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ErrorCodeSystem.versionValues for version differ: '1.1.0' vs '2.0.0-ballot'
InformationCodeSystem.dateValues for date differ: '2024-01-03T18:19:28+00:00' vs '2024-07-02T05:31:41+00:00'


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          .descriptionCodes indicating the type of adjudication information provided.Codes indicating the type of adjudication information provided. This CodeSystem is currently defined by this IG, but is anticipated to be temporary. The concepts within are expected to be moved in a future version to a more central terminology specification such as THO, which will result in a code system url change and possibly modified codes and definitions.
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                    .publisherHL7 International / Financial Management
                          .titlePCT Adjudication Category CodeSystem
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                                .billingnetworkstatusBilling Network Status
                                  .renderingnetworkstatusRendering Network Status
                                    .benefitpaymentstatusBenefit Payment Status
                                      .adjustmentreasonAdjustment Reason
                                        .medicalmanagementMedical Management
                                          .memberliabilityMember Liability