FHIR Clinical Guidelines (v1.0.0) (STU1)

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Generated Narrative

Resource "activity-example-donotsendmessage"

Profile: CPGComputableActivityDefinition

knowledgeCapability: shareable

knowledgeCapability: computable

knowledgeCapability: publishable

knowledgeRepresentationLevel: structured

url: http://hl7.org/fhir/uv/cpg/ActivityDefinition/activity-example-donotsendmessage

version: 1.0.0

name: ActivityExampleDoNotSendMessage

title: Activity Example Do Not Send Message

status: draft

experimental: true

date: 2022-02-02T20:41:50Z

publisher: HL7 International - Clinical Decision Support WG

description: Example Activity Definition for a recommendation not to send a message

jurisdiction: World (m49.htm#001)

kind: CommunicationRequest

profile: CPGCommunicationRequest

code: Send a message (CPG Activity Type#send-message)

doNotPerform: true


path: status