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Prescribed branded medication is changed by another branded medication from the same VOS-cluster

Example 1. Prescribed branded medication is changed by another branded medication from the same VOS-cluster

This example shows a prescription that is made by brand name and the pharmacist changes the brand name for another brand name in the same VOS - Cluster.

  • After a GP visit, the patient Pia Peters is prescribed Amlor hard capsules daily for hypertension.
  • When reaching the pharmacy for dispense, the pharmacy does not have Amlor now but dispenses Amlodipin Sandoz instead.
  • It is possible to capture that the original prescription was Amlor but the dispense was Amlodipin Sandoz.
  • This could enable a medication summary that can for example group treatment lines, enabling the visualization of the prescription and related dispenses next to each other.

Prescriptions attributes

  1. Produt Identification - medication
    • VOS - amlodipine oraal 5 mg [CAVE deelb.] (1701)
    • mppcv - Amlor harde caps. 98x 5mg (2837409)
  2. Dosage - dosageInstruction

  3. Reason for not prescribing VOS - substitution.allowed (F) and substitution.reason

  4. Date of the prescription - authoredOn

  5. Patient for whom the prescription is - subject

  6. Requester - requester

  7. Encounter - encounter

  8. Status (active) - status

Dispense attributes

  1. Produt Identification - medicationReference or medicationCodeableConcept
    • VOS - amlodipine oraal 5 mg [CAVE deelb.] (1701)
    • mppcv - Amlodipin Sandoz tabl. (deelb.) Besilaat 100x 5mg (2399640)
  2. Total quantity (30) - quantity

  3. Reason for change (out of stock) - note

  4. Identification of Prescription - authorizingPrescription

  5. Date of the dispense - whenHandedOver

  6. Dosage Instruction - dosageInstruction
  7. Subject - subject

  8. Dispenser - performer


  • The prescription starts a new treatment and treatmentline.
  • Meanwhile, the dispense occurs.
  • Since the active principle is the same, the dispense also goes into the same treatment line.

The final result of these interactions is:

Treatment Treatment LineDispenseAmlodipin SandozPrescriptionAmlor