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ValueSet: DeviceType

Official URL: http://terminology.hl7.org/ValueSet/v2-0961 Version: 2.0.0
Active as of 2019-12-01 Responsible: HL7, Inc Computable Name: DeviceType
Other Identifiers: : urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.198

Copyright/Legal: Copyright HL7. Licensed under creative commons public domain

Codes used to identify medical devices.


This value set is not used here; it may be used elsewhere (e.g. specifications and/or implementations that use this content)

Logical Definition (CLD)



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Expansion based on:

All codes in this table are from the system http://snomed.info/sct

  156009Spine board
  271003Bone plate
  287000Air receiver
  739006Bicycle ergometer
  793009Mechanical power press
  882002Diagnostic implant
  972002Air filter
  989005Linen cloth
  1333003Emesis basin
  1422002Plastic mold
  1579007Surgical drill
  1941006Silk cloth
  2248009Endotracheal tube cuff
  2282003Breast prosthesis
  2287009Nail file
  2468001Breath analyzer
  2478003Glass eye
  2491002Intra-aortic balloon catheter
  3319006Artificial liver
  4408003Endoscopic camera
  4632004Hair cloth
  4816004Metal device
  5041003Adhesive strip
  5042005Patient scale
  5159002Physiologic monitoring system
  5679009Bed sheet
  6012004Hearing aid
  6822006Microwave oven
  6919005Protective clothing material
  7007007Radiographic-fluoroscopic unit
  7704007Stabilizing appliance
  7733008Hydrocephalic shunt catheter
  7968002Three-wheeled all-terrain vehicle
  7971005Fogarty catheter
  8384009Band saw
  8407004Bile collection bag
  8451008Intramedullary rod
  8615009Blood electrolyte analyzer
  8643000Mortising machine
  8682003Protective shield
  9017009Ventricular intracranial catheter
  9129003Feeding catheter
  9458007Elastic bandage
  9883003Cargo handling gear
  10244001Needle guide
  10371004Electrostimulating analgesia unit
  10826000Industrial saw
  10850003Radiographic-therapeutic unit
  10906003Vein stripper
  11141007Bone growth stimulator
  11158002Electromyographic monitor and recorder
  11358008Prosthetic valve
  11987000Clinical chemistry analyzer
  12183004Arm prosthesis
  12198002Ice skate
  13118005Wool cloth
  13459008Temporary artificial heart prosthesis
  13764006Uterine sound
  13905003Tennis ball
  14106009Cardiac pacemaker
  14116001Analgesia unit
  14208000Oil well
  14288003Nasal septum button
  14423008Adhesive bandage
  14548009Harrington rod
  14762000Alloy steel chain sling
  14789005Prosthetic implant
  15340005Wood's light
  15447007Joint prosthesis
  15644007Anesthesia unit
  16349000Orthopedic device
  16417001Commercial breathing supply hoses diving operation
  16497000Electric clipper
  16524003Cotton cloth
  16540000Umbrella catheter
  17102003Nasogastric tube
  17107009Mitral valve prosthesis
  17306006Hernia belt
  17404008Cardiac compression board
  18153000Fluorescence immunoassay analyzer
  18666004Finespun glass
  19443004Radioactive implant
  19762002Leather belt
  19817005Fan blade
  20195009Leg prosthesis
  20273004Industrial machine
  20359006Contraceptive diaphragm
  20406008Back rests
  20428008Oxygen tent
  20513005Power tool
  20568009Urinary catheter
  20861007Plug pack
  20867006Experimental implant
  20873007Plastic cloth-like material
  20997002Hand tool
  21079000Carbon monoxide analyzer
  21870002Transluminal extraction catheter
  21944004Abdominal binder
  22283009Artificial membrane
  22566001Cytology brush
  22662007Retaining harness
  22744006Artificial hair wig
  23366006Motorized wheelchair device (physical object)
  23785007Arthroscopic irrigation/distension pump
  23973005Indwelling urinary catheter
  24290003Biologic cardiac valve prosthesis
  24513003Plastic boots
  24697008Ostomy belt
  24767007Eustachian tube prosthesis
  25062003Feeding tube
  25152007Squeeze cage
  25510005Cardiac valve prosthesis
  25632005Hockey puck
  25742001Orthodontic appliance
  26239002Soccer ball
  26397000Breathing bag
  26412008Endotracheal tube
  26579007Holter valve
  26719000Celestin tube
  27042007Needle adapter
  27065002Surgical suture
  27126002Power belt
  27229001Spray booth
  27606000Dental prosthesis
  27785006Athletic supporter
  27812008Electric heating pad
  27976001Woodworking machinery
  29292008Fur garment
  30070001Multistage suspension scaffolding
  30176005Baseball bat
  30234008Medical laboratory analyzer
  30610008Epidural catheter
  30661003Cosmetic prosthesis
  30968007Drainage bag
  31030004Peritoneal catheter
  31031000Orthopedic internal fixation system
  31174004Lumbosacral belt
  31791005Traction belt
  31878003Surgical scissors
  32033000Arterial pressure monitor
  32356002Machine guarding
  32634007Fixed ladder
  32667006Oropharyngeal airway device
  32711007Ostomy collection bag
  33194000Welding equipment
  33388001Carbon dioxide analyzer
  33482001Rubber boots
  33690005Sharp instrument
  33802005Enema bag
  33894003Experimental device
  33918000Rubberized cloth
  34164001Plaster cast
  34234003Plastic tube
  34263000Medical balloon
  34362008Vascular device
  34759008Urethral catheter
  35398009Ostomy appliance
  35593004Wire ligature
  35870000Cerebrospinal catheter
  36370000Aspirator trap bottle
  36761001Natural hair wig
  36965003Hemodialysis machine
  36977008Peripheral neurostimulator
  37189001Magnetic detector
  37311003Stone retrieval basket
  37360008Patient isolator
  37503007Protective blind
  37759000Surgical instrument
  37874008Continuing positive airway pressure unit
  37953008Bedside rails
  38126007Protective glasses
  38277008Protective device
  38806006Hockey stick
  38871002Metallic cloth
  39590006Air compressor
  39790008Non-electric heating pad
  39802000Tongue blade
  39821008Positron emission tomography unit
  41323003Urinary collection bag
  41684000Industrial tool
  42152006Metal tube
  42305009Ambulation device
  42380001Ear plug
  42451009Blood warmer
  42882002Hypodermic spray
  43192004Bone pencil
  43252007Cochlear prosthesis
  43725001Airway device
  43770009Doppler device
  44492001Industrial robot
  44806002Esophageal bougie
  44845007Golf ball
  44907005Four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle
  44959004Angioplasty balloon catheter
  45633005Peritoneal dialyzer
  45901004Penrose drain
  46181005Automatic fire extinguisher system
  46265007Artificial lashes
  46299005Sanitary belt
  46949002Deck machinery
  47326004Electrical utilization equipment
  47424002Apgar scoring timer
  47528002Ureteral catheter
  47731004Birthing chair
  47734007Catgut suture
  47776004Hand mitt
  48066006Circular portable saw
  48096001Bathtub rails
  48240003Training equipment
  48246009Stud gun, device (physical object)
  48295009Vascular filter
  48473008Protective body armor
  49890001Hospital cart
  50121007Eye glasses, device (physical object)
  50457005Workover rig service to oil well
  50483000Oil well rig
  50851003Penile tumescence monitor
  51086006Shower curtain
  51685009Roller skate
  51791000Measuring tape
  51832004Valved tube
  52124006Central venous catheter
  52161002Molten lava
  52537002Aspirator collection canister
  52624007Radiofrequency generator
  52809000Nasopharyngeal catheter
  52893008Blood gas/pH analyzer
  53167006Platform suspended boom
  53177008Nasal balloon
  53217009Artificial lung
  53671008Gastric balloon
  53996008Penile prosthesis
  54234007Cryogenic analgesia unit
  54953005Computerized axial tomography scanner
  55091003Blood coagulation analyzer
  55206006Suture button
  55658008Hot object
  56144002Back braces
  56896002Pacemaker catheter
  56961003Cardiac transvenous pacemaker
  57118008Perfusion pump
  57368009Contact lenses
  57395004Physical restraint equipment
  57730005Abrasive grinding
  58253008Suction catheter
  58514003Infant scale
  58878002Protective vest
  58938008WC - Wheelchair
  59102007Ice bag
  59127000Apnea alarm
  59181002Oxygen analyzer
  59746007Needle holder
  59833007Collapsible balloon
  60054005Seat belt
  60150003Ski pole, device (physical object)
  60161006Acupuncture needle
  60185003Carbon dioxide absorber
  60311007Leather boots
  60806001Whirlpool bath
  61330002Nasopharyngeal airway device
  61512008Tennis racket
  61979003Antiembolic device
  62336005Electric cable
  62495008Gamma counter
  62614002Overhead and gantry crane
  62980002Tubular bandage
  63112008Bone wire
  63173005Hat band
  63289001Bone nail
  63336000Bone plug
  63562005Cervical collar
  63619003Fiberoptic cable
  63653004Medical device
  63797009Traction unit
  64255007Esophageal balloon
  64565002Air tool
  64571008Hair clipper
  64883003Inhalation analgesia unit
  65053001Electrical battery
  65105002Surgical drapes
  65268008Chart recorder
  65577000X-ray shield
  66222000Hospital robot
  66415006Audiometric testing equipment
  66435007Electric bed
  66494009Face cloth
  67270000Hip prosthesis
  67387001Coronary perfusion catheter
  67670006Radiographic-tomographic unit
  67777003Moving walk
  67920005Aerial lift
  67966000Enema tube
  68080007Radiographic unit
  68181008Vibrating electric heating pad
  68183006Bone screw
  68597009Support belt
  68685003Household robot
  69805005Insulin pump
  69922008Tracheostomy button
  70300000Skull tongs
  70665002Blood pressure cuff
  70793005Recreation equipment
  70872004Wash basin
  71483007Diving stage
  71667001Bone wax
  72188006Tissue expander
  72302000Lead cable
  72506001Implantable defibrillator
  72742007Aspirator collection bottle
  73027007Infant incubator
  73368009Foley catheter
  73534004Artificial skin
  73571002Intravenous analgesia unit
  73618007Power saw
  73878004Hand saw
  73985004Face protection in construction industry
  74300007Sanitary pad
  74444006Limb prosthesis
  74884005Boatswain's chair
  75075000Shoring and bracing (masonry and woodwork)
  75192006Arterial cannula
  75751006Manual respirator
  75780002Artificial kidney
  76091005Stainless steel wire suture
  76123001Glass tube
  76664007Artificial pancreas
  76705002Applicator stick
  76825006Abrasive wheel machinery
  77444004Bone pin
  77755003Chemical fiber cloth
  77777004Bone staple
  78279003Nail clipper
  78498003Testicular prosthesis
  78641001Nylon suture
  78886001Electronic monitor
  79218005Vehicle-mounted work platform
  79438009Foot protection
  79481007Swing or sliding cut-off saw
  79593001Transvenous electrode
  79618001Storage tank
  79811009Electric blanket
  79834000Hickman catheter
  80278003Pediatric bed
  80404000Chain fall
  80664005Motor home
  80853009Reflex hammer
  81317009Socket wrench
  81320001Enzyme immunoassay analyzer
  81826000All-terrain vehicle
  81892008Radial saw
  82449006Peripheral intravenous catheter
  82657000Bony tissue forceps
  82830000Robotic arm
  82879008Safety belt
  83315005Audio analgesia unit
  83320005Dip tank
  83369007Plastic shoes
  83903000Man lift
  84023008Ski tow
  84444002Chain saw
  84599008Detonating cord
  84610002Implantable dental prosthesis
  84683006Aortic valve prosthesis
  84756000Adhesive tape
  85106006Boring machine
  85329008Abortion pump
  85684007Engraving press
  86056006Golf club
  86184003Electrocardiographic monitor and recorder
  86453006Defibrillator paddle
  86572008Arteriovenous shunt catheter
  86768006Balloon pump
  86816008Diving ladder
  87088005Soldering iron
  87140005Clothing material
  87710003Physical restraint structure
  87851008Blood cell counter and analyzer
  88168006Maximum security cell
  88765001Artificial tissue
  88959008Hypodermic needle
  89236003Leather shoes
  89509004Blood culture analyzer
  90003000Magnetic resonance imaging unit
  90035000Alcohol sponge
  90082007Cast cutter
  90134004Metal periosteal implant
  90504001Ear prosthesis
  90913005Rubber shoes
  90948003Abrasive blast by cleaning nozzles
  91294003Thomas collar
  91318002Hyperbaric chamber
  91537007Hospital bed
  102303004Vascular prosthesis
  102304005Measuring ruler
  102305006Intramedullary reamer
  102307003Surgical knife
  102309000Surgical saw
  102310005Gigli's wire saw
  102311009Starck dilator
  102312002Atherectomy device
  102313007Rotational atherectomy device
  102314001Embolization coil
  102315000Embolization ball
  102316004Embolization particulate
  102317008Guiding catheter
  102318003Implantable venous catheter
  102319006Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty balloon
  102320000Detachable balloon
  102321001Operating microscope
  102322008External prosthesis for sonographic procedure
  102323003Water bag prosthesis for imaging procedure
  102324009Saline bag prosthesis for imaging procedure
  102325005Gel prosthesis for imaging procedure
  102384007Motor vehicle airbag
  102385008Front airbag
  102386009Front driver airbag
  102387000Front passenger airbag
  102388005Side airbag
  102403003Water ski
  105784003Life support equipment
  105785002Adhesive, bandage AND/OR suture
  105787005Belt AND/OR binder
  105788000Probe, sound, bougie AND/OR airway
  105789008Cannula, tube AND/OR catheter
  105790004Bag, balloon AND/OR bottle
  105791000Pump, injector AND/OR aspirator
  105792007Analgesia AND/OR anesthesia unit
  105794008Scope AND/OR camera
  105809003Physical restraint equipment AND/OR structure
  108874005Silicone plug
  109226007Dental pin
  109227003Hand joint prosthesis
  109228008Knee joint prosthesis
  111041008Artificial nails
  111042001Artificial organ
  111043006Medical tuning fork
  111044000Bone tap
  111047007Urethral bougie
  111052002Protective breast plate
  111060001Industrial sewing machine
  111062009Food waste disposal equipment
  115961006Soft Cast
  115962004Fiberglass cast
  116146000Blood product unit
  116204000Catheter tip
  116205004Blood bag
  116206003Plasma bag
  118294000Solid-state laser
  118295004Gas laser
  118296003Chemical laser
  118297007Excimer laser
  118298002Dye laser
  118299005Diode laser device
  118301003Nd:YVO>4< laser
  118302005Nd:YLF laser
  118303000Nd:Glass laser
  118304006Chromium sapphire laser device
  118305007Er:Glass laser
  118306008Er:YAG laser
  118307004Ho:YLF laser
  118308009Ho:YAG laser
  118309001Ti:sapphire laser device
  118310006Alexandrite laser
  118311005Argon ion laser
  118312003CO>2< laser
  118313008He laser
  118314002Helium cadmium laser
  118315001HeNe laser
  118316000Krypton gas laser
  118317009Neon gas laser
  118318004Nitrogen gas laser
  118319007Xenon gas laser
  118320001Copper vapor laser
  118321002Gold vapor laser
  118322009DF laser
  118323004DF-CO>2< laser device
  118324005HF laser
  118325006ArF laser
  118326007KrF laser
  118327003KrCl laser
  118328008XeCl laser
  118329000XeFl laser
  118330005Free electron laser
  118331009Tunable dye laser
  118332002Tunable dye argon laser
  118333007Gallium arsenide laser
  118334001Gallium aluminum arsenide laser
  118335000Lead-salt laser
  118336004Rhodamine 6G dye laser
  118337008Coumarin C30 dye laser
  118338003Coumarin 102 dye laser
  118342000Diode pumped laser
  118343005Flashlamp pumped laser device
  118346002Pulsed dye laser
  118347006QS laser
  118348001Flashlamp pulsed dye laser
  118349009CW CO>2< laser
  118350009High energy pulsed CO>2< laser
  118351008Frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser
  118354000Continuous wave laser
  118355004Pulsed laser
  118356003Metal vapor laser
  118357007KTP laser
  118371004Ion laser
  118372006Plastic implant
  118373001Silastic implant
  118374007Silicone implant
  118375008Cardiac septum prosthesis
  118377000Biopsy needle
  118378005Pacemaker pulse generator
  118379002Automatic implantable cardioverter sensing electrodes
  118380004Implantable defibrillator leads
  118381000Implantable cardioverter leads
  118383002External fixation device
  118384008Long arm splint
  118385009Short arm splint
  118386005Figure of eight plaster cast
  118387001Halo cast
  118388006Body cast, shoulder to hips
  118389003Body cast, shoulder to hips including head, Minerva type
  118390007Body cast, shoulder to hips including one thigh
  118391006Body cast, shoulder to hips including both thighs
  118392004Shoulder cast
  118393009Full arm cast
  118394003Below elbow cast
  118396001Cylinder cast, thigh to ankle
  118397005Long leg cast
  118398000Long leg cast, walker or ambulatory type
  118399008Long leg cast, brace type
  118400001Short leg cast below knee to toes
  118401002Short leg cast below knee to toes, walking or ambulatory type
  118402009Clubfoot cast
  118403004Clubfoot cast, short leg
  118404005Clubfoot cast, long leg
  118405006Spica cast
  118406007Hip spica cast, both legs
  118407003Hip spica cast, one leg
  118408008Hip spica cast, one and one-half spica
  118409000Patellar tendon bearing cast
  118410005Boot cast
  118411009Sugar tong cast
  118412002Gauntlet cast
  118413007Body cast
  118414001Pressure dressing
  118415000Packing material
  118416004Wound packing material
  118419006Umbrella device
  118420000Atrial septal umbrella
  118421001King-Mills umbrella device
  118422008Mobitz-Uddin umbrella device
  118423003Rashkind umbrella device
  118424009Reservoir device
  118425005Ventricular reservoir
  118426006Ommaya reservoir
  118427002Rickham reservoir
  118428007Flexible fiberoptic endoscope
  118429004Flexible fiberoptic laryngoscope with strobe
  123636009Silk suture
  126065006Jejunostomy tube
  129113006Intra-aortic balloon pump
  129121000Tracheostomy tube
  129247000Fine biopsy needle
  129248005Core biopsy needle
  129460009Compression paddle
  129462001Catheter guide wire
  129463006J wire
  129464000Medical administrative equipment
  129465004Medical record
  129466003Patient chart
  129467007Identification plate
  134823007Sterile absorbent dressing pad
  134963007Wound drainage pouch dressing
  170615005Home nebulizer
  182562006Plaster jacket
  182563001Shoulder spica
  182564007Humeral U-slab
  182565008Long arm slab
  182566009Humeral hanging slab
  182567000Forearm slab
  182568005Scaphoid cast
  182569002Bennett cast
  182570001Hip spica
  182571002Long leg spica
  182572009Below knee non-weight-bearing cast
  182573004Below knee weight-bearing cast
  182574005Plaster stripper
  182576007Humeral brace
  182577003Functional elbow brace
  182578008Forearm brace
  182579000Hip brace
  182580002Femoral brace
  182581003Tibial brace
  182587004Body support
  182588009Spinal frame
  182589001Corset support
  182590005Cardiac bed
  182591009Water bed
  182592002High air loss bed
  182839003Automated drug microinjector
  183116000Dental aid
  183125006Ear fitting hearing aid
  183135000Mobility aids
  183141007Inshoe orthosis
  183143005Surgical stockings
  183144004Antiembolic stockings
  183146002ZF - Zimmer frame
  183148001RGO - Reciprocating gait orthosis
  183149009Hip guidance orthosis
  183150009Standing frame
  183152001Hip abduction orthosis
  183153006Hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis
  183154000Knee-ankle-foot orthosis
  183155004Flexible knee support
  183156003Collateral ligament brace
  183157007Anterior cruciate ligament brace
  183158002Posterior cruciate ligament brace
  183159005Ground reaction orthosis
  183160000Rigid ankle-foot orthosis
  183161001Flexible ankle-foot orthosis
  183162008Double below-knee iron
  183164009Inside iron
  183165005Outside iron
  183166006Inside T-strap
  183170003Hindquarter prosthesis
  183171004Hip disarticulation prosthesis
  183172006Above knee prosthesis
  183173001Through knee prosthesis
  183174007Below knee prosthesis
  183175008Syme's prosthesis
  183176009Midfoot amputation prosthesis
  183177000Shoe filler
  183183002Milwaukee brace
  183184008Boston brace
  183185009Jewett brace
  183187001Halo device
  183188006Four poster brace
  183189003Rigid collar
  183190007Flexible collar
  183192004Shoulder abduction brace
  183193009Elbow brace
  183194003Passive wrist extension splint
  183195002Active wrist extension splint
  183196001Passive finger extension splint
  183197005Active finger extension splint
  183198000Kleinert traction (physical object)
  183199008Passive thumb splint
  183200006Active thumb splint
  183202003Shin splint
  183204002Excretory control aid
  183235008Facial non-surgical prosthesis
  183240000Self-propelled wheelchair
  183241001Pedal powered wheelchair
  183248007Attendant powered wheelchair
  183249004Wheelchair seating
  183250004Molded wheelchair seat
  183251000Matrix seat
  201706006Intracranial pressure transducer
  223394001Equipment for positioning (physical object)
  224684009Top security prison
  224685005Category B prison
  224686006Low security prison
  224823002Street lighting
  224824008Sign posting
  224825009Street name sign
  224826005Building name sign
  224827001Pedestrian direction sign
  224828006Traffic sign
  224898003Orthotic device
  224899006Walking aid
  224900001Communication aid
  228242002Gum boots
  228267004Press stud
  228268009Hook and eye
  228271001Shoe laces
  228731007Radiotherapy equipment and appliances
  228732000Beam direction shell
  228733005Head and neck beam direction shell
  228734004Body beam direction shell
  228735003Beam modifier
  228736002Surface bolus
  228737006Surface compensator
  228739009Shielding block
  228740006Lung block
  228741005Humerus block
  228742003Scrotal block
  228743008Kidney block
  228744002Eye block
  228745001Bite block
  228746000Wedge filter
  228747009Kilovoltage grid
  228748004Brachytherapy implant
  228749007Single plane implant
  228750007Two plane implant
  228751006Semicircular implant
  228752004Regular volume implant
  228753009Irregular volume implant
  228754003Brachytherapy surface mold
  228755002Two plane mold
  228756001Single plane mold
  228757005Cylinder mold
  228759008Adhesive felt mold
  228760003Elastoplast mold
  228761004Collimator (physical object)
  228762006Multileaf collimator
  228763001Asymmetric jaws collimator
  228765008Standard collimator
  228766009Form of brachytherapy source
  228767000Wire source
  228768005Seeds source
  228770001Hairpins source
  228771002Needles source
  228772009Pellets source
  228773004Capsules source
  228774005Trains source
  228775006Tubes source
  228776007Rods source
  228777003Grains source
  228778008Plaque source
  228869008Manual wheelchair
  229839006Functional foot orthosis (physical object)
  229840008Non-functional foot orthosis (physical object)
  229841007Detachable pad for the foot
  229842000Detachable toe prop
  229843005Detachable horseshoe pad
  243719003Near low vision aid - integral spectacle magnifier
  243720009Near low vision aid - clip-on spectacle magnifier
  243722001Near low vision aid - integral spectacle telescope
  243723006Near low vision aid - clip-on spectacle telescope
  255716002Latex rubber gloves
  256246007Cotton - textile
  256562002Cotton wool
  256563007Cotton wool roll
  256564001Cotton wool pledget
  256589007Dental rubber dam
  256590003Endodontic sponge
  256593001Orthodontic elastic
  256641009Ribbon gauze
  256642002Wet ribbon gauze
  256643007Dry ribbon gauze
  257192006Aid to vision
  257211007Cylinder cutter
  257212000Rotary cutter
  257213005Rotary cutter with steel blades
  257214004Rotary cutter with plastic blades
  257215003Nail instrument
  257216002Flexible endoscope
  257217006Rigid endoscope
  257218001Flexible cystoscope
  257219009Rigid cystoscope
  257221004Flexible hysteroscope
  257222006Rigid hysteroscope
  257223001Contact hysteroscope
  257224007Panoramic hysteroscope
  257225008Flexible bronchoscope
  257226009Rigid bronchoscope
  257227000Anesthetic laryngoscope
  257228005Fiberlight anesthetic laryngoscope
  257229002Pharyngeal mirror
  257230007Obstetric forceps
  257231006Barnes forceps
  257232004Haig Fergusson forceps
  257233009Milne-Murray forceps
  257234003Neville Barnes forceps
  257235002Simpson forceps
  257236001Wrigley forceps
  257237005Kielland forceps
  257238000Moolgaoker forceps
  257239008Barton's forceps
  257240005Hooked wire
  257241009Barbed wire
  257243007Fine needle
  257244001Laser probe
  257245000Yankauer suction catheter
  257246004Rubber suction catheter
  257247008Tourniquet cuff
  257248003Upper tourniquet cuff
  257249006Lower tourniquet cuff

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code


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