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Valueset: qicore-observation-body-position

Defining URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/us/qicore/ValueSet/qicore-observation-body-position

SNOMED CT code system values descending from the following:'body position finding' 9851009

Publisher:Health Level Seven, Inc. - CQI WG
Copyright:This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement
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Body Position

SNOMED CT code system values descending from the following:'body position finding' 9851009

Copyright Statement: This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:


This value set contains 198 concepts

All codes from system http://snomed.info/sct

1240000Lying prone
10904000Orthostatic body position
11664005Alternately sitting and standing
14205002Lithotomy position
17535004Lying in bed
23242002Knee-chest position
25613004Intermalleolar straddle
26527006Anti-Trendelenburg position
29853008Television position
30212006Fowler position
32185000Lateral position
33586001Sitting position
34026001Recovery position
34106002Head-down position
34108001Coiled position
34296003Frog-like posture
40199007Lying flat on back
51845000Anatomical position
84723001Cock-robin attitude
87068006Stooped-over position
102535000Right lateral position
102536004Left lateral position
102538003Recumbent body position
102539006Semi-erect body position
102540008Headfirst position
102541007Feetfirst position
162771006O/E - postural position
162774003O/E - knees drawn up
162776001O/E -drooping/round shouldered
162777005O/E - pain influenced posture
163674002O/E - posture
163681009O/E -Parkinson flexion posture
229983003Position of body part
229984009Arm position finding
229986006Grasp arm position
229987002Half grasp arm position
229988007Wing arm position
229989004Low wing arm position
229990008Half wing arm position
229991007Half low wing arm position
229992000Bend arm position
229993005Half bend arm position
229994004Across bend arm position
229995003Half across bend arm position
229996002Under bend arm position
229997006Half under bend arm position
229998001Reach arm position
229999009Half reach arm position
230000003Arm support position
230001004Yard arm position
230002006Half yard arm position
230003001Stretch arm position
230004007Half stretch arm position
230005008Ring arm position
230006009Head rest arm position
230007000Neck rest arm position
230008005Trunk position finding
230009002Stoop trunk position
230010007Relaxed stoop trunk position
230011006Fallout trunk position
230012004Arch trunk position
230013009Lunge sideways trunk position
230014003Side towards trunk position
230015002Towards trunk position
230016001Prone towards trunk position
230017005Back towards trunk position
230019008Lean trunk position
230020002Sideways lean trunk position
230021003Forward lean trunk position
230022005Support forward lean trunk position
230023000Neutral trunk position
248572004Adopts particular posture for breathing
249862003Sitting upright
249863008Sitting supported
260233009Combination of positions
261977004Neck flexion
262016004Open mouth
262294007With cheek inflated
262298005With film in buccal sulcus
262299002With floor of mouth depressed
262312009Without floor of mouth depressed
268917003On examination - sitting/propped up
268959002On examination - posturing
271606005Sitting propped up
272525001Patient position finding
272533000Stride long-standing
272534006Standing in water
272535007Freestanding in water
272536008Standing in water holding rail
272537004Standing in water facing side
272538009Standing in water side towards
272539001Inclined standing in water towards rail
272540004Inclined standing in water away from rail
272541000All fours position
272544008Inclined prone-kneeling
272545009Two-point kneeling
272552006Stride long-sitting
272553001Wide stride long-sitting
272555008Sitting astride a horse
272556009Sitting sideways on a horse
272557000Sitting on a stool in water
272559002Supine and quarter turn to right - foot bed raised 14 inches
272560007Supine and quarter turn to left - bed tipped 14 inches
272561006Supine - foot bed raised 18 inches
272562004Prone with pillow under hips
272563009Prone with pillow under hips - foot bed raised 18 inches
272564003Prone on a horse
272566001Crook side-lying
272567005Half-crook side-lying
272568000Bridging position
272569008Lateral position with broken table
272570009Right side-lying with 45 degree turn onto face and pillows under shoulders
272571008Left side-lying with 45 degree turn onto face
272572001Side-lying - foot bed raised 18 inches
272573006Thoracotomy position
272574000Supine-lying in water
272575004Supine float-lying
272576003Prone-lying in water
272577007Prone float-lying
272578002Side-lying in water
272579005Side float-lying
272580008Semi-recumbent position
272581007Hanging position
272582000Prone hanging
272583005Child on lap
272584004Patient position for tracheal intubation
272585003Patient position with extension of head
272586002Patient position with flexion of neck
272587006Position with tilt
272589009Position in water
272590000Lying in water
272591001Vertical float support
272592008Squatting in water
272593003Position on a horse
272594009Facing forwards on a horse
272595005Lying sideways on a horse
275948008On examination - sitting
277773003Kneeling position
286866000Mouth closed
301057000Position of child in relation to adult
301058005Mouth position finding
301059002Neck position finding
304631003Head position finding
304632005Head positioned in three-pin clamp
304633000Head positioned on ring
304634006Arm positioned out on arm board
312995000Prone on a Relton Hall frame
367397007Park bench position
397779007Patient position for regional block
397837008Child held on parent's lap
397888006Patient in supine position with hip support
397902006Sniffing position
397941008Child held on assistant's lap
398043006Patient in head down position
398065006Patient in head up position
398131008Patient in lateral position for intubation
398285003Patient in semi-recumbent position
399220000Transverse body position
399366008Oblique body position
404926001Unsupported sitting position
404927005Unsupported standing position
408797004Squatting body position
414585002Left lateral tilt
415346000Right lateral tilt
416971003Lloyd Davis position
426408003Semi-Fowler's position
429628009In modified Fowler's position
432494002Head positioned in surgical clamp
432781003Beach chair position
433336009Head positioned in four-pin clamp
447756006Kraske position
698038009Auriculo-orbital head position
698046005Natural head position
722479000Neutral neck position
733507000Arm positioned across torso
733508005Arm positioned at side
733510007Extension of neck
733511006Neck rotation
733512004Neck rotated to right
733513009Neck rotated to left