’aspirina
    292118005Mesalazine adverse reactionMesalazine adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la mésalazineNebenwirkung von Mesalazinreazione avversa alla mesalazina
    292054007Buprenorphine adverse reaction (disorder)Buprenorphine adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la buprénorphineNebenwirkung von Buprenorphinreazione avversa alla buprenorfina
    292066001Meptazinol adverse reaction (disorder)Meptazinol adverse reactionréaction indésirable au meptazinolNebenwirkung von Meptazinolreazione avversa al meptazinolo
    292052006Methadone adverse reaction (disorder)Methadone adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la méthadoneNebenwirkung von Methadonreazione avversa al metadone
    292046005Pentazocine adverse reaction (disorder)Pentazocine adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la pentazocineNebenwirkung von Pentazocinreazione avversa alla pentazocina
    292055008Codeine adverse reaction (disorder)Codeine adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la codéineNebenwirkung von Kodeinreazione avversa alla codeina
    292056009Diamorphine adverse reaction (disorder)Diamorphine adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la diamorphineNebenwirkung von Diamorphinreazione avversa alla diamorfina
    292059002Morphine adverse reaction (disorder)Morphine adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la morphineNebenwirkung von Morphinreazione avversa alla morfina
    292058005Nalbuphine adverse reaction (disorder)Nalbuphine adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la nalbuphineNebenwirkung von Nalbuphinreazione avversa alla nalbufina
    292738000Naloxone adverse reaction (disorder)Naloxone adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la naloxoneNebenwirkung von Naloxonreazione avversa al naloxone
    292737005Naltrexone adverse reaction (disorder)Naltrexone adverse reactionréaction indésirable au naltrexoneNebenwirkung von Naltrexonreazione avversa al naltrexone
    292610002Pholcodine adverse reaction (disorder)Pholcodine adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la pholcodineNebenwirkung von Pholcodinreazione avversa alla folcodina
    292062004Alfentanil adverse reaction (disorder)Alfentanil adverse reactionréaction indésirable à l'alfentanilNebenwirkung von Alfentanilreazione avversa all’alfentanil
    292063009Fentanyl adverse reaction (disorder)Fentanyl adverse reactionréaction indésirable au fentanylNebenwirkung von Fentanylreazione avversa al fentanyl
    292064003Pethidine adverse reaction (disorder)Pethidine adverse reactionréaction indésirable à la péthidineNebenwirkung von Pethidinreazione avversa alla petidina
    703933003Allergy to Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus protein (finding)Allergy to Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus proteinallergie aux protéines de Dermatophagoïdes pteronyssinusAllergie gegen Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus-Proteinallergia alle proteine di Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
    703902000Allergy to Dermatophagoides farinae protein (finding)Allergy to Dermatophagoides farinae proteinallergie aux protéines de Dermatophagoïdes farinaeAllergie gegen Dermatophagoides farinae-Proteinallergia alle proteine di Dermatophagoides farinae
    1003755004Allergy to Hevea brasiliensis latex protein (finding)Allergy to Hevea brasiliensis latex proteinallergie aux protéines du latex de l'Hevea brasiliensisAllergie gegen Hevea brasiliensis-Latexproteinallergia alle proteine del lattice di Hevea brasiliensis
    232346004Allergy to cat dander (finding)Allergy to cat danderallergie aux phanères de chatAllergie gegen Hautschuppen der Katzeallergia al pelo di gatto
    712841000Allergy to barley (finding)Allergy to barleyallergie à l'orgeAllergie gegen Gersteallergia all’orzo
    419342009Allergy to oat (finding)Allergy to oatallergie à l'avoineAllergie gegen Haferallergia all’avena
    418626004Allergy to lobster (finding)Allergy to lobsterallergie au homardAllergie gegen Hummerallergia all'astice
    409136006Allergy to pulse vegetable (finding)Allergy to pulse vegetableallergie aux légumineusesAllergie gegen Hülsenfrüchteallergia alle leguminose
    294317009Allergy to Arachis oil (finding)Allergy to Arachis oilallergie à l'huile d'arachideAllergie gegen Arachisölallergia all’olio di semi di arachide
    767470005Allergy to fenugreek (finding)Allergy to fenugreekallergie au fenugrecAllergie gegen Bockshornkleeallergia al fieno greco
    703925004Allergy to bean (finding)Allergy to beanallergie aux fèvesAllergie gegen Bohnenallergia ai fagioli
    48821000119104Allergy to tree nut (finding)Allergy to tree nutallergie aux fruits à coqueAllergie gegen Baumnüsseallergia alla frutta a guscio
    712839001Allergy to almond (finding)Allergy to almondallergie aux amandesAllergie gegen Mandelnallergia alle mandorle
    712838009Allergy to cashew nut (finding)Allergy to cashew nutallergie aux noix de cajouAllergie gegen Cashewnüsseallergia agli anacardi
    712844008Allergy to macadamia nut (finding)Allergy to macadamia nutallergie aux noix de macadamiaAllergie gegen Nacadamianüsseallergia alle noci di macadamia
    712842007Allergy to mollusk (finding)Allergy to molluskallergie aux mollusquesAllergie gegen Weichtiereallergia ai molluschi
    703911000Allergy to clam (finding)Allergy to clamallergie aux palourdesAllergie gegen Venusmuschelnallergia alle vongole
    12921000122102Allergy to mussel (finding)Allergy to musselallergie aux moulesAllergie gegen Muschelnallergia alle cozze
    419967000Allergy to oyster (finding)Allergy to oysterallergie aux huîtresAllergie gegen Austernallergia alle ostriche
    23171000122102Allergy to kiwi fruit (finding)Allergy to kiwi fruitallergie au kiwiAllergie gegen Kiwifruchtallergia al kiwi
    293637006Allergy to contrast media (finding)Allergy to contrast mediaallergie aux produits de contrasteAllergie gegen Kontrastmittelallergia a mezzo di contrasto
    609551003Non-allergic hypersensitivity to contrast media (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to contrast mediahypersensitivité non allergique aux produits de contrasteNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Kontrastmittelipersensibilità non allergica a mezzo di contrasto
    860936004Non-allergic hypersensitivity to gadolinium and gadolinium compound (finding)Non-allergic hypersensitivity to gadolinium and gadolinium compoundhypersensitivité non allergique au gadolinium et à ses composésNicht-allergische Überempfindlichkeit gegenüber Gadolinium und Gadoliniumverbindungenipersensibilità non allergica al gadolinio e ai composti del gadolinio
    292097002Magnetic resonance imaging contrast media adverse reaction (disorder)Magnetic resonance imaging contrast media adverse reactionréaction indésirable aux produits de contraste de l'imagerie par résonance magnétiqueNebenwirkung von MRT-Kontrastmittelreazione avversa a mezzo di contrasto della tomografia a risonanza magnetica
    16224591000119103Allergy to honey bee venom (finding)Allergy to honey bee venomallergie au venin d'abeilles domestiquesAllergie gegen Honigbienengiftallergia al veleno di ape
    782555009Allergy to cow's milk protein (finding)Allergy to cow's milk proteinallergie aux protéines de lait de vacheAllergie gegen Kuhmilchproteinallergia alle proteine del latte vaccino
    422400008Vomiting (disorder)VomitingvomissementErbrechenvomito
    4386001Bronchospasm (finding)BronchospasmbronchospasmeBronchospasmusbroncospasmo
    9826008Conjunctivitis (disorder)ConjunctivitisconjonctiviteKonjunktivitiscongiuntivite
    23924001Tight chest (finding)Tight chestoppression thoraciqueEngegefühl im Brustkorboppressione toracica
    24079001Atopic dermatitis (disorder)Atopic dermatitisdermite atopiqueAtopische Dermatitisdermatite atopica
    31996006Vasculitis (disorder)VasculitisvasculiteVaskulitisvasculite
    39579001Anaphylaxis (disorder)AnaphylaxisanaphylaxieAnaphylaxieanafilassi
    41291007Angioedema (disorder)Angioedemaangio-œdèmeAngioödemangioedema
    43116000Eczema (disorder)EczemaeczémaEkzemeczema
    49727002Cough (finding)CoughtouxHustentosse
    51599000Edema of larynx (disorder)Edema of larynxœdème du larynxKehlkopfödemedema della laringe
    62315008Diarrhea (finding)DiarrheadiarrhéeDiarrhöediarrea
    70076002Rhinitis (disorder)RhinitisrhiniteRhinitisrinite
    73442001Stevens-Johnson syndrome (disorder)Stevens-Johnson syndromesyndrome de Stevens-JohnsonStevens-Johnson-Syndromsindrome di Stevens-Johnson
    76067001Sneezing (finding)SneezingéternuementNiesenstarnuto
    91175000Seizure (finding)SeizureconvulsionKonvulsionconvulsione
    126485001Urticaria (disorder)UrticariaurticaireUrtikariaorticaria
    162290004Dry eyes (finding)Dry eyessècheresse oculaireTrockene Augensecchezza oculare
    195967001Asthma (disorder)AsthmaasthmeAsthmaasma
    247472004Wheal (finding)Whealéruption urticaireUrtikarielles Exanthemeruzione orticaria
    267036007Dyspnea (finding)DyspneadyspnéeDyspnoedispnea
    271757001Papular eruption (disorder)Papular eruptionéruption papuleusePapulöses Exanthemeruzione papulare
    271759003Bullous eruption (disorder)Bullous eruptionéruption bulleuseBullöses Exanthemeruzione bollosa
    271807003Eruption of skin (disorder)Eruption of skinéruption cutanéeHautausschlageruzione cutanea
    359610006Ocular hyperemia (disorder)Ocular hyperemiahyperémie oculaireOkuläre Hyperämieiperemia oculare
    410430005Cardiorespiratory arrest (disorder)Cardiorespiratory arrestarrêt cardiorespiratoireKardiorespiratorischer Stillstandarresto cardiorespiratorio
    418363000Itching of skin (finding)Itching of skinprurit de la peauPruritusprurito cutaneo
    422587007Nausea (finding)NauseanauséesNauseanausea
    698247007Cardiac arrhythmia (disorder)Cardiac arrhythmiaarythmie cardiaqueHerzrhythmusstörungaritmia cardiaca
    702809001Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (disorder)Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptomsréaction médicamenteuse avec éosinophilie et symptômes systémiquesMedikamentenreaktion mit Eosinophilie und systemischen Symptomenreazione al medicamento con eosinofilia e sintomi sistemici
    768962006Lyell syndrome (disorder)Lyell syndromesyndrome de LyellLyell-Syndromsindrome di Lyell



Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 01-Feb 2024

This value set contains 660 concepts.

  716186003 known allergy (situation)
  716220001 known animal allergy (situation)
  428197003 known insect allergy (situation)
  409137002 known drug allergy (situation)
  428607008 known environmental allergy (situation)
  429625007 known food allergy (situation)
  1003774007 known Hevea brasiliensis latex allergy (situation)
  11861000122107 to pantoprazole (finding)
  13181000122107 to levofloxacin (finding)
  13221000122100 allergy
  13511000122108 to pineapple (finding)
  151201000119107 to insect venom (finding)
  190749000 malabsorption
  20052008 fructosuria
  21191000122102 to mustard seasoning (finding)
  213020009 protein allergy
  23181000122104 to mango fruit (finding)
  232349006 dust allergy
  232350006 dust mite allergy
  293584003 allergy
  293585002 allergy
  293588000 allergy
  293594008 allergy
  293596005 allergy
  293597001 allergy
  293598006 allergy
  293600000 allergy
  293601001 allergy
  293604009 allergy
  293605005 allergy
  293606006 allergy
  293608007 allergy
  293611008 allergy
  293612001 allergy
  293613006 allergy
  293618002 allergy
  293619005 allergy
  293620004 allergy
  293621000 allergy
  293623002 acid allergy
  293625009 allergy
  293629003 allergy
  293631007 allergy
  293635003 allergy
  293648004 allergy
  293650007 allergy
  293653009 allergy
  293655002 allergy
  293656001 allergy
  293658000 allergy
  293660003 acid allergy
  293663001 allergy
  293678008 allergy
  293680002 picosulfate allergy
  293692002 allergy
  293706001 allergy
  293707005 allergy
  293708000 allergy
  293709008 allergy
  293714007 allergy
  293715008 allergy
  293717000 allergy
  293719002 allergy
  293720008 allergy
  293722000 allergy
  293724004 allergy
  293725003 allergy
  293726002 allergy
  293727006 allergy
  293728001 allergy
  293733002 allergy
  293735009 allergy
  293736005 allergy
  293737001 allergy
  293738006 allergy
  293742009 allergy
  293743004 allergy
  293745006 allergy
  293747003 allergy
  293748008 allergy
  293750000 allergy
  293751001 allergy
  293752008 allergy
  293755005 allergy
  293756006 allergy
  293758007 allergy
  293760009 allergy
  293761008 allergy
  293762001 allergy
  293765004 allergy
  293767007 allergy
  293768002 allergy
  293771005 allergy
  293772003 allergy
  293774002 allergy
  293775001 allergy
  293776000 allergy
  293777009 allergy
  293778004 allergy
  293779007 allergy
  293780005 allergy
  293781009 allergy
  293782002 allergy
  293785000 allergy
  293787008 allergy
  293790002 allergy
  293795007 allergy
  293798009 allergy
  293799001 allergy
  293812003 allergy
  293814002 allergy
  293815001 allergy
  293823004 allergy
  293826007 allergy
  293827003 allergy
  293829000 allergy
  293830005 allergy
  293833007 allergy
  293840008 allergy
  293843005 allergy
  293845003 allergy
  293847006 allergy
  293849009 allergy
  293850009 allergy
  293851008 allergy
  293853006 allergy
  293854000 allergy
  293855004 allergy
  293859005 allergy
  293860000 allergy
  293861001 allergy
  293865005 allergy
  293866006 allergy
  293867002 allergy
  293868007 allergy
  293869004 allergy
  293870003 allergy
  293871004 allergy
  293874007 allergy
  293880004 allergy
  293886005 allergy
  293887001 allergy
  293889003 allergy
  293890007 allergy
  293891006 allergy
  293892004 allergy
  293893009 allergy
  293894003 allergy
  293895002 allergy
  293897005 allergy
  293899008 allergy
  293900003 allergy
  293901004 allergy
  293902006 allergy
  293903001 allergy
  293904007 allergy
  293906009 allergy
  293908005 hydrate allergy
  293911006 allergy
  293912004 allergy
  293914003 allergy
  293916001 allergy
  293917005 allergy
  293918000 allergy
  293920002 allergy
  293923000 allergy
  293924006 allergy
  293927004 allergy
  293928009 allergy
  293929001 allergy
  293933008 allergy
  293934002 allergy
  293935001 allergy
  293943006 allergy
  293946003 allergy
  293948002 allergy
  293955000 allergy
  293960001 allergy
  293965006 allergy
  293966007 allergy
  293967003 allergy
  293972007 allergy
  293974008 allergy
  293982008 allergy
  293983003 allergy
  293984009 allergy
  293986006 allergy
  293987002 allergy
  293991007 allergy
  293992000 allergy
  293993005 allergy
  293996002 allergy
  293998001 allergy
  293999009 allergy
  294001005 allergy
  294002003 allergy
  294003008 allergy
  294005001 allergy
  294007009 allergy
  294017004 allergy
  294028000 allergy
  294030003 allergy
  294036009 allergy
  294039002 allergy
  294047002 allergy
  294050004 allergy
  294055009 allergy
  294057001 allergy
  294058006 allergy
  294062000 allergy
  294069009 allergy
  294073007 allergy
  294074001 allergy
  294076004 allergy
  294080009 allergy
  294088002 allergy
  294097003 allergy
  294101007 allergy
  294112007 allergy
  294114008 allergy
  294115009 allergy
  294116005 allergy
  294118006 allergy
  294119003 allergy
  294125004 allergy
  294126003 allergy
  294130000 allergy
  294131001 allergy
  294132008 allergy
  294133003 allergy
  294135005 allergy
  294136006 allergy
  294138007 allergy
  294144006 allergy
  294152009 allergy
  294153004 allergy
  294157003 allergy
  294158008 allergy
  294169006 tar allergy
  294172004 allergy
  294179008 allergyinactive
  294183008 allergy
  294200004 allergy
  294207001 allergy
  294209003 allergy
  294210008 allergy
  294211007 allergy
  294217006 allergy
  294220003 allergy
  294224007 allergy
  294226009 allergy
  294228005 allergy
  294230007 allergy
  294232004 allergy
  294233009 allergy
  294234003 allergy
  294236001 allergy
  294237005 allergy
  294238000 allergy
  294242002 allergy
  294243007 allergy
  294245000 allergy
  294253008 allergy
  294255001 allergy
  294269001 allergy
  294271001 allergy
  294276006 allergy
  294277002 allergy
  294278007 allergy
  294282009 agent allergyinactive
  294291008 allergy
  294324005 allergy
  294330005 alcohol allergy
  294339006 allergy
  294341007 allergy
  294342000 allergy
  294346002 allergy
  294348001 allergy
  294349009 allergy
  294350009 allergy
  294351008 allergy
  294354000 to undecenoate (finding)
  294356003 allergy
  294359005 allergy
  294362008 allergy
  294363003 allergy
  294365005 allergy
  294366006 allergy
  294369004 allergy
  294371004 allergy
  294372006 allergy
  294374007 allergy
  294380004 allergy
  294381000 allergy
  294382007 allergy
  294384008 allergy
  294388006 allergy
  294391006 allergy
  294392004 allergy
  294394003 allergy
  294396001 allergy
  294398000 allergy
  294407003 allergy
  294418003 allergy
  294426006 allergy
  294431008 allergy
  294438002 allergy
  294451007 allergy
  294458001 allergy
  294459009 allergy
  294460004 allergy
  294463002 allergy
  294466005 allergy
  294468006 allergy
  294469003 allergy
  294470002 allergy
  294472005 allergy
  294475007 allergy
  294476008 allergy
  294477004 allergy
  294478009 allergy
  294480003 allergy
  294481004 allergy
  294482006 acid allergy
  294485008 allergy
  294487000 allergy
  294489002 allergy
  294490006 allergy
  294497009 allergy
  294499007 allergy
  294502006 allergy
  294505008 allergy
  294506009 allergy
  294514003 allergy
  294515002 allergy
  294517005 allergy
  294529001 allergy
  294531005 allergy
  294532003 allergy
  294537009 allergy
  294541008 allergy
  294542001 allergy
  294543006 allergy
  294546003 allergy
  294548002 allergy
  294550005 allergy
  294551009 allergy
  294559006 allergy
  294561002 allergy
  294564005 allergy
  294565006 allergy
  294566007 allergy
  294567003 allergy
  294568008 allergy
  294573002 allergy
  294580000 sulfadiazine allergyinactive
  294582008 allergy
  294585005 allergy
  294586006 allergy
  294587002 allergy
  294588007 allergy
  294590008 allergy
  294591007 allergy
  294592000 allergy
  294593005 allergy
  294596002 allergy
  294600007 allergy
  294604003 allergy
  294607005 allergy
  294610003 allergy
  294611004 allergy
  294612006 allergy
  294614007 allergy
  294615008 allergy
  294617000 allergy
  294621007 allergy
  294625003 allergy
  294630004 allergy
  294639003 immunoglobulin allergy
  294642009 to vaccine product containing Corynebacterium diphtheriae antigen (finding)
  294646007 B vaccine allergy
  294651001 vaccine allergy
  294652008 vaccine allergy
  294654009 to Poliovirus vaccine (finding)
  294655005 vaccine allergy
  294656006 vaccine allergy
  294658007 vaccine allergy
  294663006 A vaccine allergy
  294664000 to Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine (finding)
  294671005 allergy
  294674002 allergy
  294676000 allergy
  294678004 allergy
  294679007 allergy
  294682002 allergy
  294683007 allergy
  294685000 allergy
  294687008 allergy
  294690002 allergy
  294692005 allergy
  294693000 allergy
  294698009 allergy
  294700000 allergy
  294701001 allergy
  294702008 allergy
  294707002 allergy
  294711008 allergy
  294712001 allergy
  294714000 allergy
  294731007 allergy
  294732000 allergy
  294733005 allergy
  294740006 allergy
  294747009 allergy
  294752004 allergy
  294754003 allergy
  294758000 allergy
  294764007 allergy
  294767000 allergy
  294769002 allergy
  294773004 allergy
  294776007 allergy
  294781003 allergy
  294782005 allergy
  294794001 allergy
  294798003 allergy
  294800005 allergy
  294807008 allergy
  294809006 allergy
  294810001 allergy
  294815006 allergy
  294816007 allergy
  294817003 allergy
  294819000 allergy
  294821005 allergy
  294823008 allergy
  294825001 hormone allergy
  294826000 allergy
  294829007 allergy
  294833000 allergy
  294839001 allergy
  294840004 allergy
  294844008 alfa allergy
  294845009 beta allergy
  294872001 allergy
  294873006 allergy
  294874000 allergy
  294876003 allergy
  294881007 allergy
  294887006 acid allergy
  294889009 allergy
  294913003 compounds allergy
  294923007 A allergy
  294933004 allergy
  294934005 allergy
  294940003 acid allergy
  294951003 allergy
  294956008 allergy
  294958009 allergy
  294962003 allergy
  294964002 allergy
  294965001 allergy
  294966000 allergy
  294971007 allergy
  294972000 allergy
  294973005 allergy
  294975003 allergy
  294977006 allergy
  294980007 allergy
  294982004 allergy
  294995009 allergy
  295000003 allergy
  295003001 allergy
  295004007 allergy
  295008005 canrenoate allergy
  295009002 allergy
  295010007 allergy
  295019008 allergy
  295023000 allergy
  295024006 allergy
  295026008 allergy
  295030006 allergy
  295054001 allergy
  295055000 allergy
  295059006 inhibitor allergy
  295062009 allergy
  295071000 allergy
  295074008 allergy
  295075009 allergy
  295079003 trinitrate allergy
  295108008 allergy
  295109000 allergy
  295110005 allergy
  295111009 allergy
  295112002 allergy
  300910009 to pollen
  300912001 allergy
  417532002 to fish (finding)
  417918006 to pork (finding)
  418085001 to citrus fruit (finding)
  418689008 to grass pollen (finding)
  418779002 to tomato (finding)
  419263009 to tree pollen (finding)
  419412007 to rubber (finding)
  419573007 to corn (finding)
  419619007 to potato (finding)
  419788000 to nickel (finding)
  419972009 to shrimp (finding)
  420080006 to carrot (finding)
  420174000 to wheat (finding)
  423058007 to wasp venom (finding)
  424213003 to bee venom (finding)
  441954006 to sevoflurane
  441955007 to sufentanil
  441992007 to remifentanil
  448438007 to cisatracurium (finding)
  450767000 to tramadol (finding)
  473077006 to teriparatide
  609409007 reaction caused by sulfite (disorder)
  609534005 pseudoallergy
  609536007 hypersensitivity to dextran (finding)
  609538008 hypersensitivity to captopril (finding)
  609539000 pseudoallergy
  609540003 hypersensitivity to enalapril (finding)
  609541004 hypersensitivity to fosinopril (finding)
  609542006 hypersensitivity to lisinopril (finding)
  609543001 hypersensitivity to perindopril (finding)
  609544007 hypersensitivity to quinapril (finding)
  609545008 pseudoallergy
  609546009 hypersensitivity to trandolapril (finding)
  609548005 hypersensitivity to aspartame (finding)
  700468006 vaccine allergy
  703076003 hypersensitivity to benzoic acid (finding)
  703930000 to beef
  703932008 meat allergy
  712840004 to hazelnut
  712843002 to celery (finding)
  713018004 to darunavir (finding)
  713296005 to retroviral protease inhibitor
  713707006 to abacavir
  713725004 to nevirapine (finding)
  714332003 to banana (finding)
  718535005 to pitavastatin (finding)
  737493007 to denosumab (finding)
  767203005 acid allergy
  767468001 to pea (finding)
  767475000 to vitamin B12 and vitamin B12 derivative (finding)
  767478003 to thiamine (finding)
  767479006 to pyridoxine (finding)
  772021008 allergy
  773399002 allergy
  773427008 allergy
  773485002 acid allergy
  773490004 allergy
  773491000 acid allergy
  773505002 allergy
  77560002 dermatitis caused by adhesive plaster (disorder)
  782415009 to lactose
  782529008 to digitalis glycoside (finding)
  782563005 to lithium compound (finding)
  782575000 to lupine seed (finding)
  782595006 to thiouracil (finding)
  78373000 deficiency
  830080006 to zinc and zinc compound (finding)
  830171008 to meclozine (finding)
  830172001 to metamizole
  860604008 to apple (finding)
  860764004 to triazole
  860775000 allergy
  870712009 to piperacillin and/or tazobactam (finding)
  870714005 and/or trimethoprim allergy
  870731003 to carbidopa and/or levodopa (finding)
  870749003 contact dermatitis caused by usnic acid (disorder)
  871508005 and/or clavulanic acid allergy
  91931000 to erythromycin
  91935009 to peanuts
  91936005 to penicillin
  91938006 to strawberries
  91939003 to sulfonamides
  91940001 to walnut (finding)
  294031004 allergy
  860765003 to thiazide (finding)
  860907004 to macrolide
  294462007 to aminoglycoside (finding)
  292937002 adverse reaction
  292691002 adverse reaction
  269722001 reaction caused by salicylate (disorder)
  292044008 adverse reaction
  292118005 acid adverse reaction
  292054007 adverse reaction
  292066001 adverse reaction
  292052006 adverse reaction
  292046005 adverse reaction
  292055008 adverse reaction
  292056009 adverse reaction
  292059002 adverse reaction
  292058005 adverse reaction
  292738000 adverse reaction
  292737005 adverse reaction
  292610002 adverse reaction
  292062004 adverse reaction
  292063009 adverse reaction
  292064003 adverse reaction
  703933003 pteronyssinus allergy
  703902000 to Dermatophagoides farinae protein (finding)
  1003755004 to Hevea brasiliensis latex protein (finding)
  232346004 allergyinactive
  712841000 to barley (finding)
  419342009 to oat (finding)
  418626004 to lobster (finding)
  409136006 to pulse vegetable (finding)
  294317009 oil allergy
  767470005 to fenugreek
  703925004 to bean (finding)
  48821000119104 to tree nut (finding)
  712839001 to almond (finding)
  712838009 to cashew nut
  712844008 to macadamia nut
  712842007 to mollusk
  703911000 allergy
  12921000122102 to mussel (finding)
  419967000 to oyster (finding)
  23171000122102 to kiwi fruit (finding)
  293637006 media allergy
  609551003 hypersensitivity to contrast media (finding)
  860936004 hypersensitivity to gadolinium and gadolinium compound (finding)
  292097002 resonance imaging contrast media adverse reaction
  16224591000119103 to honey bee venom (finding)
  782555009 to cow's milk protein
  422400008 (disorder)
  23924001 chest (finding)
  24079001 dermatitis
  51599000 of larynx
  73442001 syndrome
  162290004 eyes
  195967001 hyperreactivity
  271757001 eruption (disorder)
  271759003 eruption
  359610006 of eyesinactive
  410430005 arrest (disorder)
  418363000 of skin (finding)
  422587007 (finding)
  702809001 syndrome
  768962006 syndrome (disorder)

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code