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Example Questionnaire: SDC-Hard Coronary Heart Disease

LinkIdTextCardinalityTypeFlagsDescription & Constraintsdoco
.. framingham_HCHDQuestionnaireA form for calculating the 10-year-risk of Hard Coronary Heart Disease. The constants used in the formula match those in, but the actual formulas are not listed there, and so we have not been able to verify them. However, the output of this form matches the output of a perl program (from which the formulas were taken) which matched the output of a calculator on a website, which regrettably no longer exists. So, while this form is good enough or a demo, it should not be relied on for real purposes without first verifying its formulas or its output against some other source.
... /ageAge (in years)1..1decimal
... /age_requirement_noticeSorry, but the formulas are only valid for ages in the range 30 to 79.0..1displayEnable When:
... /46098-0Gender1..1choiceOptions: 2 options
... /smokesDo you smoke?1..1choiceOptions: 2 options
... /8480-6Systolic blood pressure1..1decimal
... /2093-3Cholesterol [Mass/Vol]1..1decimal
... /2085-9Cholesterol in HDL [Mass/Vol]1..1decimal
... /antihypertensiveAre you taking medication for high blood pressure?1..1choiceOptions: 2 options
... /all_answers_required_noticeAll answers are required before the risk probability can be computed.0..1display
... riskDecimal10-year HCHD Risk Probabilily as a decimal (0 to 1)0..1decimalExpressions:
... riskPercentage10-year HCHD Risk Probabilily0..1stringExpressions:
  • Calculated Value: iif(%risk.exists(), (%risk * 100).round(2).toString() & '%', {})

doco Documentation for this format

Option Sets

Answer options for /46098-0

  • null#LA2-8 ("Male")
  • null#LA3-6 ("Female")

Answer options for /smokes

  • null#Y ("Yes")
  • null#N ("No")

Answer options for /antihypertensive

  • null#Y ("Yes")
  • null#N ("No")