HL7 Version 2 to FHIR
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HL7 Version 2 to FHIR, published by HL7 International / Orders and Observations. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.0-ballot built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/v2-to-fhir/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

V2 to FHIR

Official URL: http://hl7.org/fhir/uv/v2mappings/ImplementationGuide/hl7.fhir.uv.v2mappings Version: 1.0.0-ballot
Active as of 2024-05-03 Computable Name: HL7Version2toFHIR

The HL7 V2 to FHIR Implementation Guide supports the mapping of HL7 Version 2 messages segments, datatypes and vocabulary to HL7 FHIR Release 4.0 Bundles, Resources, Data Types and Coding Systems. It represents a cumulative mapping of the standard, not any HL7 v2 based implementation guide. That means that it is not focused on any particular HL7 v2 version, although we started with HL7 v2.9, rather that it aims to address all message structures, segments, and data types that are represented in the latest HL7 v2 version and any components that were deprecated yet known to still be in use in messages based on older versions.

This implementation guide provides the Concept Maps and references to the Spreadsheets used to generate them, as well as additional information and material to support validation and testing of implementations.

This guide is organized into three main sections:

  1. Introduction
    This section provides an overview of the project, and explains how mapping is performed. You can also find questions to address in this ballot, the glossary and acknowledgements.

  2. Mapping Guidelines
    This section provides the rules and guidelines used to document the mappings such as identification of each HL7 v2 element with a mapping, the conditions under which the HL7 v2 element may map to one or more HL7 FHIR components, as well references to more specific mappings considering context, e.g., when to map PID data to Patient vs. RelatedPerson, or a CWE encoded element to either CodeableConcept, Coding, or code.

  3. Mappings
    This section provides an index to the mappings produced by this project, organized by message, segment,datatype, or vocabulary mapping.

  4. Implementation and Use
    This section covers implementation considerations, validation, and provides example test conversions.

  5. Profiles
    This section provides the profiles for the HL7 FHIR ConceptMap that describes the data maintained in Concept Maps for each of the message, segment, data type, and vocabulary mapping, as well as a profile for HL7 FHIR Bundle that establishes the basic structure/content of a HL7 FHIR message resulting from an HL7 v2 message.

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