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CodeSystem: EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset


Defining URL:http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/EPSG-GeodeticParameterDataset
Title:EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset
Status:Retired as of 2019-03-20T00:00:00-04:00

Description: The EPSG (European Petroleum Survey Group) dataset represents all Datums, coordinate references (projected and 2D geographic) and coordinate systems (including Cartesian coordinate systems) used in surveying worldwide. Each record includes a 4-8 digit unique identifier. The current version is available from http://www.epsg.org/. The database contains over 4000 records covering spatial data applications worldwide.

Deprecation Comment: This has been superceded by the two code systems EPSG-CRS and EPSG-CA

Publisher:TBD - External Body
Content:Not Present: None of the concepts defined by the code system are included in the code system resource
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.6.242 (for OID based terminology systems)
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:

This code system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/EPSG-GeodeticParameterDataset defines many codes, but they are not represented here


2020-10-26deprecateTed KleinVocabulary WGdeprecationEffectiveVersion=623-20081218 This Code System was deprecated (retired) as of the Vocabulary Model version shown. This has been superceded by the two code systems EPSG-CRS and EPSG-CA.