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CapabilityStatement: SDC Form Response Manager

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Canonical URL: Published: 2014-07-06 (draft)

Published by: HL7 International - FHIR Infrastructure

This profile defines the expected capabilities of the SDC Form Response Manager role when conforming to the S&I Framework's Structured Data Capture FHIR implementation guide. This role is responsible for providing read/write access to QuestionnaireResponses. This is typically to support light-weight clients that want to be able to complete forms but do not have local storage to save work in progress.


FHIR Version: $ver$
Supported formats: xml, json

REST behavior


Implementations must meet the general security requirements documented in the SDC implementation guide. Systems may wish to ensure that QuestionnaireResponse instances are only accessible to the user (or at least the organization) who was responsible for creating them.

Resource summary

Resource Search Read Read Version Instance History Resource History Create Update Delete
QuestionnaireResponse (Profile) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes




Name Description

This creates an initial version of a QuestionnaireResponse - a completed form for a particular subject as of a particular point-in-time


This allows revision of a QuestionnaireResponse. Typically this will happen while the response is still 'in-progress'. If it occurs after the response has been marked as 'final', the status should change to 'amended'. Updates can also be used to change the status to 'entered-in-error' or other values. Servers may choose to enforce business rules around what state transitions are supported and for which users.


This removes a previously submitted QuestionnaireResponse. In addition to (or instead of) supporting direct requests for deletion, some servers may automatically purge QuestionnaireResponses that have been in existence and unmodified for a period of time. Deletions may not be a physical delete and it may still be possible to access older versions of a deleted response


This allows a user to find previously created responses - whether created by themselves or others. For thin clients without persistence, this feature is essential to allow them to find a draft of a previously created response


This allows a user to retrieve a previously stored response by id. (Some thin clients may have limited persistence -e.g. cookies - that could be used to store an id and later retrieve a work-in-progress questionnaire response


This allows a user to look at previous versions of a response. It supports identifying what changes were made and potentially retrieving an older version to use as a starting point in the event that data has accidentally been removed or changed