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OPERATION: get-ws-binding-token

The official URL for this operation definition is:

This operation is used to get a token for a websocket client to use in order to bind to one or more subscriptions.

URL: [base]/Subscription/$get-ws-binding-token

URL: [base]/Subscription/[id]/$get-ws-binding-token



At the Resource level, one or more parameters containing one or more comma-delimited FHIR ids of Subscriptions to get tokens for. In the absense of any specified ids, the server returns tokens for all Subscriptions available to the caller with a channel-type of websocket. At the Instance level, this parameter is ignored.


The returned Parameters MUST include a valueString named "token" and a valueDateTime named "expiration". The returned Parameters MAY include a valueString named "subscriptions" with a comma-delimited list of subscriptions covered by this token.



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