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IEHR Profile Requirements

TThe following table shows the requirements for the profiles defined in this ImplementationGuide as well as the profiles used for realization and links to the handling instructions.

Table 3.1: IEHR Profile Requirements mapped to the profiles used for realization and links to handling instructions
Super-category Sub-category Data Used Profiles Instructions Rationale
Demographics General Data Name, Surname Patient-IEHR Patient Instructions -
administrative gender
Backup Contacts
Date of Birth
Allergies General Data Allergies (ATC drug codes, LOINC), intolerance codes AllergyIntolerance-IEHR Allergy/Intolerance Instructions -
Allergies (ATC drug codes, LOINC), intolerance notes
Diseases Main chronic conditions Hypertension Condition-IEHR Disease Instructions -
Hypertension starting date
Ischemic heart disease
General Data Heart failure
Pulmonary disease
Abnormal kidney function
Abnormal liver function
Active malignancy
Diseases Eventual acute (ongoing) Diseases Eventual acute (ongoing) Diseases
Diseases General Data Previous major surgery Procedure-IPS
Previous major surgery Instructions -
Previous major surgery date
Medications General Data Current Medications, previous medications MedicationStatement-IEHR Medication Instructions -
History previous visits (pdf and structured data) diagnosis MedicalVisit - IEHR and
DiagnosticReportImaging - IEHR or DiagnosticReportLaboratoryResult - IEHR depending on type of diagnosis
Previous Visits -
diagnostic conclusion (text) DiagnosticConclusion-IEHR
treatment plan (next visits, exams, etc) MedicalVisit - IEHR and TreatmentPlan - IEHR
current Medications, previous medications MedicalVisit - IEHRand MedicationStatement-IEHR
visit prescription current visit prescribed drugs prescribed drugs MedicationRequest-Prescription MedicationRequest-Prescription Instructions -
Vital Signs Vital parameters for the last ambulatory weight (Kg) VitalSigns VitalSigns Instructions -
height (cm)
blood pressure (mmHg)
resting heart rate (bpm)
peripheral edema (presence/absence)
signs of lung congestion (presence/absence)
pleural effusion (presence/absence)
sign of ascites (presence/absence)
jugular vein distension (presence/absence);
Cardiac and lung auscultation (normal/abnormal)
EKG Latest EKG rhythm (eg sinus rhythm, atrial fibrillation, paced, etc.) DiagnosticReport-BioSignalReport-IEHR and Observation-BioSignal-IEHR BioSignalReport Instructions / Biosignal Instructions -
heart rate (bpm)
QRS intervals (msec)
QTc intervals (msec)(optional)
left bundle branch block (presence/absence)
EKG Latest EKG EKG signal waveform DiagnosticReport-BioSignalReport-IEHR and Media-IEHR BioSignalReport Instructions / Biosignal Instructions -
EKG signal pdf/other
EKG Latest EKG EKG report (text) DiagnosticReport-BioSignalReport-IEHR BioSignalReport Instructions / Biosignal Instructions -
EKG report (pdf/other)
Echo Latest echocardiogram LVEF (%) BioSignal-IEHR in BioSignalReport-IEHR BioSignalReport Instructions -
septum thickness
left ventricular end systolic/diastolic volume (mL)
grade of diastolic dysfunction (0/1/2/3)
estimated pulmonary artery pressure (mmHg)
degree of mitral regurgitation (no, mild, moderate, severe)
degree of tricuspid regurgitation (no, mild, moderate, severe)
Echo Latest echocardiogram DICOM movie DiagnosticReport-BioSignalReport-IEHR and Imagingstudy BioSignalReport Instructions -
Echo Latest echocardiogram Report pdf DiagnosticReport-BioSignalReport-IEHR BioSignalReport Instructions -
Report text
X-Ray Latest chest X-Ray report DiagnosticReport-ImagingReport-IEHR ImagingReport Instructions -
Latest Holter monitoring Latest Holter monitoring mean heart rate (bpm) DiagnosticReport-BioSignalReport-IEHR BioSignalReport Instructions -
Latest Holter monitoring Latest Holter monitoring number of premature ventricular beats DiagnosticReport-BioSignalReport-IEHR BioSignalReport Instructions -
number of ventricular tachycardias (with max length in bpm)
atrial fibrillation (presence/absence)
Latest bio-humoral values Latest bio-humoral values hemoglobin (g/dl) DiagnosticReport-LaboratoryReport-IEHR LaboratoryReport Instructions -
white blood count
creatinine (mg/dl)
eGFR (ml/min/1.73m2)
BNP (ng/L)
NT-proBNP (ng/L)
Latest cardiac magnetic resonance Latest cardiac magnetic resonance LVEF (%) DiagnosticReport-BioSignalReport-IEHR BioSignalReport Instructions -
left ventricular end systolic/diastolic volumes
late gadolinium enhancement (presence/absence).
Surgical history Surgical history Surgical history Procedure-IPS Procedures Instructions -
Encounter Encounter Encounter Encounter-IEHR Encounter Instructions -