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ValueSet: Appointment cancellation reason

Official URL: http://terminology.hl7.org/ValueSet/appointment-cancellation-reason Version: 0.1.0
Standards status: Draft Maturity Level: 1 Responsible: FHIR Project team Computable Name: AppointmentCancellationReason
Other Identifiers: : urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.1381

This example value set defines a set of reasons for the cancellation of an appointment.


This value set is not used here; it may be used elsewhere (e.g. specifications and/or implementations that use this content)

Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 32 concepts

Expansion based on example code system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/appointment-cancellation-reason version 4.0.1

Expansion based on http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/appointment-cancellation-reason version 4.0.1

All codes in this table are from the system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/appointment-cancellation-reason

CodeDisplay - English (English, en)
  pat-crsPatient: Canceled via automated reminder system
  pat-cppPatient: Canceled via Patient Portal
  pat-decPatient: Deceased
  pat-fbPatient: Feeling Better
  pat-ltPatient: Lack of Transportation
  pat-mtPatient: Member Terminated
  pat-mvPatient: Moved
  pat-pregPatient: Pregnant
  pat-swlPatient: Scheduled from Wait List
  pat-ucpPatient: Unhappy/Changed Provider
  prov-persProvider: Personal
  prov-dchProvider: Discharged
  prov-eduProvider: Edu/Meeting
  prov-hospProvider: Hospitalized
  prov-labsProvider: Labs Out of Acceptable Range
  prov-mriProvider: MRI Screening Form Marked Do Not Proceed
  prov-oncProvider: Oncology Treatment Plan Changes
  maintEquipment Maintenance/Repair
  meds-incPrep/Med Incomplete
  oth-cmsOther: CMS Therapy Cap Service Not Authorized
  oth-errOther: Error
  oth-finOther: Financial
  oth-ivOther: Improper IV Access/Infiltrate IV
  oth-intOther: No Interpreter Available
  oth-muOther: Prep/Med/Results Unavailable
  oth-roomOther: Room/Resource Maintenance
  oth-oerrOther: Schedule Order Error
  oth-swieOther: Silent Walk In Error
  oth-weathOther: Weather

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