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Generated Narrative

Resource "gcs"


title: Glasgow Coma Score

status: draft

subjectType: Patient

date: 2015-08-03

publisher: FHIR Project team

code: Glasgow coma score total (Details: LOINC code 9269-2 = 'Glasgow coma score total', stated as 'null')


linkId: 1.1

code: Glasgow coma score verbal (Details: LOINC code 9270-0 = 'Glasgow coma score verbal', stated as 'null')

type: coding

answerValueSet: #verbal


linkId: 1.2

code: Glasgow coma score motor (Details: LOINC code 9268-4 = 'Glasgow coma score motor', stated as 'null')

type: coding

answerValueSet: #motor


linkId: 1.3

code: Glasgow coma score eye opening (Details: LOINC code 9267-6 = 'Glasgow coma score eye opening', stated as 'null')

type: coding

answerValueSet: #eye


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