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Example Observation: MCHC Example

This example may lack required data for laboratory results transmitted by a laboratory certified to perform testing on human specimens under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA). Specifics on the CLIA Regulation can be found at

Generated Narrative: Observation

Resource Observation "mchc" Version "879" Updated "2016-03-09 15:29:57+0000"

Profile: US Core Laboratory Result Observation Profile

status: final

category: Laboratory (Observation Category Codes#laboratory)

code: MCHC RBC Auto-mCnc (LOINC#786-4)

subject: Patient/example: Amy Shaw " SHAW"

effective: 2005-07-05

value: 34.7 g/dL


*30.0 g/dL (Details: UCUM code g/dL = 'g/dL')34.0 g/dL (Details: UCUM code g/dL = 'g/dL')Normal Range (Observation Reference Range Meaning Codes#normal)