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Example Bundle: Example Provide Bundle with a FHIR-Document

Bundle ex-comprehensiveProvideDocumentBundleDocument of type transaction

Entry 1 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-e00333300001



Resource List:

SubmissionSet with Patient

Entry 2 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-e00333300002


POST DocumentReference

Resource DocumentReference:

Generated Narrative: DocumentReference

ResourceDocumentReference "aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-e00333300002"

Profile: MHD DocumentReference Comprehensive

Security Labels:

identifier: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)/urn:uuid:0c3151bd-1cbf-4d64-b04d-cd9187a4c6e0, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)/urn:uuid:7d5bb8ac-68ee-4926-85e7-b8aac8e1f09d (use: official)

status: CURRENT

type: Attending Discharge summary (LOINC#28655-9)

category: History of Immunization Narrative (LOINC#11369-6)

subject: Patient/ex-patient " SCHMIDT"


date: Feb 2, 2020, 4:50:50 AM



name: Adam Careful

securityLabel: normal (Confidentiality#N)



*application/fhir+jsonenurn:uuid:aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-e00333300003Discharge Summary from Responsible Clinician2013-05-28 22:12:21+0000

Dee Schmidt (no stated gender), DoB Unknown (

Generated Narrative: Practitioner #aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-e00333300006


name: Adam Careful

Entry 3 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-e00333300003


POST Bundle

Resource Bundle:

Eve Everywoman

Generated Narrative: Composition

ResourceComposition "180f219f-97a8-486d-99d9-ed631fe4fc57" Updated"2013-05-28 22:12:21+0000"

Security Labels:

status: FINAL

type: Discharge Summary from Responsible Clinician (LOINC#28655-9)

encounter: See on this page:

date: 2013-02-01 12:30:02+0000

author: See on this page: Practitioner/ex-practitioner

title: Discharge Summary

Reason for admission

Acute Asthmatic attack. Was wheezing for days prior to admission.

Medications on Discharge

Medication Last Change Last ChangeReason
Theophylline 200mg BD after meals continued
Ventolin Inhaler stopped Getting side effect of tremor

Known allergies

Allergen Reaction
Doxycycline Hives

Additional Document Content

2. (Practitioner/ex-practitioner)

Dr Adam Careful

3. (Patient/ex-patient)

Eve Everywoman

4. (Encounter/doc-example)

Admitted to Orthopedics Service, Middlemore Hospital between Jan 20 and Feb ist 2013

5. urn:uuid:541a72a8-df75-4484-ac89-ac4923f03b81 (Observation/null)

Acute Asthmatic attack. Was wheezing for days prior to admission.

6. urn:uuid:124a6916-5d84-4b8c-b250-10cefb8e6e86 (MedicationRequest/null)

Theophylline 200mg twice a day

7. urn:uuid:673f8db5-0ffd-4395-9657-6da00420bbc1 (MedicationStatement/null)

Ventolin inhaler discontinued

8. urn:uuid:47600e0f-b6b5-4308-84b5-5dec157f7637 (AllergyIntolerance/null)

Sensitivity to Doxycycline : Hives