medTech IG
0.1.0 - CI Build

medTech IG, published by medtech. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 0.1.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions


Describes the API exposed by Medtech on behalf of their Primary Care systems.

There are 3 main parts to the API.


Describe what detail is in resources exposed through the API. Elements that are removed in the profile are not available through the interface. The differential tab in the profile lists the removed elements.


Extensions are additional elements not defined in the core FHIR specification, but included in a particular implementation. The ones used in this implementation have been defined in the HL7 New Zealand namespace and will eventually be included in the HL7 NZ base Implementation Guide when that is released later in 2021. In the mean time, they are defined in this IG for consistency.

Patient Summary

A custom operation (that may become a standard) that is applied to a patient that will generate a FHIR document that is a summary of the patients status at that point in time. This summary is compliant with the International Patient Summary (IPS) Implementation Guide, but adds a number of additional resources - Encounter and DocumentReference to the set defined in the IPS.

  • The Encounter is used to represent a contact between the Patient and the GP Practice
  • The DocumentReference has clinical notes and references to external documents like discharge summaries.

The patient summary can be requested at any time, but always represents a complete summary at that point in time - there is no ‘differential’ function. If only a subset of the information is needed, or if you want to specify a date range then use the REST APIs.

Note that medication information is represented in the Summary by a MedicationStatement resource (as it summarizes the medications that a patient is taking), whereas the REST API exposes a MedicationRequest resource that represents a prescription.


These are the resource specific endpoints that can be used to retrieve specific resources. Currently, these are all read-only API’s and can be used to retrieve the matching resources - often since some particular date.

Resources that are supported through the API are:

Appointment interaction.

Described further in the general tab, this supports the searching and creation of Appointments for a patient.