QI-Core Implementation Guide: STU 4 (v4.0.0 for FHIR 4.0.0)

QI-Core Implementation Guide, Clinical Quality Improvement WG - CI build for vesion 4.0.0). This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/cqframework/qi-core/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

7.2.0 Allergy/Intolerance

This QDM to QI-Core Mapping for the QDM Datatype "Allergy/Intolerance" is updated from QDM 5.4 to QDM 5.5

Allergy is used to address immune-mediated reactions to a substance such as type 1 hypersensitivity reactions, other allergy-like reactions, including pseudo-allergy.

Intolerance is a record of a clinical assessment of a propensity, or a potential risk to an individual, to have a non-immune mediated adverse reaction on future exposure to the specified substance, or class of substance.

QDM Context QI-Core R4 Comments
Allergy/Intolerance AllergyIntolerance
AllergyIntolerance.type Defines difference between Allergy and Intolerance
AllergyIntolerance.clinicalStatus unconfirmed, confirmed, refuted, entered-in-error
AllergyIntolerance.category Food, medication, environment, biologic
QDM Attributes
Code AllergyIntolerance.code RxNorm
id AllergyIntolerance.id
Prevalence Period AllergyIntolerance.onset[x] QI-Core AllergyIntolerance includes a timing reference for onset and last occcurrence but resolutionAge is no longer available. Therefore, QI-Core allows reference to QDMs Allergy/Intolerance "prevalence period" start time but not end time.
author dateTime AllergyIntolerance.recordedDate
Type AllergyIntolerance.reaction
Severity AllergyIntolerance.reaction.severity mild, moderate, severe
AllergyIntolerance.criticality low, high, unable-to-assess
Recorder AllergyIntolerance.asserter