CARIN Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange (CARIN IG for Blue Button®)
1.0.0 - CI - STU1 Update - Peer Review

CARIN Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange (CARIN IG for Blue Button®), published by HL7 Financial Management Working Group. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

: NCPDP Brand Generic Indicator - TTL Representation

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@prefix fhir: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .

# - resource -------------------------------------------------------------------

 a fhir:CodeSystem;
  fhir:nodeRole fhir:treeRoot; [ fhir:value "NCPDPBrandGenericIndicator"];
  fhir:DomainResource.text [
     fhir:Narrative.status [ fhir:value "generated" ];
     fhir:Narrative.div "<div xmlns=\"\"><p>This code system defines many codes, but they are not represented here</p></div>"
  fhir:CodeSystem.url [ fhir:value ""];
  fhir:CodeSystem.version [ fhir:value "1.0.0"]; [ fhir:value "NCPDPBrandGenericIndicator"];
  fhir:CodeSystem.title [ fhir:value "NCPDP Brand Generic Indicator"];
  fhir:CodeSystem.status [ fhir:value "active"]; [ fhir:value "2021-04-23T05:41:22+00:00"^^xsd:dateTime];
  fhir:CodeSystem.publisher [ fhir:value "HL7 Financial Management Working Group"]; [
     fhir:index 0; [ fhir:value "HL7 Financial Management Working Group" ];
     fhir:ContactDetail.telecom [
       fhir:index 0;
       fhir:ContactPoint.system [ fhir:value "url" ];
       fhir:ContactPoint.value [ fhir:value "" ]     ], [
       fhir:index 1;
       fhir:ContactPoint.system [ fhir:value "email" ];
       fhir:ContactPoint.value [ fhir:value "" ]     ]
  fhir:CodeSystem.description [ fhir:value "Denotes brand or generic drug dispensed. (NCPDP ECL 686)\n\nLink to information about the code system - including how to obtain the content: []("];
  fhir:CodeSystem.jurisdiction [
     fhir:index 0;
     fhir:CodeableConcept.coding [
       fhir:index 0;
       fhir:Coding.system [ fhir:value "urn:iso:std:iso:3166" ];
       fhir:Coding.code [ fhir:value "US" ]     ]
  fhir:CodeSystem.copyright [ fhir:value "National Council for Prescription Drugs Programs, Inc. (NCPDP) publications are owned by NCPDP, 9240 East Raintree Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85260, and protected by the copyright laws of the United States. 17 U.S.C. §101, et. seq. Permission is given to Council members to copy and use the work or any part thereof in connection with the business purposes of the Council members. The work may not be changed or altered. The work may be shared within the member company but may not be distributed and/or copied for/by others outside of the member’s company. The work may not be sold, used or exploited for commercial purposes. This permission may be revoked by NCPDP at any time. NCPDP is not responsible for any errors or damage as a result of the use of the work.\n\nAll material is provided as is, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, completeness and non-infringement of third party rights. In no event shall NCPDP, its members or its contributors be liable for any claim, or any direct, special, indirect or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the material. Revised: September 2016"];
  fhir:CodeSystem.content [ fhir:value "not-present"].

# - ontology header ------------------------------------------------------------

 a owl:Ontology;
  owl:imports fhir:fhir.ttl.