Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD)
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CapabilityStatement: Document Source (publisher) implementing Comprehensive Metadata Option

Official URL: Version: 4.2.3-current
Active as of 2024-06-11 Computable Name: IHE_MHD_DocumentSource_Comprehensive

IHE ITI Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD) - Document Source (publisher) - with Comprehensive Metadata Option.

This is the Requirements CapabilityStatement for a Document Source with the Comprehensive Metadata Option declared Option. This actor must use Comprehensive Metadata Option. Note that XDS on FHIR Option requires the Comprehensive Metadata Option.

The Document Source uses the Provide Document Bundle ITI-65 to communicate metadata and documents to the Document Recipient.

Provide Document Bundle [ITI-65]Document SourceDocument Recipient1Request to publish documents [ITI-65]2validate content received3propigate to Grouped Actor (e.g. XDS Provide and Register)4Documents published [ITI-65]

Figure: Provide Document Bundle Interactions

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Document Source (publisher) implementing Comprehensive Metadata Option

  • Implementation Guide Version: 4.2.3-current
  • FHIR Version: 4.0.1
  • Supported Formats: application/fhir+xml, application/fhir+json
  • Supported Patch Formats:
  • Published on: 2024-06-11 14:45:39+0000
  • Published by: IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee

Note to Implementers: FHIR Capabilities

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FHIR RESTful Capabilities

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Recommend ATNA, encouraged IHE-IUA or SMART-on-FHIR

Summary of System-wide Interactions
  • Supports the transactioninteraction described as follows: