CH Core (R4)
2.1.0 - CI build Switzerland flag

CH Core (R4), published by HL7 Switzerland. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.1.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

: ChCoreEncounterParticipationType - XML Representation

Active as of 2020-04-06

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<ValueSet xmlns="">
  <id value="ch-core-encounter-participation-type"/>
    <status value="extensions"/>
    <div xmlns=""><p>This value set includes codes based on the following rules:</p><ul><li>Import all the codes that are contained in <a href=""></a></li><li>Include these codes as defined in <a href=""><code></code></a><table class="none"><tr><td style="white-space:nowrap"><b>Code</b></td><td><b>Display</b></td><td><b>Definition</b></td></tr><tr><td><a href="">PCP</a></td><td>primary care physician</td><td>The healthcare provider that holds primary responsibility for the overall care of a patient.</td></tr></table></li></ul></div>
  <version value="2.1.0"/>
  <name value="ChCoreEncounterParticipationType"/>
  <title value="ChCoreEncounterParticipationType"/>
  <status value="active"/>
  <experimental value="false"/>
  <date value="2020-04-06"/>
  <publisher value="HL7 Switzerland"/>
    <name value="HL7 Switzerland"/>
      <system value="url"/>
      <value value=""/>
               value="This value set defines a set of codes that can be used to indicate how an individual participates in an encounter. In Switzerland the primary care physician is added to the extensible base ValueSet."/>
      <system value="urn:iso:std:iso:3166"/>
      <code value="CH"/>
  <copyright value="CC-BY-SA-4.0"/>
      <valueSet value=""/>
        <code value="PCP"/>
        <display value="primary care physician"/>