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ValueSet: CORE Problem List Finding/Situation/Event (GPS) - IPS


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Title:CORE Problem List Finding/Situation/Event (GPS) - IPS
Status:Active as of 2021-05-05T07:38:43+00:00

This value set is a special subset for the International Patient Summary of the concepts in the CORE Problem List Subset of SNOMED CT® which are also contained in the SNOMED CT Global Patient Set (GPS). This value set includes the concepts which are in the Clinical finding, Situation with explicit context and Event hierarchies, but excludes the concepts from the Procedure hierarchy, as they are expected to be represented separately in the History of Procedures Section. The CORE Problem List Subset includes SNOMED CT concepts that can be used for the problem list, discharge diagnoses, or reason for encounter. The concepts currently included in the value set are the set contained in both the November 2019 release of the CORE Problem List Subset and the September 2019 release of the GPS, both of which are based on the July 2019 SNOMED CT International Edition release. The value set additionally contains three recently added SNOMED CT concepts for Coronavirus from the March 2020 Interim International Release.

The CORE Problem List Subset is updated regularly by the NLM for new SNOMED CT releases.

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Expansion based on:

  • SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jul 2019
  • SNOMED CT International edition 09-Mar 2020

All codes from system

441769002Cardiac defibrillator in situ (finding)
402944008Condylomata lata of perianal skin (disorder)
444735002Instability of pelvic floor (disorder)
399992009Erythroderma (disorder)
734947007Complex regional pain syndrome type I (disorder)
274227007Cut - accidental (disorder)
77080005Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis (disorder)
85848002Corneal abrasion (disorder)
283545005Gunshot wound (disorder)
235719002Intolerance to food (finding)
389145006Allergic asthma (disorder)
102447009Postmenopausal osteoporosis (disorder)
236048007Parastomal hernia (disorder)
126660000Deviated nasal septum (disorder)
1847009Endophthalmitis (disorder)
3291007Closed fracture of two ribs (disorder)
304930004Varicose veins of lower extremity with ulcer (disorder)
314515006Papilloma of eyelid (disorder)
16838000Mediastinal emphysema (disorder)
26039008Neurosyphilis (disorder)
24369008Pulmonary sarcoidosis (disorder)
31487001Disseminated idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (disorder)
34730008Primate erythroparvovirus 1 infection (disorder)
204125003Capsular cataract (disorder)
35265002Mallory-Weiss syndrome (disorder)
51611005Chronic urticaria (disorder)
63988001Intermittent exotropia (disorder)
58759008Intertrigo (disorder)
709044004Chronic kidney disease (disorder)
1705000Closed fracture of base of neck of femur (disorder)
1755008Old myocardial infarction (disorder)
3345002Idiopathic osteoporosis (disorder)
4308002Repetitive strain injury (disorder)
6738008Female infertility (disorder)
4412009Injury of digital nerve (disorder)
6836001Injury of brachial plexus (disorder)
5984000Fetal or neonatal effect of malpresentation, malposition and/or disproportion during labor and/or delivery (disorder)
6055000Burn of upper limb (disorder)
6141006Retinal edema (disorder)
7231009Bullous dermatosis (disorder)
7973008Abnormal vision (finding)
7996008Fetal intrauterine distress first noted during labor AND/OR delivery in liveborn infant (finding)
6962006Hypertensive retinopathy (disorder)
8442000Purulent rhinitis (disorder)
8517006Ex-smoker (finding)
8900005Hypoproteinemia (disorder)
805002Pneumoconiosis caused by silica (disorder)
5689008Chronic periodontitis (disorder)
2415007Lumbosacral radiculopathy (disorder)
2506003Early onset dysthymia (disorder)
3218000Mycosis (disorder)
13370002Plantar fascial fibromatosis (disorder)
13438001Overanxious disorder of childhood (disorder)
10981006Severe mixed bipolar I disorder with psychotic features (disorder)
14357004Ischemic optic neuropathy (disorder)
14760008Constipation (finding)
15628003Gonorrhea (disorder)
15803009Bladder pain (finding)
21783006Mechanical lagophthalmos (disorder)
19527009Single episode of major depression in full remission (disorder)
19598007Generalized epilepsy (disorder)
10132008Burns of multiple sites (disorder)
11226001Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis (disorder)
12847006Acute duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage (disorder)
9953008Acute alcoholic liver disease (disorder)
10601006Pain in lower limb (finding)
13045009Anisocoria (disorder)
12204004Closed fracture of multiple ribs (disorder)
12295008Bronchiectasis (disorder)
13301002Cellulitis of knee (disorder)
11538006Quadriplegia (disorder)
9014002Psoriasis (disorder)
12026006Paroxysmal tachycardia (disorder)
11654001Achilles tendinitis (disorder)
22591001Degeneration of cartilage AND/OR meniscus of knee (disorder)
20824003Chronic cholecystitis (disorder)
18070006Impacted cerumen (disorder)
18085000Compulsive gambling (disorder)
23374007Atypical absence seizure (disorder)
23502006Lyme disease (disorder)
21419000Closed fracture of medial condyle of humerus (disorder)
23568008Metatarsus adductus (disorder)
17329003Ureteric colic (finding)
17383000Toxic effect of carbon monoxide (disorder)
19307009Drug-induced immune thrombocytopenia (disorder)
21584002Syndrome of infant of diabetic mother (disorder)
23687008Coronary artery spasm (disorder)
23717007Benign essential hypertension complicating AND/OR reason for care during pregnancy (disorder)
28188001Brain injury with open intracranial wound (disorder)
28189009Mobitz type II atrioventricular block (disorder)
20165001Hyperphosphatemia (disorder)
16851005Mitochondrial myopathy (disorder)
20610004Fourth nerve palsy (disorder)
20636006Vertical heterophoria (disorder)
17759006Rheumatic aortic stenosis with regurgitation (disorder)
18165001Jaundice (finding)
20721001Tricuspid valve disorder (disorder)
19034001Hyperparathyroidism due to renal insufficiency (disorder)
16631009Transverse myelopathy syndrome (disorder)
20021007Displacement of lumbar intervertebral disc without myelopathy (disorder)
20511007Fracture of hand (disorder)
22268004Legal problem (finding)
16331000Heartburn (finding)
25093002Disorder of eye due to diabetes mellitus (disorder)
31908003Vaginal dryness (disorder)
31928004Abscess of skin and/or subcutaneous tissue (disorder)
31956009Cocaine dependence (disorder)
25540007Tooth loss (finding)
27717006Abscess of scrotum (disorder)
38936003Abnormal blood pressure (finding)
36583000Mixed bipolar I disorder in partial remission (disorder)
38708003Cholesteatoma of attic (disorder)
30905007Closed supracondylar fracture of femur (disorder)
27214003Atonic postpartum hemorrhage (disorder)
31216003Profound intellectual disability (disorder)
28391008Localized retinal edema (disorder)
28432003Abscess of breast (disorder)
28475009Severe recurrent major depression with psychotic features (disorder)
24789006Viral gastroenteritis caused by Norwalk-like agent (disorder)
30556007Recurrent dislocation of shoulder region (disorder)
26929004Alzheimer's disease (disorder)
32805004Fractures of multiple bones of lower limb (disorder)
33129002Postmastectomy lymphedema syndrome (disorder)
26614003Hydrocele of testis (disorder)
28560003Hypovolemia (disorder)
26636000Sudden death (event)
26660001Dilatation of aorta (disorder)
24911006Perinatal jaundice from excessive hemolysis (disorder)
30753002Normal pressure hydrocephalus (disorder)
29003001Spastic dysphonia (disorder)
32911000Homeless (finding)
41497008Febrile convulsion (finding)
37992001Pancreatic insufficiency (disorder)
33528003Bullous myringitis (disorder)
40108008Thalassemia (disorder)
40178009Allergic urticaria (disorder)
36265009Poisoning caused by local anti-inflammatory drug (disorder)
40603000Furunculosis of skin AND/OR subcutaneous tissue (disorder)
36440009Failure to gain weight (finding)
40799003Subacromial bursitis (disorder)
47374004Tarsal tunnel syndrome (disorder)
49436004Atrial fibrillation (disorder)
49512000Depressed bipolar I disorder in partial remission (disorder)
42984000Night sweats (finding)
43029002Abnormal posture (finding)
45376003Adverse effect, caused by correct medicinal substance properly administered (disorder)
43064006Hydronephrosis (disorder)
43144004Cyst of jaw (disorder)
47639008Pilonidal cyst (disorder)
39021009Disorder of refraction (disorder)
39423001Stuttering (finding)
37657006Disorder of esophagus (disorder)
35868009Carcinoid syndrome (disorder)
35874009Normal labor (finding)
41188003Disorder of oral soft tissues (disorder)
39812007Contusion of forearm (disorder)
33737001Fracture of rib (disorder)
35742006Congenital syphilis (disorder)
33325001Compensatory emphysema (disorder)
45781009Peripheral nerve entrapment syndrome (disorder)
46894009Gestational diabetes mellitus, class A>2< (disorder)
49218002Hip pain (finding)
58150001Fracture of clavicle (disorder)
56018004Wheezing (finding)
58250006Scalding pain on urination (finding)
53787002Laryngismus (finding)
49708008Anemia of chronic renal failure (disorder)
50219008Hoarse (finding)
48409008Respiratory crackles (finding)
48782003Delivery normal (finding)
46014006Corn of toe (disorder)
43422002Crushing injury of foot (disorder)
50325005Alcoholic fatty liver (disorder)
42059000Retinal detachment (disorder)
47821001Postpartum hemorrhage (disorder)
47903000Vitamin B deficiency (disorder)
56819008Endocarditis (disorder)
53277000Vulvovaginitis (disorder)
50563003Seborrheic dermatitis (disorder)
57246001Chronic gastric ulcer with hemorrhage (disorder)
55554002Suicide attempt by inadequate means (event)
55827005Left ventricular hypertrophy (disorder)
55833001Disorder of bursa of shoulder region (disorder)
57891003Term infant (finding)
66569006Retained dental root (disorder)
62619007Ill-defined disorder of eye (disorder)
62382002Calcinosis, Raynaud's phenomenon, sclerodactyly, and telangiectasia syndrome (disorder)
60234000Aortic valve regurgitation (disorder)
56170001Photopsia (disorder)
56177003Cubital tunnel syndrome (disorder)
56202001Retinal detachment with retinal defect (disorder)
58320001Traumatic dislocation of knee joint (disorder)
57044006Cyst of Bartholin's gland duct (disorder)
56265001Heart disease (disorder)
53165003Megaloblastic anemia (disorder)
55300003Cramp (finding)
52824009Developmental reading disorder (disorder)
54296007Partial thickness burn of hand (disorder)
54687002Arterial embolism (disorder)
59282003Pulmonary embolism (disorder)
64121000Peptic ulcer with hemorrhage (disorder)
64226004Colitis (disorder)
66347000Impulse control disorder (disorder)
66383009Gingivitis (disorder)
59819007Herpetic ulceration of vulva (disorder)
59890007Paralytic lagophthalmos (finding)
59927004Hepatic failure (disorder)
72925005Congenital cystic disease of liver (disorder)
68913001alpha Thalassemia (disorder)
60423000Sinus node dysfunction (disorder)
65553006Aspergillosis (disorder)
65956007Legal blindness (disorder)
61152003Moderate intellectual disability (disorder)
60573004Aortic valve stenosis (disorder)
59118001Right bundle branch block (disorder)
66108005Primary degenerative dementia of the Alzheimer type, senile onset, uncomplicated (disorder)
66112004Closed fracture of sternum (disorder)
67198005Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (disorder)
75705005Red eye (disorder)
73998008Prolapse of female genital organs (disorder)
72620002Nodular degeneration of cornea (disorder)
72654001Supraventricular arrhythmia (disorder)
74732009Mental disorder (disorder)
74814004Contusion of foot (disorder)
72658003Prickly heat (disorder)
72779005Anorectal fistula (disorder)
74949007Infestation caused by Anoplura (disorder)
68670009Contact dermatitis of eyelid (disorder)
70704007Sprain of wrist (disorder)
83785004Transient blindness (disorder)
79720007Chronic nonalcoholic liver disease (disorder)
79471008Sudden hearing loss (disorder)
79586000Tubal pregnancy (disorder)
74390002Wolff-Parkinson-White pattern (disorder)
75408008Feeling angry (finding)
75878002Abdominal aortic aneurysm without rupture (disorder)
70190001Peritoneal adhesion (disorder)
67801009Tenosynovitis (disorder)
72315009Inclusion body myositis (disorder)
71620000Fracture of femur (disorder)
74474003Gastrointestinal hemorrhage (disorder)
73410007Benign secondary renovascular hypertension (disorder)
73795002Acute myocardial infarction of inferior wall (disorder)
68225006Alopecia areata (disorder)
74227009Apraxic aphonia (disorder)
71820002Urgent desire for stool (finding)
70070008Torticollis (disorder)
74576004Acquired thrombocytopenia (disorder)
74641007Ill-defined disease (finding)
73583000Epicondylitis (disorder)
67569000Bronchopulmonary dysplasia of newborn (disorder)
82971005Impaired mobility (finding)
88032003Amaurosis fugax (disorder)
77091003Malnutrition of moderate degree (Gomez: 60% to less than 75% of standard weight) (disorder)
92384009Benign neoplasm of skin (disorder)
92375009Benign neoplasm of skin of scalp (disorder)
92380000Benign neoplasm of skin of trunk (disorder)
85942002Ulceration of intestine (disorder)
86044005Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (disorder)
82313006Suicide attempt (event)
79734007Noninflammatory disorder of ovary (disorder)
82661006Abdominal pregnancy (disorder)
80910005Skin sensation disturbance (finding)
76105009Cyclothymia (disorder)
78648007At risk for infection (finding)
80600003Acute suppuration of nasal sinus (disorder)
78768009Subconjunctival hemorrhage (disorder)
84416003Contusion of thigh (disorder)
81075000Pleural effusion associated with pulmonary infection (disorder)
79883001Cyst of ovary (disorder)
77994009Primary localized osteoarthrosis of pelvic region (disorder)
82062003Congenital hydrocele (disorder)
80313002Palpitations (finding)
78420004Viral enteritis (disorder)
87522002Iron deficiency anemia (disorder)
91855006Acute leukemia, disease (disorder)
91943004Arthralgia of temporomandibular joint (disorder)
85598007Constrictive pericarditis (disorder)
87665008Chronic tubotympanic suppurative otitis media (disorder)
87688009Cholesteatoma of middle ear (disorder)
87715008Xerostomia (disorder)
92030004Benign neoplasm of brain (disorder)
92071005Benign neoplasm of cranial nerve (disorder)
87778004Sprain of hand (disorder)
94186002Secondary malignant neoplasm of bladder (disorder)
94225005Secondary malignant neoplasm of brain (disorder)
94260004Secondary malignant neoplasm of colon (disorder)
85216006Displacement of cervical intervertebral disc without myelopathy (disorder)
90834002Pain in limb (finding)
87317003Respiratory arrest (disorder)
92546004Carcinoma in situ of bladder (disorder)
92564006Carcinoma in situ of uterine cervix (disorder)
89405008Vesicovaginal fistula (disorder)
86203003Polyhydramnios (disorder)
91669008Perirectal abscess (disorder)
87343002Prinzmetal angina (disorder)
90584004Spinal cord injury (disorder)
90927000Refractive amblyopia (disorder)
91019004Paresthesia (finding)
93160004Lipoma of skin and subcutaneous tissue of neck (disorder)
85057007Cyst of liver (disorder)
87065009Dystrophia unguium (disorder)
90739004Thyrotoxicosis (disorder)
95239003Rhinitis medicamentosa (disorder)
95919007Dependence on corticoids (disorder)
111359004Diverticulitis of colon (disorder)
95598005Ruptured cyst of ovary (disorder)
95324001Skin lesion (disorder)
95325000Subcutaneous nodule (finding)
95662005Sensory neuropathy (disorder)
94579000Secondary malignant neoplasm of skin (disorder)
109994006Essential thrombocythemia (disorder)
105531004Housing unsatisfactory (finding)
111479008Organic mental disorder (disorder)
111859007Herpes zoster without complication (disorder)
105593004Electrolyte imbalance (disorder)
111591002Hypertrophy of adenoids (disorder)
111593004Intracranial hemorrhage co-occurrent and due to closed fracture of vault of skull (disorder)
111975006Prolonged QT interval (finding)
118939000Disorder of neck (disorder)
128287004Chronic peptic ulcer (disorder)
128133004Disorder of elbow (disorder)
127086001Cervical lymphadenopathy (disorder)
123845008Adenocarcinoma of endometrium (disorder)
129588001Adult failure to thrive syndrome (disorder)
122481008Hammer toe (disorder)
128054009Deep venous thrombosis of upper extremity (disorder)
128069005Injury of abdomen (disorder)
126832004Neoplasm of small intestine (disorder)
127189005Axillary lymphadenopathy (disorder)
127278005Injury of upper extremity (disorder)
129679001Computed tomography result abnormal (finding)
125602001Injury of lower leg (disorder)
125643001Open wound (disorder)
124042003Increased lipid (finding)
126880001Neoplasm of kidney (disorder)
126885006Neoplasm of bladder (disorder)
127296001Intracranial injury (disorder)
125666000Burn (disorder)
129846003Polypharmacy (finding)
161635002History of asbestos exposure (situation)
161432005History of malignant melanoma (situation)
161666008History of heart recipient (situation)
161679004History of artificial joint (situation)
161685006History of tracheostomy (situation)
160822004Relationship problems (finding)
161800001History of hysterectomy (situation)
162143008Pain in female genitalia (finding)
166922008Blood glucose abnormal (finding)
169584000Antenatal care: poor obstetric history (situation)
166603001Liver function tests abnormal (finding)
165468009Erythrocyte sedimentation rate raised (finding)
165839004Rheumatoid factor positive (finding)
183644000Surgical follow-up (finding)
193967004Swelling of eyelid (finding)
190828008Gouty arthropathy (disorder)
188239000Malignant tumor of trigone of urinary bladder (disorder)
186903006Late latent syphilis (disorder)
188462001Secondary malignant neoplasm of brain and spinal cord (disorder)
187734007Malignant neoplasm of cardioesophageal junction of stomach (disorder)
189336000Carcinoma in situ of breast (disorder)
187769009Primary carcinoma of liver (disorder)
191187006Alpha trait thalassemia (disorder)
188637007Sézary's disease of lymph nodes of multiple sites (disorder)
186182003Tuberculosis of pleura (disorder)
193839007Fuchs' corneal dystrophy (disorder)
195957006Chronic bullous emphysema (disorder)
195967001Asthma (disorder)
193093009Bell's palsy (disorder)
191811004Continuous chronic alcoholism (disorder)
197321007Steatosis of liver (disorder)
197618004Chronic focal glomerulonephritis (disorder)
191519005Dementia associated with another disease (disorder)
191865004Combined opioid with non-opioid drug dependence (disorder)
191884001Nondependent alcohol abuse in remission (disorder)
195790000Pansinusitis (disorder)
194780003Hypertensive heart and renal disease with renal failure (disorder)
197464001Cyst and pseudocyst of pancreas (disorder)
192630004Psychogenic feeding disorder of infancy and childhood (disorder)
191920007Nondependent cocaine abuse in remission (disorder)
191938005Nondependent mixed drug abuse in remission (disorder)
194849004Generalized ischemic myocardial dysfunction (disorder)
195951007Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive airways disease (disorder)
199049003Threatened premature labor - not delivered (finding)
203095000Spasm of back muscles (finding)
202479004Acromioclavicular joint pain (finding)
201796004Systemic onset juvenile chronic arthritis (disorder)
201849003Localized, secondary osteoarthritis of the shoulder region (disorder)
208241000Closed fracture of proximal humerus, anatomical neck (disorder)
202855006Lateral epicondylitis (disorder)
202888004Anterior shin splints (disorder)
202900007Synovitis and tenosynovitis (disorder)
197811007Vesicoureteric reflux (disorder)
200645004Cellulitis and abscess of face (disorder)
200655000Cellulitis and abscess of trunk (disorder)
197834003Chronic interstitial cystitis (disorder)
201038005Corn - lesion (disorder)
202664003Cervical myelopathy (disorder)
197927001Recurrent urinary tract infection (disorder)
205135003Radial polydactyly (disorder)
208921000Acute meniscal tear, lateral (disorder)
208463007Open fracture of one or more phalanges of hand (disorder)
208981003Closed traumatic dislocation ankle joint (disorder)
207753003Fracture of mandible, closed (disorder)
205564003Congenital pigmentary skin anomalies (disorder)
206209004Fracture of clavicle due to birth trauma (disorder)
213299007Postoperative pain (finding)
210560004Open wound of hand, excluding finger(s) (disorder)
210661006Open wound of hip and/or thigh (disorder)
217142006Fall from chair or bed (event)
230297002Multiple system atrophy (disorder)
225624000Panic attack (finding)
217082002Accidental fall (event)
229733002Expressive language disorder (disorder)
224960004Tired (finding)
237785004Hypoadrenalism (disorder)
235823004Motility disorder of intestine (disorder)
235872006Hepatitis C carrier (finding)
230482003Carotidynia (disorder)
230773005Spastic cerebral palsy (disorder)
230782004Dysequilibrium syndrome (disorder)
230802007Brainstem death (disorder)
228372006Poly-drug misuser (finding)
236646007Benign prostatic hypertrophy with outflow obstruction (disorder)
233604007Pneumonia (disorder)
234467004Thrombophilia (disorder)
237044002Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease (disorder)
237067000Chronic pain in female pelvis (finding)
232074003Congenital hypertrophy of retinal pigment epithelium (disorder)
237628005Impaired glucose tolerance in pregnancy (disorder)
239737007Contracture of joint of finger (disorder)
239777004Knee pyogenic arthritis (disorder)
236005001Malignant ascites (disorder)
236021006Right inguinal hernia (disorder)
234949000Tooth eruption disorder (disorder)
238107002Deficiency of macronutrients (disorder)
237240001Teenage pregnancy (finding)
235104008Impacted tooth (disorder)
231816006Laceration of eyelid (disorder)
231841004Stenosis of nasolacrimal duct (disorder)
254547001Carcinoma of upper third of esophagus (disorder)
254626006Adenocarcinoma of lung (disorder)
248110007Sexual assault (event)
254701007Basal cell carcinoma of skin (disorder)
239928004Microscopic polyarteritis nodosa (disorder)
240205003Synovial cyst (disorder)
240244006Acquired deformity of joint of foot (disorder)
249915009Hand joint stiff (finding)
249939004Proximal muscle weakness (finding)
262965006Strain of back muscle (disorder)
263029007Dislocation of patellofemoral joint (disorder)
253001006Merkel cell carcinoma (disorder)
255028004Follicular thyroid carcinoma (disorder)
248278004Attacks of weakness (finding)
248342006Underweight (finding)
247479008Telangiectasia disorder (disorder)
253785008Generalized congenital intestinal dysmotility (disorder)
247153005Retinal drusen (finding)
263207000Fracture of shaft of radius and/or ulna (disorder)
266361008Non-allergic asthma (disorder)
268227001Unilateral undescended testis (situation)
268228006Undescended testes - bilateral (disorder)
268236002Congenital bladder neck stenosis (disorder)
266413002Tooth development and eruption disorder (disorder)
270472006Maternal concern (finding)
266589005Endometriosis of ovary (disorder)
275134007Family history: Arthritis (situation)
268846006Neonatal hypocalcemia (disorder)
271481007Hemangioma of skin and subcutaneous tissue (disorder)
266096002Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection (disorder)
268019002Chronic osteomyelitis of ankle and/or foot (disorder)
271737000Anemia (disorder)
269516007Tongue carcinoma (disorder)
266261006Raynaud's phenomenon (finding)
271691008Breasts asymmetrical (finding)
271771009Joint swelling (finding)
271832001Flatulence, eructation and gas pain (finding)
269579005Malignant melanoma of trunk (disorder)
264580006Thyroid dysfunction (disorder)
274663001Acute pain (finding)
274120003Thyroid disease in pregnancy (disorder)
274708000Abnormal sputum (finding)
274774002Elevated levels of transaminase & lactic acid dehydrogenase (finding)
279029001Pain in cervical spine (finding)
279039007Low back pain (finding)
284591009Persistent alcohol abuse (disorder)
276079004Partnership problems (finding)
274165007Laceration of skin (disorder)
274170000Open wound of abdominal wall (disorder)
278516003Lobar pneumonia (disorder)
277869007Non-tuberculous mycobacterial pneumonia (disorder)
276613009High birth weight (disorder)
275881005History of sexually transmitted disease (situation)
285348005Strain of abdominal muscle (disorder)
281245003Musculoskeletal chest pain (finding)
285838002Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 (disorder)
282782006Injury of scrotum (disorder)
281900007No abnormality detected (finding)
285312008Carcinoma of sigmoid colon (disorder)
297217002Rib pain (finding)
302820008Intracranial meningioma (disorder)
302826002Adrenal cortical adenoma (disorder)
302847003Rhabdomyosarcoma (disorder)
302849000Nephroblastoma (disorder)
302941001Nonunion of fracture (disorder)
298167002Finger joint inflamed (finding)
298169004Hip joint inflamed (finding)
298181000Range of joint movement increased (finding)
298349001Soft tissue swelling (finding)
299042006Weakness of hand (finding)
302690004Encopresis (finding)
300954003Pain in calf (finding)
307534009Urinary tract infection in pregnancy (disorder)
307541003Lower urinary tract symptoms (finding)
301864002Transient synovitis of hip (disorder)
302215000Thrombocytopenic disorder (disorder)
301336003Body weight problem (finding)
300228004Hearing problem (finding)
299703001Mass of neck (finding)
299709002Dental abscess (disorder)
312442005History of atrial fibrillation (situation)
313299006Severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (disorder)
313341008International Normalized Ratio raised (finding)
315353005Posterior subcapsular cataract (disorder)
312824007Family history of cancer of colon (situation)
307649006Microglioma (disorder)
310701003Behcet's syndrome (disorder)
308698004Flatulence symptom (finding)
309087008Paresthesia of foot (finding)
310495003Mild depression (disorder)
312991009Senile dementia of the Lewy body type (disorder)
312373008Femoral false aneurysm (disorder)
363385007Malignant tumor of floor of mouth (disorder)
363390005Malignant tumor of palate (disorder)
370471003Lumbosacral stenosis (disorder)
363412000Malignant tumor of ascending colon (disorder)
363494000Malignant tumor of mediastinum (disorder)
363518003Malignant tumor of kidney (disorder)
372070002Gangrenous disorder (disorder)
372111007Carcinoma of lower lobe, bronchus or lung (disorder)
372120003Carcinoma of main bronchus (disorder)
387603000Impairment of balance (finding)
367494004Premature birth of newborn (finding)
367498001Seasonal allergic rhinitis (disorder)
371596008Bipolar I disorder (disorder)
373584008Congenital pelviureteric junction obstruction (disorder)
373600006Multiple bruising (finding)
371036001Postsurgical menopause (disorder)
371037005Systolic dysfunction (finding)
371060002Visual loss after cataract extraction (disorder)
367403001Pyloric stenosis (disorder)
369462000Atypical hyperplasia of breast (disorder)
387800004Cervical spondylosis (disorder)
395704004Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (disorder)
396152005Raised prostate specific antigen (finding)
402410006Symptomatic dermographism (disorder)
402522006Basal cell carcinoma of lower extremity (disorder)
392481002Chandler syndrome (disorder)
388983002Paronychia of toe (disorder)
390943009Serum ferritin high (finding)
389087006Hypoxemia (disorder)
391083006History of bilateral oophorectomy (situation)
392291006Angle-closure glaucoma (disorder)
392300000Phacomorphic glaucoma (disorder)
399054005Exotropia (disorder)
399068003Malignant tumor of prostate (disorder)
397825006Gastric ulcer (disorder)
400178008Lymphangioma (disorder)
401303003Acute ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (disorder)
397549002Meibomian gland dysfunction (disorder)
398019008Perineal laceration during delivery (disorder)
398022005Vaginal wall prolapse (disorder)
399963005Abrasion (disorder)
399993004Disorder of taste (disorder)
399357009Thiamine deficiency (disorder)
398057008Tension-type headache (disorder)
398102009Acute poliomyelitis (disorder)
400097005Ingrowing nail (disorder)
418290006Itching (finding)
416030007Cervicovaginal cytology: Low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (finding)
416033009Cervicovaginal cytology: High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion or carcinoma (finding)
420270002Ketoacidosis in type I diabetes mellitus (disorder)
420279001Renal disorder due to type 2 diabetes mellitus (disorder)
405748007Already on aspirin (finding)
409663006Cough variant asthma (disorder)
409712001Mitral valve prolapse (disorder)
408856003Autistic disorder (disorder)
415352004Rotator cuff tear arthropathy (disorder)
428869006Mixed rhinitis (disorder)
428667005History of reduction of breast (situation)
424413001Sarcoma (disorder)
415082004Personal history of primary malignant neoplasm of lung (situation)
420715001Persistent microalbuminuria associated with type II diabetes mellitus (disorder)
414341000Giant cell arteritis (disorder)
419145002Nightmares (finding)
416675009Furuncle (disorder)
419603000Epidermoid cyst of skin (disorder)
426033005Dysphagia as a late effect of cerebrovascular accident (disorder)
424890008Unbalanced diet (finding)
421961002Hypersensitivity reaction (disorder)
428535004History of cataract extraction (situation)
425007008Migraine without aura, not refractory (disorder)
428078001History of total hysterectomy (situation)
424699007Migraine variants, not intractable (disorder)
427327003Sedative dependence (disorder)
423633003Midline cystocele (disorder)
429089000History of malignant neoplasm of endometrium (situation)
429372004History of amputation of leg through tibia and fibula (situation)
425492002Generalized dystonia (disorder)
425878001Cervical disc disorder (disorder)
429164009History of excision of lamina of lumbar vertebra for decompression of spinal cord (situation)
428171009Pain at rest due to peripheral vascular disease (disorder)
423341008Edema of optic disc (disorder)
425596001Spastic neurogenic bladder (finding)
421750000Ketoacidosis in type II diabetes mellitus (disorder)
429487005Dependence on continuous positive airway pressure ventilation (finding)
441088002Atypical squamous cells on cervical Papanicolaou smear cannot exclude high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (finding)
430947007Paralytic syndrome of nondominant side as late effect of stroke (disorder)
767657005Anemia due to and following chemotherapy (disorder)
441481004Chronic systolic heart failure (disorder)
430474001Secondary adhesive capsulitis (disorder)
445273005Polysubstance abuse (disorder)
447899008Sepsis caused by Escherichia coli (disorder)
445424004Weakness of vocal cord (finding)
445445006Low density lipoprotein cholesterol above reference range (finding)
429696002Instability of femoropatellar joint (finding)
429740004Family history of malignant neoplasm of breast (situation)
431856006Chronic kidney disease stage 2 (disorder)
431857002Chronic kidney disease stage 4 (disorder)
440028005Permanent atrial fibrillation (disorder)
432352001Increased creatine kinase level (finding)
441705005Complete quadriplegia due to spinal cord lesion between first and fourth cervical vertebra (disorder)
431307001Intentional poisoning caused by drug (disorder)
432119003Aneurysm (disorder)
723620004Requires vaccination (finding)
443416007Benign adenomatous neoplasm (disorder)
719218000Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia (disorder)
443790001Giant cell tumor (disorder)
442073005Infection caused by methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (disorder)
442520000Inflammation of rotator cuff tendon (disorder)
445243001Left sided ulcerative colitis (disorder)
449711005Cellulitis of lower leg (disorder)
445939008Nonspecific syndrome suggestive of viral illness (finding)
444356002Exposure to Human immunodeficiency virus (event)
448417001Sepsis caused by Staphylococcus aureus (disorder)
444491009Exposure to viral hepatitis (event)
441980007Complete quadriplegia due to spinal cord lesion between fifth and seventh cervical vertebra (disorder)
444073006Type I diabetes mellitus uncontrolled (finding)
442348004Inflamed seborrheic keratosis (disorder)
444507004Exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (event)
444547006Graft versus host disease of skin (disorder)
444548001Ulcerative pancolitis (disorder)
444613000Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (disorder)
786457000Overactive bladder (disorder)
786496006Idiopathic detrusor overactivity (disorder)
772139001Obstruction co-occurrent and due to left femoral hernia (disorder)
772143002Obstruction co-occurrent and due to left inguinal hernia (disorder)
771115008Hypernatremia (disorder)
766834007Secondary cataract (disorder)
425333006Myeloproliferative disorder (disorder)
406137001Adult victim of abuse (finding)
762898005Swelling of bilateral lower limbs (finding)
762908000Agenesis of right kidney (disorder)
714751007Inflammatory disorder of bone of jaw (disorder)
609496007Complication occurring during pregnancy (disorder)
697898008Idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (disorder)
739681000Disorder of eye co-occurrent and due to type 1 diabetes mellitus (disorder)
78314001Osteogenesis imperfecta (disorder)
240036003Tenosynovitis of fingers (disorder)
90070003Pneumothorax due to trauma (disorder)
236443009Medullary sponge kidney (disorder)
239792003Seronegative rheumatoid arthritis (disorder)
302229004Salmonella food poisoning (disorder)
304321000Decreased range of knee movement (finding)
2032001Cerebral edema (disorder)
767002009Congenital dislocation of left hip (disorder)
10217006Third degree perineal laceration (disorder)
18735004Congenital omphalocele (disorder)
195949008Chronic asthmatic bronchitis (disorder)
201077008Asteatotic eczema (disorder)
36118008Pneumothorax (disorder)
204317008Patent foramen ovale (disorder)
52254009Nephrotic syndrome (disorder)
63901009Pain in testicle (finding)
210566005Open wound of hand with tendon involvement (disorder)
69896004Rheumatoid arthritis (disorder)
705066004Dissection of internal carotid artery (disorder)
700038005Mastitis associated with lactation (disorder)
3289004Anisometropia (disorder)
6698000Closed trimalleolar fracture (disorder)
6077001Foot-drop (finding)
6185008Helicobacter-associated disease (disorder)
6631009Thrombocytosis (disorder)
7426009Central corneal ulcer (disorder)
7847004Cheilitis (disorder)
7890003Contracture of joint (disorder)
7058009Noncompliance with treatment (finding)
7180009Meningitis (disorder)
1085006Candidiasis of vulva (disorder)
3424008Tachycardia (finding)
3502005Cervical lymphadenitis (disorder)
4506002Educational problem (finding)
4598005Osteomalacia (disorder)
4619009Generalized-onset seizures (disorder)
330007Occipital headache (finding)
2615004Follicular cyst of ovary (disorder)
3545003Diastolic dysfunction (finding)
5313005Derangement of posterior horn of medial meniscus (disorder)
2929001Occlusion of artery (disorder)
5913000Fracture of neck of femur (disorder)
596004Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (disorder)
2070002Burning sensation in eye (finding)
5505005Acute bronchiolitis (disorder)
1145003Developmental speech disorder (disorder)
2556008Periodontal disease (disorder)
1482004Cyst of meibomian gland (disorder)
5084002Primary female infertility (disorder)
10893003Tuberculous adenitis (disorder)
13595002Torsion of ovary (disorder)
14783006Hyperbilirubinemia (disorder)
16146001Viral bronchitis (disorder)
15574005Fracture of foot (disorder)
15771004Diabetes insipidus (disorder)
15848008Noninflammatory disorder of broad ligament (disorder)
15346004Familial hypoalphalipoproteinemia (disorder)
17433009Ruptured ectopic pregnancy (disorder)
17532001Breech malpresentation successfully converted to cephalic presentation (disorder)
23986001Glaucoma (disorder)
21639008Hypervolemia (disorder)
21698002Open fracture of phalanx of finger (disorder)
13644009Hypercholesterolemia (disorder)
13746004Bipolar disorder (disorder)
12867002Fetal distress affecting management of mother (disorder)
12962009Histoplasmosis (disorder)
10528009Lupus vulgaris (disorder)
9631008Ankylosing spondylitis (disorder)
12184005Visual field defect (finding)
9682006Fracture of scapula (disorder)
12337004Disorder of uterus (disorder)
11543004Otosclerosis (disorder)
12463005Infectious gastroenteritis (disorder)
14900002Radiotherapy-induced hypopituitarism (disorder)
9078005Polyp of vocal cord (disorder)
20848007Infestation caused by Pediculus (disorder)
28012007Closed fracture of shaft of tibia (disorder)
28078000Closed fracture of shaft of bone of forearm (disorder)
28079008Multiparous (finding)
30188007Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency (disorder)
32390006Panhypopituitarism (disorder)
25899002Closed bimalleolar fracture (disorder)
25924004Calculus of gallbladder with cholecystitis (disorder)
30281009Disorder of prostate (disorder)
18410006Scarred macula (disorder)
19887002Claustrophobia (finding)
20342001Calculus in urethra (disorder)
22121000Depressed bipolar I disorder in full remission (disorder)
24700007Multiple sclerosis (disorder)
21186006Chronic otitis media (disorder)
17849001Respiratory condition of fetus OR newborn (disorder)
18347007Spinal stenosis of lumbar region (disorder)
20425006Labyrinthine disorder (disorder)
20427003Postphlebitic syndrome (disorder)
20502007Pain in scrotum (finding)
17140000Neonatal jaundice due to delayed conjugation (disorder)
17155009Trichotillomania (disorder)
22220005Genuine stress incontinence (finding)
27477003Fracture of face bones (disorder)
27503000Gilbert's syndrome (disorder)
27550009Disorder of blood vessel (disorder)
25440005Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin poisoning (disorder)
29885006Sacroiliac instability (finding)
30037006Anal fissure (disorder)
34571000Anovulation (finding)
38742007Central retinal artery occlusion (disorder)
36758002Late effect of fracture of lower extremities (disorder)
38822007Cystitis (disorder)
34711008Traction detachment of retina (disorder)
31258000Cyst of pancreas (disorder)
24807004Bleeding gastric varices (disorder)
31611000Multiple personality disorder (disorder)
30523006Degenerative drusen (disorder)
26947005Open wound of lower limb (disorder)
32798002Parkinsonism (disorder)
27355003Toothache (finding)
28550007Congenital capsular cataract (disorder)
26715006Steroid-induced myopathy (disorder)
28884001Moderate bipolar I disorder, single manic episode (disorder)
32861005Erythema nodosum (disorder)
36209000Chloasma (disorder)
40068008Hydroureteronephrosis (disorder)
40100001Obliterative bronchiolitis (disorder)
40122008Pneumoconiosis (disorder)
40468003Viral hepatitis, type A (disorder)
40541001Acute pulmonary edema (disorder)
34361001Traumatic cataract (disorder)
42982001Sialoadenitis (disorder)
45356009Closed fracture of one rib (disorder)
37320007Acquired absence of teeth (disorder)
35919005Pervasive developmental disorder (disorder)
35923002Chronic maxillary sinusitis (disorder)
39848009Whiplash injury to neck (disorder)
37340000Motor neuron disease (disorder)
37373007Meckel's diverticulum (disorder)
35600002Strabismic amblyopia (disorder)
35678005Multiple joint pain (finding)
34063005Homonymous hemianopia (finding)
39526006Redundant prepuce (disorder)
39579001Anaphylaxis (disorder)
41788008Hereditary factor IX deficiency disease (disorder)
38217004Cellulitis of upper arm (disorder)
37102008Disorder of endocrine ovary (disorder)
48723006Male hypogonadism (disorder)
44635007Fecal impaction (disorder)
43854003Retraction of eyelid (disorder)
43878008Streptococcal sore throat (disorder)
42157000Closed fracture of vertebral column (disorder)
46876003Cellulitis of trunk (disorder)
44772007Maternal obesity syndrome (disorder)
47004009Difficulty speaking (disorder)
49176002Arteriosclerotic gangrene (disorder)
42643001Disorder of urinary bladder (disorder)
44808001Conduction disorder of the heart (disorder)
44865000Secondary polycythemia (disorder)
58075000Contusion of toe (disorder)
51615001Fibrosis of lung (disorder)
58214004Schizophrenia (disorder)
49710005Sinus bradycardia (disorder)
49727002Cough (finding)
49765009Hyperpigmentation of skin (disorder)
44301001Suicide (event)
43275000Otitis (disorder)
46659004Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome (disorder)
45503006Common ventricle (disorder)
45564002Achalasia of esophagus (disorder)
44103008Ventricular arrhythmia (disorder)
43363007Posterior uveitis (disorder)
43381005Passive smoker (finding)
43797002Stricture of bile duct (disorder)
43829003Chronic osteoarthritis (disorder)
44216000Retained products of conception, following delivery with hemorrhage (disorder)
42448002Herpes zoster keratoconjunctivitis (disorder)
42452002Thoracic radiculopathy (disorder)
56921004Perinatal jaundice from hereditary hemolytic anemia (disorder)
55042009Contusion of ankle (disorder)
53286005Medial epicondylitis of elbow joint (disorder)
50582007Hemiplegia (disorder)
51387008Acidosis (disorder)
55608001Prurigo simplex (disorder)
57920007Herpetic gingivostomatitis (disorder)
62315008Diarrhea (finding)
64455005Fracture of acetabulum (disorder)
62394006Female pelvic peritoneal adhesions (disorder)
52613005Excessive sweating (finding)
57019003Verruca vulgaris (disorder)
52002008Serous detachment of retinal pigment epithelium (disorder)
52404001Mastoiditis (disorder)
54586004Lower abdominal pain (finding)
52702003Chronic fatigue syndrome (disorder)
56727007Vitiligo (disorder)
58497009Tardy ulnar nerve palsy (finding)
58949002Tubo-ovarian abscess (disorder)
52448006Dementia (disorder)
52486002Necrotizing fasciitis (disorder)
52506002Chronic ulcerative rectosigmoiditis (disorder)
50792001Corneal erosion (disorder)
54641008Closed fracture of base of metacarpal bone other than first metacarpal (disorder)
56454009Pityriasis versicolor (disorder)
50417007Lower respiratory tract infection (disorder)
50438001Peripheral vertigo (disorder)
61700007Influenza with non-respiratory manifestation (disorder)
62014003Adverse reaction caused by drug (disorder)
66540002Back strain of thoracic region (disorder)
75150001Renal disease in pregnancy AND/OR puerperium without hypertension (disorder)
68815009Systemic lupus erythematosus glomerulonephritis syndrome (disorder)
68905002Regular astigmatism (disorder)
66962008Suture granuloma (disorder)
63323000Subdural hemorrhage following injury without open intracranial wound AND with moderate loss of consciousness (1-24 hours) (disorder)
63339007Disorder of uterine cervix (disorder)
63363004Superior vena cava syndrome (disorder)
63440008Verruca plantaris (disorder)
65568007Cigarette smoker (finding)
58972000Dribbling of urine (finding)
62745008Injury of ulnar nerve (disorder)
60735000Lagophthalmos (finding)
64902007Closed fracture of olecranon process of ulna (disorder)
67023009Lymphocytosis (disorder)
63480004Chronic bronchitis (disorder)
65636009Keratoconus (disorder)
66071002Viral hepatitis type B (disorder)
59523007Herpes simplex disciform keratitis (disorder)
59617007Severe depressed bipolar I disorder with psychotic features (disorder)
65362007Acquired cavovarus deformity of foot (disorder)
65399007Langerhans cell histiocytosis (disorder)
68451005Chronic arthritis due to gout (disorder)
68478007Central retinal vein occlusion (disorder)
68566005Urinary tract infectious disease (disorder)
72605008Candidal vulvovaginitis (disorder)
72893007Brachial neuritis (disorder)
75053002Acute febrile mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome (disorder)
79411002Acute prostatitis (disorder)
81808003Hemarthrosis (disorder)
74323005Pain in elbow (finding)
73211009Diabetes mellitus (disorder)
75789001Onycholysis (disorder)
69430001Abscess of vulva (disorder)
69825009Mucocele of salivary gland (disorder)
72274001Nerve root disorder (disorder)
72275000Relapsing polychondritis (disorder)
71186008Croup (disorder)
74472004Late effect of intracranial injury without skull fracture (disorder)
68235000Nasal congestion (finding)
75543006Cerebral embolism (disorder)
75570004Viral pneumonia (disorder)
68033004Tracheostomy complication (disorder)
71781005Decrease in height (finding)
74686005Mild depressed bipolar I disorder (disorder)
73589001Intervertebral disc prolapse (disorder)
67599009Pulmonary congestion (disorder)
80141007Hemoglobinopathy (disorder)
78129009Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (disorder)
78152008Multiple cranial nerve palsy (disorder)
83291003Cor pulmonale (disorder)
76865005Closed fracture of distal phalanx of finger (disorder)
83414005Macrocytic anemia (disorder)
83469008Hyperinsulinism (disorder)
83536006Stenosis of cervix (disorder)
79184009Bladder trabeculation (disorder)
92296004Benign neoplasm of pituitary gland (disorder)
92308005Benign neoplasm of prostate (disorder)
85920003Constipation by outlet obstruction (disorder)
77489003Pterygium (disorder)
79740000Candidiasis of mouth (disorder)
82998009Moderate manic bipolar I disorder (disorder)
80645004Chronic mastoiditis (disorder)
78667006Dysthymia (disorder)
78715003Subdeltoid bursitis (disorder)
84466009Dependent personality disorder (disorder)
82732003Familial hypokalemic periodic paralysis (disorder)
83119008Congenital insufficiency of tricuspid valve (disorder)
79962008Diffuse spasm of esophagus (disorder)
82576008Retained foreign body in eye (disorder)
91037003Closed fracture of pelvis (disorder)
87486003Aphasia (finding)
89689008Congenital genu valgum (disorder)
89748001Acute gastric ulcer with hemorrhage (disorder)
91861009Acute myeloid leukemia, disease (disorder)
92051001Benign neoplasm of cerebral meninges (disorder)
94180008Secondary malignant neoplasm of axilla (disorder)
102449007Tardive dyskinesia (disorder)
94297009Secondary malignant neoplasm of female breast (disorder)
94351005Secondary malignant neoplasm of intrathoracic lymph nodes (disorder)
86854008Hyperreflexia (finding)
85232009Left heart failure (disorder)
89091004Edema of eyelid (disorder)
88805009Chronic congestive heart failure (disorder)
90562004Fetal distress, in liveborn infant (finding)
87414006Reactive depression (situational) (disorder)
87476004Convulsions in the newborn (disorder)
93162007Lipoma of spermatic cord (disorder)
89538001Helicobacter-associated gastritis (disorder)
86765009Mild intellectual disability (disorder)
87132004Opioid withdrawal (disorder)
92813000Chronic lymphoid leukemia in remission (disorder)
95800001Asteroid hyalosis (disorder)
95854004Pulled elbow (disorder)
93458008Foreign body in skin (disorder)
93797001Primary malignant neoplasm of female genital organ (disorder)
109245003Cellulitis of periorbital region (disorder)
109269004Melanocytic nevus of face (disorder)
111287006Tricuspid valve regurgitation (disorder)
111374002Pseudocyst of pancreas (disorder)
102576009Edema of foot (finding)
95574003Stenosis of ureter (disorder)
102891000Age-related cognitive decline (finding)
94889006Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of kidney (disorder)
95280005Subserous leiomyoma of uterus (disorder)
95361005Inflammatory disease of mucous membrane (disorder)
95663000Peripheral motor neuropathy (disorder)
95677002Disorder of vision (disorder)
95722004Bilateral cataracts (disorder)
94706008Muscular ventricular septum defect (disorder)
95508001Congenital obstruction of lacrimal canal (disorder)
109972003Follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, large cell (disorder)
109995007Myelodysplastic syndrome (disorder)
110015006Injury of penis (disorder)
110030002Concussion injury of brain (disorder)
109843000Hepatoblastoma (disorder)
109914007Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of meninges (disorder)
116224001Complication of procedure (disorder)
128187005Vascular headache (disorder)
128210009Thoracic outlet syndrome (disorder)
119250001Hypogammaglobulinemia (finding)
112104007Localized pain (finding)
119423009Benign teratoma of ovary (disorder)
118599009Hodgkin's disease (disorder)
129635004Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (disorder)
128053003Deep venous thrombosis (disorder)
127279002Injury of lower extremity (disorder)
123608004Cholangiectasis (disorder)
125614009Closed traumatic dislocation of glenohumeral joint (disorder)
840539006Disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (disorder)
840544004Suspected disease caused by severe acute respiratory coronavirus 2 (situation)
840546002Exposure to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (event)

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
Source The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code