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Defines common extensions used with or related to the ValueSet resource
valueset-definitiondefinition :

A display name that describes the meaning of this code when used as part of this value set.

valueset-commentscomments :

A comment that explains how this code is used in this context (where the value set is expected to be used).

valueset-otherNameotherName :

Human readable names for the valueset.

valueset-sourceReferencesourceReference :

This text is intended to act as a citation to work done elsewhere that is not part of the current stewarding process where the referenced source is in some way a basis of the current value set definition.

valueset-keyWordkeyWord :

Word or words used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of the value set.

valueset-usageusage :

Consumers of the value set and the implementations, projects or standards that the author has utilized the value set in.

valueset-workflowStatusworkflowStatus :

Workflow Status is used to represent details of the value set development process while the value set has an Activity Status of Preliminary. The development of a value set often follows a formal workflow process from initiation to completion, and this element carries the state variable for this state machine. The assumption is that when first created a value set would have a workflow state of Draft. Additional workflow states may be used.

valueset-effectiveDateeffectiveDate :

This is the first date-time when the value set version becomes active, so this value is present on Inactive value set versions as well. The start Date_time is expected to be as of 0001 UTC of the Effective Date.

valueset-expirationDateexpirationDate :

The date when the value set version is no longer expected to be used to create new content. This is the first date-time when the value set version becomes Inactive, so this value SHALL present on all Inactive value set versions. The start Date_time is expected to be as of 0001 UTC of the Expiration Date.

valueset-authorauthor :

User or Org actually involved in creating the value set content.

valueset-commentcomment :

Each comment is a time-stamped entry of arbitrary length that is not editable except by anyone in the author group.

valueset-trusted-expansiontrusted-expansion :

Indicates an authoritative source for performing value set expansions.

valueset-historyhistory :

Information on changes made to the Value Set Definition over time and a contained audit trail of all such changes.

valueset-labellabel :

The label to list in front of a code when presenting a list of possible values in a questionnaire-like fashion.

valueset-ordinalValueordinalValue :

A numeric value that allows the comparison (less than, greater than) or other numerical manipulation of a concept (e.g. Adding up components of a score).

valueset-conceptOrderconceptOrder :

Identifies the relative order in which concepts within the value set should be presented to a user.

valueset-systemNamesystemName :

The human-readable name for the code system.

valueset-systemRefsystemRef :

The formal URI for the code system. I.e. ValueSet.codeSystem.system (or its equivalent).

valueset-caseSensitivecaseSensitive :

If this a case sensitive code.

valueset-referencereference :

A logical reference (e.g. a reference to ValueSet.url) that identifies the value set/version that identifies the set of possible coded values this coding was chosen from or constrained by.

valueset-expansionSourceexpansionSource :

The logical URL of the ValueSet definition that was used to generate this expansion.

valueset-unclosedunclosed :

Marks that the expansion is incomplete, and values other than those listed may be valid. This may be used because post-coordinated codes are allowed, and no practical expansion can be produced.

valueset-toocostlytoocostly :

Marks that the expansion is incomplete, because the full value set is too large to represent, and the client asked for an incomplete fragment.

valueset-mapmap :

A reference to a concept map that is relevant for the interpretation of this value set.

valueset-warningwarning :

An extra warning about the correct use of the value set.

valueset-systemsystem :

Allows a direct reference to the code system for FHIR query.

Search parameters defined by this package. See Searching for more information about searching in REST, messaging, and services.

authorstringOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#authorXML / JSON
effectivedateOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#effectiveDateXML / JSON
enddateOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#expirationDateXML / JSON
keywordstringOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#keyWordXML / JSON
workflowtokenOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#workflowStatusXML / JSON