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Valueset: qicore-encounter-diet

Defining URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/us/qicore/ValueSet/qicore-encounter-diet

This value set includes all the "Dietary finding" SNOMED CT codes (i.e. codes with an is-a relationship with 41829006: Dietary finding).

Publisher:Health Level Seven, Inc. - CQI WG
Copyright:This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement
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SNOMED CT Dietary Finding Codes

This value set includes all the "Dietary finding" SNOMED CT codes (i.e. codes with an is-a relationship with 41829006: Dietary finding).

Copyright Statement: This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement

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This value set contains 340 concepts

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409002Food allergy diet
788006Disease-related diet
865004Hyperalimentation formula for ileus
3528008Restricted carbohydrate fat controlled diet
4550001Special infant formula
6329009Lean meat exchange list
6552007Lactose free infant formula
7285009Milk free infant formula
7487003200 milligram calcium diet
7564008Liquid cardiac diet
7631003Infant formula with medium chain triglycerides
9617008Hyperlipoproteinemia diet, type I
9799002Burn patient diet, high calorie, high protein
10396001Radiation diet
10888001Liquid diet
11674008Parenteral nutrient
11739001High residue diet
12631007Low calcium diet
12905008Hypoglycemia diet
13964001Iron supplement infant formula
14044002Sodium restricted diet, 20 milliequivalents
14466001Bread exchange list
14627000Increased protein diet
14895001Fat exchange list
15108003Restricted fiber diet
15362005Hyperalimentation formula for severe diarrhea
15721002Protein supplementary feedings diet
15859004Chronic hemodialysis diet
16013009Hyperalimentation formula for short bowel syndrome
16208003LF - Low fat diet
17902004Hyperlipoproteinemia diet, type IIb and type III
20623006T & A liquid diet
20676001Sodium diet
2194100730 gram fat diet
22073001Regular wired jaw diet
22745007Low purine diet
25875002Hypoallergenic infant formula
26041009Potassium restricted diet
27029007Hyperalimentation formula
27938007Bland diet, stage 3
29958000Protein hydrolysate
30105008Acute renal failure diet
30852000General diet for child
30950009Bland diet, stage 4
31002004Controlled potassium, controlled sodium and controlled protein diet
31150002Medium fat meat exchange list
31609009Infant formula for metabolic dysfunction
32671009Hyperlipoproteinemia diet, type IIa
33489005Renal diet
33861001Weight maintenance regimen
34170007Adult diabetes diet
34394003Hyperalimentation formula for burn hypermetabolism
36823005Normal diet
37573006Bland diet, stage 2
37824006Basic hospital diet
38226001Bland diet
38258006Hyperalimentation formula for inflammatory bowel disease
39545002Low cholesterol-low saturated fat diet
39908000Food exchange list
39980005Modified fat diet
40546006Sodium restricted diet, 90 milliequivalents
41112006150 milligram calcium diet
41449007General diet
42096009Dental liquid diet
42239005Carbohydrate diet
42289002Wired jaw diet
42633004Bland diet, stage 1
43577009Vegetable exchange list
44963006General diet for pregnancy and lactation
46522005Fruit exchange list
47016003Hyperalimentation formula for pancreatitis
48325002Hyperalimentation formula for peritonitis
4913900070 gram fat diet
52659007Vitamin K restricted diet during anticoagulation therapy
54123004Sodium restricted diet, 40 milliequivalents
54500007Clear fluid diet
54970002Monoamine restricted diet
55180007Potassium diet
55765009Hyperlipoproteinemia diet, type V
55923008Infant diet
56718006Hyperlipoproteinemia diet
57883007Renin test diet
60929008Miscellaneous diet
61745006High protein, high fat, low carbohydrate diet
6268200750 gram fat diet
63526009Cardiac semi-soft 2 gram sodium diet
63740007Mechanical regular diet
64300006Oxalate restricted diet
64460009Hyperalimentation formula for intestinal fistula
65579002Chronic renal failure diet
66539004Carbohydrate restricted diet
68097001Increased calorie diet
71809002Fat diet
73789003Diet for special test
74424000Infant diet 6 months: rice, barley, iron, no honey
74930008Hyperalimentation formula for renal failure
76426001Calorie diet
76713001Protein diet
77063006Hyperlipoproteinemia diet, type IV
77318000General diet for adult
77698005Protein exchange list
77806000Calorie restricted diet
77943002Selected 20 gram protein diet
78150000Semisolid diet
78502005Lactose free diet
79367009Child diabetes diet
80359000Infant diet 7-9 months: meat and egg
82285009Low fat wired jaw diet
83331002T & A soft diet
83346009Infant diet 5-7 months: cereal
83573009Phenylalanine restricted diet
83813007Tube feeding diet
83853005Enteral formula
84805004Dental soft diet
85544008Hyperalimentation formula for digestive tract maldevelopment
85778000Milk exchange list
86433007Infant diet 0-12 months: human milk, vitamin D and C, fluoride and iron
87613006Purine diet
88847008General liquid diet
89211009Hard diet
89571002Premature infant diet: vitamin E at 10 days and iron at 3 weeks
90006008High fat meat exchange list
91209001Modified basic hospital diet
91555003Infant formula
91584007Low lactose diet
91633000Iron free infant formula
102265006Slimming diet
102268008Macrobiotic diet
105955002Sodium, potassium AND/OR calcium diet
105956001Infant diet AND/OR formula
105957005Liquid AND/OR soft diet
105958000Test AND/OR disease related diet
111174006Post-laryngectomy diet
111175007Sodium restricted diet for use during pregnancy
111176008Calcium diet
111177004Infant diet 6-8 months: vegetables, fruits and fruit juice
160660005Patient-initiated diet
160670007DD - Diabetic diet
160671006Gluten free diet
160672004Low cholesterol diet
160673009Low protein diet
160675002Low residue diet
162512009Dietary history
162515006Diet high in polyunsaturates
162516007Diet high in monounsaturates
162517003High saturated fat diet
162521005High soluble fiber diet
162522003High insoluble fiber diet
162536008Restricted diet pattern
182924003LD - Light diet
182925002Biliary stone dissolving diet
182927005Phenylalanine-free diet
226077000Therapeutic diets
226078005Modified energy diet
226079002Very low energy diet
226081000High biological value protein diet
226082007Peptide modified diet
226084008Peptide-based diet
226085009Short-chain peptide-based diet
226086005Low biological value protein diet
226087001AA - Modified amino acid diet
226088006Modified essential amino acid diet
226089003Low methionine diet
226090007Low leucine diet
226091006Low valine diet
226092004Low lysine diet
226093009Modified non-essential amino acid diet
226094003Low tyrosine diet
226095002Low cysteine diet
226096001Modified branched chain amino acid diet
226097005HF - High fat diet
226099008High monounsaturated fat diet
226100000MUFA - High monounsaturated fatty acid diet
226101001High polyunsaturated fat diet
226102008PUFA - High polyunsaturated fatty acid diet
226103003High n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid diet
226104009High alpha-linolenic acid diet
226105005High n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid diet
226106006High essential linoleic acid diet
226107002High marine oil diet
226109004VLF - Very low fat diet
226110009Minimal fat diet
226111008Low saturated fat diet
226112001Low monounsaturated fat diet
226113006PUF - Low polyunsaturated fat diet
226114000Minimal long chain triglyceride diet
226115004Lipid-lowering diet
226116003Triglyceride-lowering diet
226117007LDL - Low density lipoprotein-lowering diet
226118002Modified carbohydrate diet
226120004High carbohydrate diet
226121000CHO - High complex carbohydrate diet
226122007High simple carbohydrate diet
226123002CHO - Carbohydrate-free diet
226124008Low simple carbohydrate diet
226125009Low unrefined carbohydrate diet
226126005Low galactose diet
226127001Low glucose diet
226128006Low fructose diet
226129003Low sucrose diet
226132000Modified fiber diet
226135003Low non-starch polysaccharide diet
226136002Modified ethanol diet
226137006Restricted alcohol diet
226138001E2OH - Alcohol-free diet
226139009Modified vitamin diet
226140006Vitamin-rich diet
226141005Water soluble vitamin-rich diet
226142003Vitamin B1-rich diet
226143008Riboflavine-rich diet
226144002Niacin-rich diet
226145001Vitamin C-rich diet
226146000Pyridoxine-rich diet
226147009Cyanocobalamin-rich diet
226148004Folate-rich diet
226149007Fat soluble vitamin-rich diet
226150007Vitamin A-rich diet
226151006Beta-catotene-rich diet
226152004Vitamin D-rich diet
226153009Vitamin E-rich diet
226154003Antioxidant vitamin-rich diet
226155002Modified mineral diet
226156001High mineral diet
226159008High phosphate diet
226160003Mg - High magnesium diet
226161004High iron diet
226162006Antioxidant mineral-rich diet
226163001Mineral restricted diet
226164007Very low sodium diet
226165008Low phosphorus diet
226166009Low magnesium diet
226167000LFe - Low iron diet
226168005Modified trace element diet
226169002High trace element diet
226172009High chromium diet
226173004Se - High selenium diet
226174005Low trace element diet
226175006LCu - Low copper diet
226177003LMn - Low manganese diet
226178008Low nickel diet
226179000Food additive modified diet
226180002Food additive-free diet
226181003Food coloring-free diet
226182005Azo dye-free diet
226183000Tartrazine-free diet
226184006Low food antioxidant diet
226185007Butylated hydroxyanisole-free diet
226186008BHT - Butylated hydroxytoluene-free diet
226187004Low food preservative diet
226188009Low benzoate diet
226189001Low monosodium glutamate diet
226190005Low sulfur dioxide diet
226191009Chocolate-free diet
226192002Cocoa-free diet
226193007Elemental diet
226194001Elimination diet
226195000Oligoallergenic diet
226196004Low tyramine diet
226197008Minimal salicylate diet
226198003Cow's milk-free diet
226199006Cow's milk protein-free diet
226200009Nut-free diet
226201008Peanut-free diet
226202001Brazil nut-free diet
226204000Soy-free diet
226205004Wheat-free diet
226206003Yeast-free diet
226207007Modified texture diet
226208002Fluid restricted diet
226209005High fluid diet
226210000Liquidized diet
226211001Pureed diet
226212008Single texture diet
226213003Thickened fluids diet
226214009Bowel preparation diet
226215005Diet for balance study
226216006Low vanillyl mandelic acid diet
226217002Metabolic diet
226218007Research diet
226219004Test diet
226220005Clean diet
226221009Sterile diet
226222002Non-therapeutic diets
226223007Afro-Caribbean diet
226224001Asian diet
226225000Muslim diet
226228003Sikh diet
226229006Balanced diet
226230001Bristol diet
226231002Chinese diet
226232009Food combining diet
226233004Halal meat diet
226234005Healthy diet
226235006Muesli belt diet
226236007No red meat diet
226237003No pork diet
226238008No beef diet
226239000Rastafarian diet
226240003Seventh day adventist diet
226241004Stone age diet
226242006Vietnamese diet
226243001West African diet
260226009Protein-rich meal
260229002Standard meal
266933005Diet - medical
267111003Vegan or strict vegetarian
278904002Hemodialysis diet
278905001Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) diet
281014009Strict vegetarian
281015005Vegan dietary
284655007Dietary requirement observations
302320003Milk free diet
302322006Egg-free diet
310245002Weaning diet
310264008Immunocompromised diet
310265009Modified electrolyte diet
310500000Diet good
310502008Diet poor
310503003Diet average
315207000Diabetic lipid lowering diet
315208005Diabetic weight reducing diet
359649009RD - Reducing diet
386615006Low sugar diet
386619000Low sodium diet
386620006No added salt diet
386636008No added sugar diet
408340004Diet high intake - oily fish
408511001Meal substitute used
412744006High sugar diet
413297007Diet not appropriate for age
415150004Postoperative diet
424890008Unbalanced diet
703977005Weight gain diet
714033002Soy-based infant formula
715060002Amino acid-based infant formula
1181000119106Inappropriate diet and eating habits
112281000119102Child consumes too much milk