ValueSet Comparison between vs


ErrorValueSet.urlValues for url differ: '' vs ''
ErrorValueSet.versionValues for version differ: '4.0.1' vs '2.0.0-ballot'
InformationValueSet.nameValues for name differ: 'ExampleServicePlaceCodes' vs 'PCTGFECMSPOS'
InformationValueSet.titleValues for title differ: 'Example Service Place Codes' vs 'PCT GFE CMS Place of Service Value Set'
InformationValueSet.statusValues for status differ: 'draft' vs 'active'
InformationValueSet.dateValues for date differ: '2019-11-01T09:29:23+11:00' vs '2024-07-02T05:31:41+00:00'
InformationValueSet.publisherValues for publisher differ: 'Financial Management' vs 'HL7 International / Financial Management'
InformationValueSet.copyrightValues for copyright differ: 'This is an example set.' vs 'This Valueset is not copyrighted.'
InformationValueSet.jurisdictionAdded the item 'urn:iso:std:iso:3166#US'


      .copyrightThis is an example set.This Valueset is not copyrighted.
      • Values Differ
      • Values Differ
      .descriptionThis value set includes a smattering of Service Place codes.CMS Place of Service codes
      • Values Differ
        • Removed the item 'true'
          • Added the item 'urn:iso:std:iso:3166#US'
          • Values Differ
          .publisherFinancial ManagementHL7 International / Financial Management
          • Values Differ
            • Values Differ
            .titleExample Service Place CodesPCT GFE CMS Place of Service Value Set
            • Values Differ
            • Values Differ
            • Values Differ




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