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Official URL: http://example.org/ImplementationGuide/fhir.example Version: 0.1.0
Draft as of 2024-01-08 Computable Name: models

CanShare Logical Models

An implementation guide for the logical models produced by the CanShare Logical Modeller.

Only logical models are included - there will be separate IGs for the FHIR profiles and extension definintions as well. Format is yet to be decided.

Here is a list of all the models (DataGroups and some Compositions) currently defined. Better index pages to follow.

Note that creation of this IG is manual at present. To be automated once the format is agreed - particularly:

  • What indexes are needed for DG - do we want something like the tree in the modeller - but note that the IG is static, so the tree would link to separate pages
  • Should all compositions be in the IG? I expect so, with an index page

Some manual links (just for testing)

Histo pathlogy soft tissue request

Histo pathlogy soft tissue report