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ConceptMap: ConceptMap

Official URL: http://hl7.org/fhir/StructureMap/Ingredient4Bto5#IngredientManufacturerRole Version: 5.1.0-cibuild
Standards status: Trial-use Maturity Level: 1 Computable Name:

Mapping from (not specified) to (not specified)

ACTIVE. Published on ?ngen-10? by null.

Group 1 Mapping from IngredientManufacturerRole to Ingredient Manufacturer Role

Source CodeRelationshipTarget Code
allowed (Manufacturer is specifically allowed for this ingredient)is related toallowed (Manufacturer is specifically allowed for this ingredient)
possible (Manufacturer is known to make this ingredient in general)is related topossible (Manufacturer is known to make this ingredient in general)
actual (Manufacturer actually makes this particular ingredient)is related toactual (Manufacturer actually makes this particular ingredient)