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eMediplan CHMED Implementation Guide, published by IG eMediplan. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.1.0). This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/ahdis/chmed/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

ConceptMap: CHEMEDUnitCode-to-CDTYP9

Official URL: http://chmed.emediplan.ch/fhir/ConceptMap/CHEMEDUnitCode-to-CDTYP9 Version: 2.1.0
Active as of 2022-08-12 Responsible: HCI Solutions AG Computable Name: UnitCodeMap

Copyright/Legal: CC-BY-SA-4.0

Mapping to describe the relationships between CH EMED UnitCode and CDTYP9

UnitCodeMap (http://chmed.emediplan.ch/fhir/ConceptMap/CHEMEDUnitCode-to-CDTYP9)

Mapping from http://fhir.ch/ig/ch-emed/ValueSet/UnitCode to (not specified)

ACTIVE. Published on 2022-08-12 08:03:41+0000 by HCI Solutions AG (IG eMediplan: http://www.emediplan.ch). CC-BY-SA-4.0

Mapping to describe the relationships between CH EMED UnitCode and CDTYP9

Source Concept DetailsRelationshipTarget Concept Details
Code from SNOMED CT (all versions)Code from CHMED Unit
732981002Actuation (unit of presentation)is equivalent toHubHub
732978007Ampule (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
732980001Applicatoris equivalent toApplApplikation
732982009Bag (unit of presentation)is equivalent toBtlBeutel
732983004Barrel(not mapped)
732984005Blister (unit of presentation)is equivalent toBlistBlister
732985006Block(not mapped)
732986007Bottle (unit of presentation)is equivalent toFlFlasche
732987003Cachet(not mapped)
732937005Capsule (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
732988008Cartridge (unit of presentation)is equivalent toPatrPatrone
732989000Chewing gum(not mapped)
732990009Container(not mapped)
732991008Cupis equivalent toMBMessbecher
732992001Cylinder(not mapped)
732993006Dressing(not mapped)
732994000Dropis equivalent togttTropfen
732995004Film(not mapped)
732996003Implant (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
732997007Inhaler(not mapped)
732998002Insert(not mapped)
732999005Jar(not mapped)
733001005Lyophilisate(not mapped)
733002003Matrix(not mapped)
733003008Pad(not mapped)
733004002Pastille(not mapped)
733005001Patch (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733006000Pen (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733007009Pessary (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733008004Pillule(not mapped)
733009007Pipette (unit of presentation)is equivalent toDosierpipDosierpipette
733010002Plaster (unit of presentation)is equivalent toPflPflaster
733011003Plug (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733012005Pouch (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733013000Sachet (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733014006Sponge (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733015007Spoonful (unit of presentation)is equivalent tonMLMesslöffel
733016008Stick(not mapped)
733017004Straw (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733018009Strip (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733019001Suppository (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733020007Syringeis equivalent toDosiersprDosierspritze
733021006System(not mapped)
732936001Tablet (unit of presentation)is equivalent totabletTablette
733022004Tampon (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
733023009Thread(not mapped)
733024003Tubeis equivalent toTbTube
733025002Vessel(not mapped)
733026001Vial (unit of presentation)(not mapped)
Source Concept DetailsRelationshipTarget Concept Details
Code from Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM)Code from CHMED Unit
%%is equivalent to%Prozent
BqBqis equivalent toBqBecquerel
kBqkBqis equivalent tokBqKilobecquerel
MBqMBqis equivalent toMBqMegabecquerel
GBqGBqis equivalent toGBqGigabecquerel
ngngis equivalent tongNanogramm
ugugis equivalent tomcgMikrogramm
mgmgis equivalent tomgMilligramm
ggis equivalent togGramm
kgkgis equivalent tokgKilogramm
kcalkcalis equivalent tokcalKilokalorie
kJkJis equivalent tokJKilojoule
meqmeq(not mapped)
umolumolis equivalent tomcmolMikromol
mmolmmolis equivalent tommolMillimol
molmolis equivalent tomolmol
nLnL(not mapped)
uLuLis equivalent tomclMikroliter
mLmLis equivalent tomlMilliliter
LLis equivalent toLLiter
mm2mm2(not mapped)
cmcm(not mapped)
cm2cm2(not mapped)
cm3cm3(not mapped)
ss(not mapped)
minmin(not mapped)
hhis equivalent tohStunde
ddis equivalent toTagTag
momois equivalent toMonatMonat
aais equivalent toJahrJahr
{Dose}{Dose}is equivalent toDosDosis
[tbs_m][tbs_m]is equivalent toELEsslöffel
10*6.{Unit}10*6.{Unit}is equivalent toMio UMio U
is equivalent toMUMillionen Einheiten
10*6.[iU]10*6.[iU]is equivalent toMio UIMio UI
[ppm][ppm](not mapped)
{Package}{Package}is equivalent toPckPackung
{Piece}{Piece}is equivalent toStkStück
[tsp_m][tsp_m]is equivalent toTLTeelöffel
10*3.{Unit}10*3.{Unit}is equivalent toTUTausend Einheiten
{Unit}{Unit}is equivalent toUEinheit
is equivalent toEEinheit
[iU][iU]is equivalent toUIInternationale Einheit
[CFU][CFU](not mapped)