Release 5 Preview #2
Vocabulary Work GroupMaturity Level: 1Standards Status: Trial Use
SourceMedication Reference Terminology - prepared by Veterans Health Administration , and distributed as part of UMLS by the NLM (direct link )
VersionUse the date of the UMLS release as the version of MED-RT (if a version is desired).
CodeThe NUI is used for the code value for an MED-RT concept
DisplayThe concept name should be used as the display.
InactiveThere are no codes that are inactive.
SubsumptionSubsumption testing is based on the Is-a relationship defined by MED-RT
Filter PropertiesNone are described yet.

MED-RT is released as part of UMLS. Therefore, each successive release has the date of the UMLS release as its version.

MED-RT has no copyright acknowledgement required. However, users must adhere to the UMLS license.

This section documents the property filters that can be used with the MED-RT code system in value set composition statements (ValueSet.compose).

DescriptionSelect a set of concepts based on subsumption testing
Property Nameconcept
Operations Allowedis-a
Values AllowedNUI
CommentsIncludes all concepts that have a transitive is-a relationship with the concept Id provided in the value as an NUI (including the concept itself)

No need for implicit value sets identified yet.