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Generated Narrative

Resource "HepBAdultForecasting"

url: http://example.org/fhir/uv/cpg/PlanDefinition/HepBAdultForecasting

identifier: id: HepBAdultForecasting (OFFICIAL)

version: 1.0.0

name: HepBAdultForecasting

title: Immunization Forecasting of Hepatitis B Vaccine for Adults >= 18 Years of Age

type: ECA Rule (PlanDefinitionType#eca-rule)

status: draft

experimental: true

date: 2019-07-26

publisher: HL7 FHIR Clinical Guidelines Example Artifact

description: If an adult patient has not been immunized for Hep B and is indicated for a Hep B vaccine, providers should administer according to this forecast.

jurisdiction: World (m49.htm#001)

purpose: Example artifact implementation of CDC ACIP Hep B vaccination guidelines for adults, 18 years and older, who have not yet been immunized.

topic: Immunization Forecasting ()

author: Daryl Chertcoff: , Bryn Rhodes:

library: Logic for Immunization Forecasting of Hepatitis B Vaccine for Adults >= 18 Years of Age


title: Hep B Immunization Forecast

description: Vaccinate Adult with specified Hep B forecast, if noted


kind: applicability

groupingBehavior: visual-group

selectionBehavior: exactly-one


path: action.title


path: action.description


*Will Follow Recommendations Provided by This Forecast
*Will not immunize due to contraindication(s) or other medical risk factors
*Will not immunize due to patient preferences
*N/A - see comment (will be reviewed by medical director)