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CodeSystem: messageType

Official URL: http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0076 Version: 2.12.0
Active as of 2019-12-01 Responsible: Health Level Seven International Computable Name: MessageType
Other Identifiers: urn:ietf:rfc:3986#Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)#urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.18.30

Copyright/Legal: This material derives from the HL7 Terminology (THO). THO is copyright ©1989+ Health Level Seven International and is made available under the CC0 designation. For more licensing information see: https://terminology.hl7.org/license

HL7-defined code system of concepts which specify message types. Used in HL7 Version 2.x messaging in the MSH segment.

Underlying Master Code System for V2 table 0076 (Message Type)

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:


This code system defines the following properties for its concepts

statushttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#statuscodeStatus of the concept
deprecatedhttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v2-table-deprecatedcodeVersion of HL7 in which the code was deprecated
v2-concCommenthttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v2-concCommentstringV2 Concept Comment
v2-concCommentAsPubhttp://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v2-concCommentAsPubstringV2 Concept Comment As Published


This case-sensitive code system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0076 defines the following codes in a Is-A heirarchy:

CodeDisplayDefinitiondeprecatedV2 Concept CommentV2 Concept Comment As PublishedDeutsch (German, de)
ACK General acknowledgment messageGeneral acknowledgment message22Empfangsbestätigung
ADR ADT responseADT response3 - Deprecated3 - DeprecatedAntwort auf Anfrage bezüglich Aufnahme / Verlegung / Entlassung von Patienten
ARD Ancillary RPT (display) (for backward compatibility only)Ancillary RPT (display) (for backward compatibility only)2.9Befundbericht
ADT ADT messageADT message33Aufnahme / Entlassung / Verlegung
BAR Add/change billing accountAdd/change billing account66Hinzufügen / Ändern von Abrechnungsdaten
BPS Blood product dispense status messageBlood product dispense status message44
CNQ Cancel queryCancel query2.9Stornierung der Anfrage
BRP Blood product dispense status acknowledgement messageBlood product dispense status acknowledgement message44
BRT Blood product transfusion/disposition acknowledgement messageBlood product transfusion/disposition acknowledgement message44
BTS Blood product transfusion/disposition messageBlood product transfusion/disposition message44
CCF Collaborative Care FetchCollaborative Care Fetch77
CCI Collaborative Care InformationCollaborative Care Information77
CCM Collaborative Care MessageCollaborative Care Message77
CCQ Collaborative Care ReferralCollaborative Care Referral77
ERQ Event replay queryEvent replay query2.9
CCU Collaborative Care ReferralCollaborative Care Referral77
CQU Collaborative Care ReferralCollaborative Care Referral77
CRM Clinical study registration messageClinical study registration message77
CSU Unsolicited study data messageUnsolicited study data message77
EDR Enhanced display responseEnhanced display response2.9
DBC Create Donor RecordCreate Donor Record44
EQQ Embedded query language queryEmbedded query language query2.9
DBU Update Donor RecordUpdate Donor Record44
ERP Event replay responseEvent replay response2.9
DEL Donor EligibilityDonor Eligibility44
DEO Donor Eligibility ObservationDonor Eligibility Observation44
DER Donor Eligibility RequestDonor Eligibility Request44
DFT Detail financial transactionsDetail financial transactions66Einzelbuchung
DOC Document responseDocument response9 - Deprecated9 - Deprecated
DPR Donation ProcedureDonation Procedure44
DRC Donor Request to CollectDonor Request to Collect44
DSR Display responseDisplay response5 - Deprecated5 - DeprecatedAntwort im Anzeigeformat
MCF Delayed Acknowledgment (Retained for backward compatibility only)Delayed Acknowledgment (Retained for backward compatibility only)2.9Verzögerte Empfangsbestätigung (veraltet; ACK benutzen)
EAC Automated equipment command messageAutomated equipment command message1313
EAN Automated equipment notification messageAutomated equipment notification message1313
EAR Automated equipment response messageAutomated equipment response message1313
EHC Health Care InvoiceHealth Care Invoice1616
ESR Automated equipment status update acknowledgment messageAutomated equipment status update acknowledgment message1313
ESU Automated equipment status update messageAutomated equipment status update message1313
INR Automated equipment inventory request messageAutomated equipment inventory request message1313
INU Automated equipment inventory update messageAutomated equipment inventory update message1313
LSR Automated equipment log/service request messageAutomated equipment log/service request message1313
LSU Automated equipment log/service update messageAutomated equipment log/service update message1313
MDM Medical document managementMedical document management99
MFD Master files delayed application acknowledgmentMaster files delayed application acknowledgment8 - Deprecated8 - DeprecatedVerzögerte Empfangsbestätigung für Stammdateiänderung
MFK Master files application acknowledgmentMaster files application acknowledgment88Empfangsbestätigung für Stammdateiänderung
MFN Master files notificationMaster files notification88Stammdateiänderung
MFQ Master files queryMaster files query8 - Deprecated8 - Deprecated
MFR Master files responseMaster files response8 - Deprecated8 - DeprecatedAntwort auf Stammdateianfrage
NMD Application management data messageApplication management data message1414Asynchrone Statusmeldung eines Systems
NMQ Application management query messageApplication management query message14 - Deprecated14 - DeprecatedAnfrage / Kommando an ein anderes System im Netz
NMR Application management response messageApplication management response message14 - Deprecated14 - DeprecatedAntwort auf Anfrage / Kommando
OMB Blood product order messageBlood product order message44
OMD Dietary orderDietary order44
OMG General clinical order messageGeneral clinical order message44allgemeiner Auftrag
OMI Imaging orderImaging order44Auftrag für bildgebende Untersuchung
ROC Request clinical informationRequest clinical information2.9
ROD Request pateint demographicsRequest pateint demographics2.9
OML Laboratory order messageLaboratory order message44Laborauftrag
OMN Non-stock requisition order messageNon-stock requisition order message44
OMP Pharmacy/treatment order messagePharmacy/treatment order message44
OMQ General order message with document payloadGeneral order message with document payload44
OMS Stock requisition order messageStock requisition order message44
OPL Population/Location-Based Laboratory Order MessagePopulation/Location-Based Laboratory Order Message44
OPR Population/Location-Based Laboratory Order Acknowledgment MessagePopulation/Location-Based Laboratory Order Acknowledgment Message44
OPU Unsolicited Population/Location-Based Laboratory Observation MessageUnsolicited Population/Location-Based Laboratory Observation Message77
ORA Observation Report AcknowledgmentObservation Report Acknowledgment77
ORB Blood product order acknowledgement messageBlood product order acknowledgement message44
ORD Dietary order acknowledgment messageDietary order acknowledgment message44
ORF Query for results of observationQuery for results of observation7 - Deprecated7 - DeprecatedAnfrage nach Untersuchungsergebnissen
ORG General clinical order acknowledgment messageGeneral clinical order acknowledgment message44
ORI Imaging order acknowledgement messageImaging order acknowledgement message44
ORL Laboratory acknowledgment message (unsolicited)Laboratory acknowledgment message (unsolicited)77
ORM Pharmacy/treatment order messagePharmacy/treatment order message4 - Deprecated4 - DeprecatedAuftrag / Verordnung
ORN Non-stock requisition - General order acknowledgment messageNon-stock requisition - General order acknowledgment message44
ORP Pharmacy/treatment order acknowledgment messagePharmacy/treatment order acknowledgment message44
ORR General order response message response to any ORMGeneral order response message response to any ORM4 - Deprecated4 - DeprecatedEmpfangsbestätigung von der Anwendung für einen Auftrag
ORS Stock requisition - Order acknowledgment messageStock requisition - Order acknowledgment message44
ORU Unsolicited transmission of an observation messageUnsolicited transmission of an observation message77Nicht angeforderte Untersuchungsergebnisse
ORX General Order Message with Document Payload AcknowledgementGeneral Order Message with Document Payload Acknowledgement44
OSM Specimen Shipment MessageSpecimen Shipment Message77
OSQ Query response for order statusQuery response for order status4 - Deprecated4 - DeprecatedAnfrage nach Auftragsstatus
OSR Query response for order statusQuery response for order status4 - Deprecated4 - Deprecated
OSU Order status updateOrder status update44
OUL Unsolicited laboratory observation messageUnsolicited laboratory observation message77
PEX Product experience messageProduct experience message77
PGL Patient goal messagePatient goal message1212
PIN Patient insurance informationPatient insurance information1111
PMU Add personnel recordAdd personnel record1515
PPG Patient pathway message (goal-oriented)Patient pathway message (goal-oriented)1212
PPP Patient pathway message (problem-oriented)Patient pathway message (problem-oriented)1212
PPR Patient problem messagePatient problem message1212
PPT Patient pathway goal-oriented responsePatient pathway goal-oriented responseDeprecatedDeprecated
PPV Patient goal responsePatient goal responseDeprecatedDeprecated
PRR Patient problem responsePatient problem responseDeprecatedDeprecated
PTR Patient pathway problem-oriented responsePatient pathway problem-oriented responseDeprecatedDeprecated
QBP Query by parameterQuery by parameter55
QCK Query general acknowledgmentDeferred query5 - Deprecated5 - Deprecated
QCN Cancel queryCancel query55
QRY Query, original modeQuery, original mode33Anfrage
QSB Create subscriptionCreate subscription55
QSX Cancel subscription/acknowledge messageCancel subscription/acknowledge message55
QVR Query for previous eventsQuery for previous events55
RAR Pharmacy/treatment administration informationPharmacy/treatment administration information4 - Deprecated4 - DeprecatedAntwort auf Anfrage bezüglich Verabreichung von Medikamenten
RAS Pharmacy/treatment administration messagePharmacy/treatment administration message44Erfolgte Verabreichung von Medikamenten
RCI Return clinical informationReturn clinical information1111
RCL Return clinical listReturn clinical list1111
RQQ Event replay queryEvent replay query2.9
RDE Pharmacy/treatment encoded order messagePharmacy/treatment encoded order message44Medikamentenverordnung (Apotheke)
RDR Pharmacy/treatment dispense informationPharmacy/treatment dispense information44Antwort auf Anfrage bezüglich Abgabe von Medikamenten
RDS Pharmacy/treatment dispense messagePharmacy/treatment dispense message44Abgabe von Medikamenten
RDY Display based responseDisplay based response55
REF Patient referralPatient referral1111Überweisung eines Patienten
RER Pharmacy/treatment encoded order informationPharmacy/treatment encoded order information4 - Deprecated4 - DeprecatedAntwort auf Anfrage bezüglich Medikamentenverordnung (Apotheke)
RGR Pharmacy/treatment dose informationPharmacy/treatment dose information4 - Deprecated4 - DeprecatedAntwort auf Anfrage bezüglich Verabreichungsvorschrift für Medikamente
RGV Pharmacy/treatment give messagePharmacy/treatment give message44Verabreichungsvorschrift für Medikamente
ROR Pharmacy/treatment order responsePharmacy/treatment order response4 - Deprecated4 - DeprecatedAntwort auf Anfrage bezüglich Medikamentenverordnung
SPQ Stored procedure requestStored procedure request2.9
RPA Return patient authorizationReturn patient authorization1111
RPI Return patient informationReturn patient information1111
RPL Return patient display listReturn patient display list1111
RPR Return patient listReturn patient list1111
RQA Request patient authorizationRequest patient authorization1111
RQC Request clinical informationRequest clinical information1111
RQI Request patient informationRequest patient information1111
RQP Request patient demographicsRequest patient demographics1111
RRA Pharmacy/treatment administration acknowledgment messagePharmacy/treatment administration acknowledgment message44Empfangsbestätigung für Verabreichungsmeldung
RRD Pharmacy/treatment dispense acknowledgment messagePharmacy/treatment dispense acknowledgment message44Empfangsbestätigung für Abgabemeldung
RRE Pharmacy/treatment encoded order acknowledgment messagePharmacy/treatment encoded order acknowledgment message44Empfangsbestätigung für Verordnung (Apotheke)
RRG Pharmacy/treatment give acknowledgment messagePharmacy/treatment give acknowledgment message44Empfangsbestätigung für Verabreichungsvorschrift
VQQ Virtual table queryVirtual table query2.9
RRI Return referral informationReturn referral information1111
RSP Segment pattern responseSegment pattern response55
RTB Tabular responseTabular response55
SCN Notification of Anti-Microbial Device Cycle DataNotification of Anti-Microbial Device Cycle Data1717
SDN Notification of Anti-Microbial Device DataNotification of Anti-Microbial Device Data1717
SDR Sterilization anti-microbial device data requestSterilization anti-microbial device data request1717
SET Specimen Event TrackingThis message type is used to report how the specimen moves through its lifecycle from collection, identification, transport, acceptance or rejection, processing to storage and disposition.
SIU Schedule information unsolicitedSchedule information unsolicited1010
SLN Notification of New Sterilization LotNotification of New Sterilization Lot1717
SLR Sterilization lot requestSterilization lot request1717
SMD Sterilization anti-microbial device cycle data requestSterilization anti-microbial device cycle data request1717
SQM Schedule query messageSchedule query message10 - Deprecated10 - Deprecated
SQR Schedule query responseSchedule query response10 - Deprecated10 - Deprecated
SRM Schedule request messageSchedule request message1010
SRR Scheduled request responseScheduled request response1010
SSR Specimen status request messageSpecimen status request message1313
SSU Specimen status update messageSpecimen status update message1313
STC Notification of Sterilization ConfigurationNotification of Sterilization Configuration1717
STI Sterilization item requestSterilization item request1717
SUR Summary product experience reportSummary product experience report7 - Deprecated7 - Deprecated
TBR Tabular data responseTabular data response5 - Deprecated5 - Deprecated
TCR Automated equipment test code settings request messageAutomated equipment test code settings request message1313
TCU Automated equipment test code settings update messageAutomated equipment test code settings update message1313
UDM Unsolicited display update messageUnsolicited display update message55Nicht angeforderte Nachricht im Anzeigeformat
VXQ Query for vaccination recordQuery for vaccination record4 - Deprecated4 - Deprecated
VXR Vaccination record responseVaccination record response4 - Deprecated4 - Deprecated
VXU Unsolicited vaccination record updateUnsolicited vaccination record update44
VXX Response for vaccination query with multiple PID matchesResponse for vaccination query with multiple PID matches4 -Deprecated4 -Deprecated


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