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Uc Appointments

Patient Appointments

This page describes how to

Create an Appointment

To create a new appointment for a patient, the client creates an Appointment resource and POST’s it to the Appointment endpoint:

POST [host]/Appointment

The appointment resource must be compliant with the Appointment profile. Note that the following elements are mandatory:

  • The id of the Patient participant (found by querying the Patient endpoint)
  • The id of the Practitioner participant (found by querying the Practitioner endpoint)
  • The start date/time for the appointment
  • The status must be set to ‘proposed’. It will be changed to ‘booked’ upon successful creation of the appointment.

The following elements are optional:

  • The slot reference number (found by querying the Slot endpoint)
  • The reference to the Location.

If the appointment was successfully created, the response will be 201 (created) - Otherwise an error code will be returned with an OperationOutcome with further details of the error.

Refer to the example

Find appointments for a patient

Delete an appointment

This follows a process similar to the UK GP Connect process.

This is achieved using a PUT request of the amended Appointment resource. Only the appointment status can be changed, and the status SHALL be to the value ‘cancelled’. Any other changes will result in the request being rejected with a 422 reponse code.

Note that the PUT for an appointment is only used for cancelling existing appointments - new appointments cannot be created through the API (including POST) and such requests will be rejected.

In summary:

  • Locate the Appointment to be cancelled (by querying the Appointment endpoint as described above)
  • Change the status of the Appointment resource to ‘cancelled’
  • PUT the Appointment request back
  • Check the response code for the value 200