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Publisher Version:IG Publisher Version: v1.6.10
Publication Code:central-cancer-registry-reporting . PackageId =, Canonical =
Realm Check for US:

Snomed: The IG specifies the US edition of SNOMED CT

Profiles: All OK

Publication Request:
Release-LabelSTU 1
descThis release is the first release of the Central Cancer Registry Reporting Content IG to deliver Cancer data to central cancer registries.
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Supressed Messages:38 Suppressed Issues
Dependency Checks:
PackageVersionFHIRCanonicalWeb BaseComment
... hl7.terminology.r45.5.0 MR4http://terminology.hl7.org
... hl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r45.1.0 MR4
... OR4 Release is 7.0.0
.... hl7.terminology.r43.1.0 OR4http://terminology.hl7.org Release is 5.5.0
.... hl7.fhir.uv.bulkdata2.0.0 MR4
.... OR4 Release is 2.2.0
.... us.nlm.vsac0.7.0 OR4 Release is 0.18.0
.... hl7.fhir.uv.sdc3.0.0 MR4
..... hl7.fhir.r4.examples4.0.1 OR4 Release is 5.0.0
... MR4
.... hl7.terminology.r45.0.0 OR4http://terminology.hl7.org Release is 5.5.0
.... hl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r41.0.0 OR4 Release is 5.1.0
.... OR4 Release is 7.0.0
.... hl7.fhir.uv.bulkdata1.0.1 OR4 Release is 2.0.0
.... OR4 above. Latest Release is 2.2.0
.... hl7.fhir.uv.subscriptions-backport.r41.1.0 MR4
..... hl7.terminology.r45.0.0 OR4http://terminology.hl7.org above. Latest Release is 5.5.0
... hl7.fhir.uv.subscriptions-backport.r41.1.0 MR4 above
... MR4
.... hl7.terminology.r45.3.0 OR4http://terminology.hl7.org Release is 5.5.0
.... OR4 above. Latest Release is 7.0.0
.... hl7.fhir.uv.genomics-reporting2.0.0 MR4
.... hl7.fhir.uv.extensionscurrent VR5 Version Mismatch
..... hl7.terminology.r55.5.0 MR5http://terminology.hl7.org Version Mismatch
... OR4 Release is 1.3.0
.... OR4 above. Latest Release is 7.0.0
.... us.cdc.phinvads0.7.0 OR4 Release is 0.12.0
... OR4 above. Latest Release is 2.2.0
Templates: hl7.fhir.template#0.10.0 -> hl7.base.template#0.10.0 -> fhir.base.template#0.8.0. Tools: 0.1.0
Dependent IGs:no references
Global Profiles:(none declared)
Terminology Server(s): (details)
HTA Analysis:All OK
R5 Dependencies:(none)
Draft Dependencies:
Modifier Extensions:(none)
Previous Version Comparison: Comparison with version 0.1.0
IPA Comparison: n/a
IPS Comparison: n/a
Summary: errors = 0, warn = 0, info = 0, broken links = 0
Build Errors000

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Suppressed Messages (Warnings, hints, broken links)

Cancer Specific Value Sets that tooling is unable to expand because they are too large, it is a limitation of the publisher.

Cannot change these because these value sets are part of the base FHIR THO and are reused by this IG

Cannot change these because these value sets exist in the MedMorph IG and are reused by this IG.

Cannot change these because these value sets exist in the mCODE IG and are reused by this IG.

These resources exist in the IG but are not included in the Bundle directly, they are referenced in the bundle due to which these information messages are raised by the publisher.

This is happening because the WG extension is automatically getting introduced by the publishing tool as an extension which does not conform with the base profile.

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