HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide: Breast Cancer Data, Release 1 - US Realm (Draft for Comment 2)

Open Source Tooling

The tools used to define the models and produce the logical models and the FHIR profiles are open source, developed as part of the Standard Health Record (SHR) Initiative. The SHR tooling consists of several elements:

  • Clinical Information Modeling and Profiling Language (CIMPL). CIMPL (pronounced "simple") is a domain-specific language designed for the task of capturing requirements in a recognizable, human-readable form and defining detailed clinical information models. It has a formal grammar defined in ANTLR4. It has three types of definitional files: data elements, value sets, and profile mappings.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI). CLI is the computer program that parses CIMPL files and produces outputs including CIMCORE, FHIR logical models, FHIR Profiles, and other artifacts.
  • Clinical Information Modeling COmputable REpresentation (CIMCORE). CIMCORE is a computable health care modeling representation in JSON, expressing the class hierarchy, modeling constraints, value sets, and mappings. CIMCORE can be thought of as the "compiled form" of CIMPL, but it is explicitly designed for simplicity and cross-language interoperability. It is used as the central representation from which the various outputs (profiles, logical models, reference model browser) are produced.

The final form of the Implementation Guide (the html pages you see here) was produced using the standard FHIR Implementation Guide Publisher (IGPub).