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ValueSet: Additional Authorisation for functions that a Practitioner can perform


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Title:Additional Authorisation for functions that a Practitioner can perform
Status:Active as of 2021-06-02T01:34:35+00:00

A coded type for additional authorisations

Publisher:David Hay
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle


Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 41 concepts

Expansion based on Additional Authorisation v0.2.0 (CodeSystem)

All codes from system

CA01Cardiothoracic Surgery: Cardiothoracic Surgeon
CA02Cardiothoracic Surgery: Transplant Surgeon
DI01Diagnostic Imaging authorisation
DP01Diabetes Prescriber
EC01ECP authorisation
FS01First Surgical Assistant
INTRIntravenous Infusions
MD01Internal Medicine: Cardiologist
MD02Internal Medicine: Endocrinologist
MD03Internal Medicine: Gastroenterologist
MD04Internal Medicine: Geriatrician
MD05Internal Medicine: Infectious Disease Specialist
MD06Internal Medicine: Nephrologist
MD07Internal Medicine: Neurologist
MD08Internal Medicine: Oncologist
MD09Internal Medicine: Physician for the Elderly (FRACP)
MD10Internal Medicine: Renal Physician
MD11Internal Medicine: Respiratory Specialist
MD12Internal Medicine: Rheumatologist
NC01Prescribing authorisation
NC02Nurse Colposcopist
OG01Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Gynaecologist
OG02Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Obstetrician
ON01Radiation Oncology: Oncologist
ON02Radiation Oncology: Radiation Oncologist
PA01Paediatrics: Cardiologist
PA02Paediatrics: Endocrinologist
PA03Paediatrics: Gastroenterologist
PA04Paediatrics: Geriatrician
PA05Paediatrics: Infectious Disease Specialist
PA06Paediatrics: Nephrologist
PA07Paediatrics: Neurologist
PA08Paediatrics: Oncologist
PA09Paediatrics: Physician for the Elderly (FRACP)
PA10Paediatrics: Renal Physician
PA11Paediatrics: Respiratory Specialist
PA12Paediatrics: Rheumatologist
PS01Psychiatry: Psychiatrist
PS02Psychiatry: Psychological Medicine Specialist
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