Implementation Guide (Release 1.2.0)

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Examples: MedicationStatement-derivedfrom-mr-test2-3


Generated Narrative

id: derivedfrom-mr-test2-3

status: completed

medication: simvastatin 10mg Tablet

subject: Brian Z. Generated Summary: id: test2; Medical Record Number: 1032702 (USUAL); active; Brian Z ; ph: 555-555-5555(HOME); gender: male; birthDate: 1964-01-05

effective: 2015-06-12 --> 2016-01-15

dateAsserted: Mar 15, 2017, 11:07:59 PM

informationSource: Dr Cayr

derivedFrom: Generated Summary: id: test2-3; status: completed; intent: order; simvastatin 10mg Tablet; authoredOn: 2015-06-12; Hypercholesterolemia (disorder);

reasonCode: Hypercholesterolemia (disorder)