Medication Prescription and Delivery (MPD)
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IHE MPD (Medication Prescription and Dispense)

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The IHE MPD profile defines global data exchange specifications for medication prescription and dispense, in different settings and compatible with different workflows and jurisdictions.


The MPD Profile describes

  • actors and transactions for creating and updating prescriptions, as well as consulting them;
  • actors and transactions for creating and updating dispense reports, as well as consulting them;
  • core concepts that are impactful to these specifications or to their use

Organization of This Guide

Volume 1: Use Cases and Standards

This section delves into functional aspects, detailing various use cases, and standardizing them for a global perspective.

  • Prescriptions: Types and content of prescriptions.
  • Order Grouping: Grouping of orders with and without interdependencies.
  • Ordering Workflows: Common workflow aspects for medication ordering, considering approval, review, etc. with allowances for jurisdiction-specific requirements.

Volume 2: Transactions

This technical section focuses on the technical data exchange.

  • Prescription Placement:
  • Prescription Consult
  • Dispense Report:

Volume 3: Content and Terminology

The medicinal product data structure and terminology ensures the correct identification and description of the products.

  • Medication Resource Definition: A common data structure to represent any medication.
  • Terminologies: Common terminologies for he product and its attributes.

Other Resources:

For a detailed view, refer to the Table of Contents or the index of Artifacts.

Must Support

Within the MPD profile, Must Support elements signify core elements that must be commonly understood and not ignored.