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Title:v3 Code System EntityCode

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0_MaterialEntityClassTypeMaterialEntityClassTypeTypes of Material for EntityClass "MAT"
1  _ContainerEntityTypeContainerEntityTypeMaterial intended to hold another material for purpose of storage or transport.
2    PKGPackageA material intended to hold other materials for purposes of storage or transportation
3      _NonRigidContainerEntityTypeNonRigidContainerEntityTypeA container having dimensions that adjust somewhat based on the amount and shape of the material placed within it.
4        BAGBagA pouched or pendulous container.
4        PACKTPacketA paper
4        PCHPouchA small bag or container made of a soft material.
4        SACHSachetA small bag or packet containing a small portion of a substance.
3      _RigidContainerEntityTypeRigidContainerEntityTypeA container having a fixed and inflexible dimensions and volume
4        _IndividualPackageEntityTypeIndividualPackageEntityTypeContainer intended to contain sufficient material for only one use.
5          AMPAmpuleA small sealed glass container that holds a measured amount of a medicinal substance.
5          MINIMMinimIndividually dosed ophthalmic solution. One time eye dropper dispenser.
5          NEBAMPNebuampIndividually dosed inhalation solution.
5          OVULOvuleA container either glass or plastic and a narrow neck, for storing liquid.
4        _MultiUseContainerEntityTypeMultiUseContainerEntityTypeA container intended to contain sufficient material for more than one use. (I.e. Material is intended to be removed from the container at more than one discrete time period.)
5          BOTBottleA container, typically rounded, either glass or plastic with a narrow neck and capable of storing liquid.
6            BOTAAmber BottleA bottle of yellow to brown color. Used to store light-sensitive materials
6            BOTDDropper BottleA bottle with a cap designed to release the contained liquid in droplets of a specific size.
6            BOTGGlass BottleA bottle made of glass
6            BOTPPlastic BottleA bottle made of plastic
7              BOTPLYPolyethylene BottleA bottle made of polyethylene
5          BOXBoxA 6-sided container commonly made from paper or cardboard used for solid forms.
5          CANCanA metal container in which a material is hermetically sealed to enable storage over long periods.
5          CARTCartridgeA sealed container of liquid or powder intended to be loaded into a device.
5          CNSTRCanisterA pressurized metal container holding a substance released as a spray or aerosol.
5          JARJarA container of glass, earthenware, plastic, etc. Top of the container has a diameter of similar size to the diameter of the container as a whole
5          JUGJugA deep vessel for holding liquids, with a handle and often with a spout or lip shape for pouring.
5          TINTinA lidded container made of thin sheet metal.
5          TUBTubAn open flat bottomed round container.
5          TUBETubeA long hollow rigid or flexible cylinder. Material is extruded by squeezing the container.
5          VIALVialA small cylindrical glass for holding liquid medicines.
4        BLSTRPKBlister PackA bubblepack. Medications sealed individually, separated into doses.
5          CARDCardA bubble pack card. Multiple individual/separated doses.
3      COMPPKGCompliance PackageA container intended to contain sufficient material for more than one use, but grouped or organized to provide individual access to sufficient material for a single use. Often used to ensure that the proper type and amount of material is consumed/expended for each use.
4        DIALPKDial PackRotatable dispenser. Eg. Birth control package.
4        DISKDiskObject that is thin, flat, and circular. Doses of medication often contained in bubbles on the disk.
4        DOSETDosetteSpecial packaging that will help patients take their medications on a regular basis.
4        STRIPStripA continuous strip of plastic sectioned into individual pouches, each one containing the quantity of 1 or more medications intended to be administered at a specific time
3      KITKitA container for a diverse collection of products intended to be used together for some purpose (e.g. Medicinal kits often contain a syringe, a needle and the injectable medication).
4        SYSTMSystemA kit in which the components are interconnected.
1  _MedicalDeviceMedicalDeviceA device with direct or indirect therapeutic purpose. Values for EntityCode when EntityClass = "DEV"
2    _AccessMedicalDeviceAccessMedicalDeviceA device used to allow access to a part of a body
3      LINELineA hollow tube used to administer a substance into a vein, artery or body cavity
4        IALINEIntra-arterial LineA line used to administer a substance into an artery
4        IVLINEIntraveneous LineA line used to administer a substance into a vein
2    _AdministrationMedicalDeviceAdministrationMedicalDeviceA device intended to administer a substance to a subject
3      _InjectionMedicalDeviceInjectionMedicalDeviceA device intended to administer liquid into a subject via a
4        AINJAutoInjectorAutomatically injects medication.
4        PENPenA device which can contain a cartridge for injection purposes. Eg. Insulin pen.
4        SYRSyringeA barrel with a plunger.
3      APLCTRApplicatorA device used to apply a liquid or powder to a surface.
3      INHInhalerA small device used for inhaling medicine in the form of a vapour or gas in order to ease a respiratory condition such as asthma or to relieve nasal congestion.
4        DSKSDiskusThe device used to inhale the doses of medication contained in the disk form.
4        DSKUNHDiskhalerThe device used to inhale the doses of medication contained in the disk form.
4        TRBINHTurbuhalerAsthma medication delivery device.
3      PMPPumpA device that is used to raise, compress, or transfer liquids or gases and is operated by a piston or similar mechanism.
1  _SpecimenAdditiveEntitySpecimenAdditiveEntitySet of codes related to specimen additives
2    ACDAACD Solution AACD Solution A of trisodium citrate, 22.0g/L; citric acid, 8.0 g/L; and dextrose 24.5 g/L. Used in Blood banking and histocompatibilty testing
2    ACDBACD Solution BACD Solution B of trisodium citrate, 13.2g/L; citric acid, 4.8 g/L; and dextrose 14.7 g/L. Used in Blood banking and histocompatibilty testing.
2    ACETAcetic Acid50% V/V acetic acid in water. Used as a urine preservative
2    AMIESAmies transport mediumSodium Chloride 3.0g, Potassium Chloride 0.2g, Calcium Chloride 0.1g, Magnesium Chloride 0.1g, Monopotassium Phosphate 0.2g, Disodium Phosphate 1.15g, Sodium Thiogly collate 1.0g, Distilled Water 1 liter
2    BACTMBacterial Transport mediumAny medium used to maintain bacterial viability (e.g. Stuart's, Cary-Blair, Amies)
2    BF10Buffered 10% formalinFormaldehyde 4% w/v; methyl alcohol 1% w/v; phosphate buffering salts. Tissue preservative
2    BORBoric AcidPowdered boric acid (usually 10 g) added to 24-hour urine collections as a preservative.
2    BOUINBouin's solutionPicric acid, saturated aqueous solution (750.0 ml), 37-40% formalin (250.0 ml), glacial acetic acid (50.0 ml). Tissue preservative.
2    BSKMBuffered skim milk50% skim milk in 0.01 M phosphate-buffered saline. Maintain virus viability
2    C323.2% CitrateA 3.2% solution of Sodium Citrate in water. Used as a blood preservative
2    C383.8% CitrateA 3.8% solution of Sodium Citrate in water. Used as a blood preservative
2    CARSCarson's Modified 10% formalinA modification of buffered 10% formalin used as a general tissue preservative.
2    CARYCary Blair MediumSodium Thioglycollate 1.5 g, Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate 1.1 g, Sodium Chloride 5.0 g, Calcium Chloride 0.09 g, Agar 5.0 g, per Liter of Water
2    CHLTMChlamydia transport mediumAny of a number of non-nutritive buffered media used to maintain Chlamydia viability during transportation to the laboratory
2    CTADCTADBuffered tri-sodium citrate solution with theophylline, adenosine and dipyridamole
2    EDTK15Potassium/K EDTA 15%Potassium EDTA 15% solution in water
2    EDTK75Potassium/K EDTA 7.5%Potassium EDTA 7.5% solution in water
2    EDTNSodium/Na EDTASodium fluoride and Disodium EDTA
2    ENTEnteric bacteria transport mediumAny of a number of non-nutritive buffered media used to maintain enteric bacterial viability during transportation to the laboratory
2    F1010% FormalinA 10% v/v solution in water of formalin( a 37% solution of formaldehyde and water). Used for tissue preservation.
2    FDPThrombin NIH; soybean trypsin inhibitorThrombin plus soybean trypsin inhibitor. For use in identifying fibrn degredation products.
2    FL10Sodium Fluoride, 10mgSodium fluoride, 10mg added as a urine preservative.
2    FL100Sodium Fluoride, 100mgSodium fluoride, 100mg added as a urine preservative.
2    HCL66N HCLA solution of HCl containing 6moles of hydrogen ion/L. Used as a Urine Preservative.
2    HEPAAmmonium heparinAmmonium heparin
2    HEPLLithium/Li HeparinLithium heparin salt
2    HEPNSodium/Na HeparinSodium heparin salt
2    HNO3Nitric Acid6N Nitric acid used to preserve urine for heavy metal analysis.
2    JKMJones Kendrick MediumA transport medium formulated to maintain Bordetella pertussis viability.
2    KARNKarnovsky's fixative5% Glutaraldehyde, 4% Formaldehyde in 0.08M buffer. Tissue preservation
2    KOXPotassium OxalatePotassium oxalate and sodium fluoride in a 1.25:1 ratio
2    LIALithium iodoacetateIodoacetate lithium salt
2    M4M4Modified Hank's balanced salt solution supplemented with bovine serum albumin, gelatin, sucrose and glutamic acid. It is buffered to pH 7.3+ or - 0.2 with HEPES buffer. Phenol red is used to indicate pH. Vancomycin, Amphotericin B and Colistin are used to
2    M4RTM4-RTModified Hank's balanced salt solution supplemented with bovine serum albumin, gelatin, sucrose and glutamic acid. It is buffered to pH 7.3+ or - 0.2 with Hepes buffer. Phenol red is used to indicate pH. Gentamicin and amphotericin B are used to inhibit c
2    M5M5Modified Hank's balanced salt solution supplemented with protein stabilizers, sucrose and glutamic acid. It is buffered to pH 7.3+ or - 0.2 with Hepes buffer. Phenol red is used to indicate pH. Vancomycin, Amphotericin B and Colistin are used to inhibit c
2    MICHTMMichel's transport medium1M potassium citrate, pH 7.0 2.5 ml, 0.1M magnesium sulfate 5.0 ml, 0.1M N-ethyl malemide 5.0 ml, dH2O 87.5 ml, ammonium sulfate 55gm. Preserve antigens for Immunofluorescence procedures
2    MMDTMMMD transport mediumA buffered medium with ammonium sulfate added to preserve antigens for Immunofluorescence procedures
2    NAFSodium FluorideSodium fluoride
2    NONENoneNo additive. Specifically identifes the specimen as having no additives.
2    PAGEPage's Saline0.12 g NaCl, 0.004 g MgSO, 0.004 g, CaCl, 0.142 g Na2HPO4 and 0.136 g KH2PO4 per liter of distilled water. Maintain Acanthaoemba viability.
2    PHENOLPhenolPhenol. Urine preservative
2    PVAPolyvinylalcoholPolyvinyl alcohol
2    RLMReagan Lowe MediumA transport medium formulated to maintain Bordetella pertussis viability.
2    SILICASiliceous earthDiatomaceous earth. For glucose determination blood samples
2    SPSSodium polyanethol sulfonate 0.35% in 0.85% sodium chlorideSodium polyanethol sulfonate in saline. Anticomplementary and antiphagocytic properties. Used in blood culture collection.
2    SSTSerum Separator TubePolymer separator gel with clot activator
2    STUTMStuart transport mediumSodium Glycerophosphate 10.0g, Calcium Chloride 0.1g, Mercaptoacetic Acid 1.0ml, Distilled Water 1 liter
2    THROMThrombinThrombin. Accelerates clotting.
2    THYMOLThymol2-Isopropyl-5-methyl phenol. A preservative for 24 Hr Urine samples
2    THYOThyoglycolate brothA nutritive medium with a reducing agent (sodium thioglycolate) which, due to a chemical reaction, removes oxygen from the broth.
2    TOLUTolueneAlso known as Methylbenzene; Toluol; Phenylmethane. A preservative for 24 Hr Urine samples
2    URETMUreaplasma transport mediumA buffered salt solution with antifungal agents added for the collection and transport of Ureaplasma specimens.
2    VIRTMViral Transport mediumSucrose 74.6g, Potassium hydrogenphosphate 0.52g, L-glutamic acid 0.72g, Bovine serum albumin 5.0g, Gentamicin 50mg, Potassium dihydrogenphosphate 1.25g, L-15 medium 9.9L, Water to 10L. Maintain Virus viability.
2    WESTBuffered Citrate3.8% Citrate buffered to a pH of 5.5 for Westergren Sedimentation Rate
1  BLDPRDBlood ProductA manufactured product that is produced from the raw blood oi a donor with the intention of using it in a recipient transfusion.
1  VCCNEVaccineA Type of medicine that creates an immune protection without the recipient experiencing the disease.
1  _DrugEntityDrugEntityA substance whose therapeutic effect is produced by chemical action within the body.
2    _ClinicalDrugClinicalDrugAny substance or mixture of substances manufactured, sold or represented for use in: (a) the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of a disease, disorder, abnormal physical state, or its symptoms, in human beings or animals; (b) restoring, correcting or modifying organic functions in human beings or animals.
0_NonDrugAgentEntityNonDrugAgentEntityIndicates types of allergy and intolerance agents which are non-drugs. (E.g. foods, latex, etc.)
1  NDA01eggegg
1  NDA02fishfish
1  NDA03lactoselactose
1  NDA04peanutpeanut
1  NDA05soysoy
1  NDA06sulfitessulfites
1  NDA07wheat or glutenwheat or gluten
1  NDA08isocyanatesisocyanates
1  NDA09solventssolvents
1  NDA10oilsoils
1  NDA11venomsvenoms
1  NDA12latexlatex
1  NDA13shellfishshellfish
1  NDA14strawberriesstrawberries
1  NDA15tomatoestomatoes
1  NDA16dustdust
1  NDA17dust mitesdust mites
0_OrganizationEntityTypeOrganizationEntityTypeFurther classifies entities of classCode ORG.
1  HHOLDhouseholdThe group of persons who occupy a single housing unit.
1  NATNationEntityTypeCodes identifying nation states. Allows for finer grained specification of Entity with classcode <= NAT Example:ISO3166 country codes.
1  RELIGreligious institutionAn organization that provides religious rites of worship.
0_PlaceEntityTypePlaceEntityTypeTypes of places for EntityClass "PLC"
1  BEDBed LocationThe location of a bed
1  BLDGBuilding LocationThe location of a building
1  FLOORFloor LocationThe location of a floor of a building
1  ROOMRoom LocationThe location of a room
1  WINGWing LocationThe location of a wing of a building (e.g. East Wing). The same room number for the same floor number can be distinguished by wing number in some situations
0_ResourceGroupEntityTypeResourceGroupEntityTypeCodes to characterize a Resource Group using categories that typify its membership and/or function . Example: PractitionerGroup
1  PRACPractitionerGroupPractitionerGroup