HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide: Breast Cancer Data, Release 1 - US Realm (Draft for Comment 2)


BC AnatomicalLocationVS ValueSet

Codes that describe normal and pathologic anatomic systems, regions, cavities, and spaces.

Defining URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/us/breastcancer/ValueSet/cimi-element-AnatomicalLocationVS

Codes that describe normal and pathologic anatomic systems, regions, cavities, and spaces.

Publisher:The HL7 Cancer Interoperability Group sponsored by Clinical Interoperability Council Work Group (CIC)
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle
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This value set contains 1000 concepts

All codes from system http://snomed.info/sct

106004Posterior carpal region
107008Fetal part of placenta
108003Condylar emissary vein
110001Visceral layer of Bowman's capsule
111002Parathyroid gland
116007Subcutaneous tissue of medial surface of index finger
124002Coronoid process of mandible
145009Colloid milium
149003Central pair of microtubules, cilium or flagellum, not bacterial
155008Deep circumflex artery of ilium
161006Thermal injury
167005Supraclavicular part of brachial plexus
202009Anterior division of renal artery
205006Left commissure of aortic valve
206007Gluteus maximus muscle
221001Articular surface, phalanges, of fourth metacarpal bone
227002Canal of Hering
232001Congenital fold
233006Hepatocolic ligament
235004Superior labial artery
246001Lateral vestibular nucleus
251007Pectoral region
255003Calcified nodule
256002Kupffer cell
259009Fibrous body
263002Thoracic nerve
266005Right lower lobe of lung
272005Superior articular process of lumbar vertebra
273000Lateral myocardium
283001Central axillary lymph node
284007Flexor tendon and tendon sheath of fourth toe
289002Metacarpophalangeal joint of index finger
301000Fifth metatarsal bone
311007Plantar surface of great toe
315003Skin of umbilicus
318001Cardiac impression of liver
328005Follicular papule
345000Penetrating atrioventricular bundle
354002Triton tumor, malignant
356000Reticular corium
393006Wall of urinary bladder
394000Abnormal trabeculation
402006Dental branches of inferior alveolar artery
405008Posterior temporal diploic vein
414003Gastric fundus
419008Functional dilatation
420002Anastomosis, heterocladic
422005Inferior surface of tongue
446003Trochanteric bursa
457008Collateral ligament
461002Lateral corticospinal tract
464005Basophilic normoblast
465006Ascending frontal gyrus
471000Flexor hallucis longus in leg
480000Cardiopulmonary circulatory system
485005TC - Transverse colon
487002Coil/whorled fibers
511008Fibrous meningioma
528006Costal surface of lung
552004Vagus nerve parasympathetic fibers to cardiac plexus
565008Intervertebral disc space of fifth lumbar vertebra
582005Head of phalanx of great toe
587004Capsule of proximal interphalangeal joint of third toe
589001Interventricular septum
595000Palpebral fissure
605004Severe inflammatory atypia
608002Subcutaneous tissue of philtrum
621009Multivesicular body, internal vesicles
635006Tuberosity of distal phalanx of little toe
650002Superior articular process of seventh thoracic vertebra
660006Tracheal mucous membrane
661005Jaw region
667009Embryological structure
688000Fetal hyaloid artery
691000Small intestine submucosa
692007Body of ischium
723004Dense intermediate filament bundles
738003Ball valve obstruction
774007Head and neck
790007Visceral surface of liver
798000Deep temporal veins
808000Posterior intercostal artery
809008Fetal chondrocranium
810003Spindle cell nevus
823005Posterior cervical spinal cord nerve root
830004Spinous process of fifth thoracic vertebra
835009Peripheral T-cell lymphoma, AILD (Angioimmunoblastic Lymphadenopathy with Dysproteinemia)
836005Oral region of face
856006Actinic keratosis
885000Lamina muscularis of colonic mucous membrane
895007Anterior cruciate ligament of knee joint
900006Mucin-producing adenocarcinoma
915007Malignant melanoma in junctional nevus
917004Superior laryngeal aperture
921006Thyrohyoid branch of ansa cervicalis
947002Crus of diaphragm
976004Ovarian vein
985004Psammomatous schwannoma
988002Wet gangrene
996007Meningeal branch of occipital artery
999000Mixed ductal-endocrine carcinoma
1005009Entire diaphragmatic lymph node
1012000Structure of fibrous portion of pericardium
1015003Structure of peritonsillar tissue
1028005Sebaceous gland structure
1030007Structure of vesicular bursa of sternohyoid muscle
1040005Anterior open dislocation
1063000Frontozygomatic suture of skull
1076006Subcutaneous prepatellar bursa
1087003Sternothyroid muscle
1092001Superior occipital gyrus
1099005Thymic cortex
1101003Cranial cavity
1106008Major calyx
1110006Tarsal gland
1122009Inferior longitudinal muscle of tongue
1129000Acidophilic body
1136004Aortopulmonary septum
1138003Moderate squamous cell atypia
1159005Frenulum linguae
1172006Odontoid process of axis
1173001Mandibular nerve
1174007Chromosomes, group E
1188006Superior open dislocation
1193009Teres major muscle
1231004Central nervous system meninges
1236009Duodenal serosa
1243003Inferior articular process of sixth cervical vertebra
1246006Dorsal digital nerves of radial nerve
1263005Distinctive arrangement of microtubules
1277008Vertebral nerve
1311000Telogen hair
1338007BCC - Basal cell carcinoma
1350001Deep flexor tendon of index finger
1353004Gastric serosa
1403006Vastus lateralis muscle
1425000Posterior limb of stapes
1439000Paravesicular lymph node
1441004Laryngeal saccule
1443001Chromophobe carcinoma
1454006Chronic fibrinous inflammation
1456008Yellow fibrocartilage
1467009Parietal branch of superficial temporal artery
1484003Structure of metatarsal region of foot
1490004Soft tissues of trunk
1502004Anterior cecal artery
1511004Ejaculatory duct
1513001Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor
1516009Frontomental diameter of head
1527006Lamina of fourth thoracic vertebra
1537001Intervertebral disc of eleventh thoracic vertebra
1541002Coccygeal plexus
1561008Swollen sarcoplasmic reticulum
1562001Nucleus pulposus of intervertebral disc of third lumbar vertebra
1569005Nail of third toe
1580005Nucleus ventralis lateralis
1581009Ileal artery
1586004Subependymal giant cell astrocytoma
1600003Splenius capitis muscle
1611006Paramammary lymph node
1617005Intrinsic larynx
1620002Metaphase nucleus
1623000Myxopapillary ependymoma
1626008Third thoracic vertebra
1627004Medial collateral ligament of knee joint
1630006Supraorbital vein
1650005Hilum of left lung
1655000Transverse peduncular tract nucleus
1659006Nucleus medialis dorsalis
1684009Ligamentum teres of liver
1706004Thymic lobule
1707008Ventral nuclear group of thalamus
1711002Periorbital region
1716007Cupula ampullaris
1721005Right tonsil
1729007Central tegmental tract
1732005TD - Thoracic duct
1752006Clear cell adenoma
1765002Structure of lymphatic vessel of thorax
1781007Sacroiliac region
1791001Radiation injury with fibrosis
1818002Greater circulus arteriosus of iris
1825009Root of nose
1832000Scleral conjunctiva
1840006Arrector pili muscle
1849007Pharyngeal recess
1853009Structure of suprahyoid muscle
1874005Promontory lymph node
1893007Joint of upper extremity
1895000Musculophrenic vein
1902009Skin of external ear
1918003Suprarenal aorta
1927002Left elbow
1929004B-cell lymphoma, no ICD-O subtype
1992003Porus acusticus internus
1996000Numeric atrophy
1997009Cingulum dentis
2010005Clavicular facet of scapula
2019006Sarcoplasmic bodies
2020000Superior thoracic artery
2026006Serous adenofibroma
2031008Structure of anterior median fissure of spinal cord
2033006Right fallopian tube
2044003Vaginal nerves
2048000Lingual tonsil
2049008Chorionic villi
2052000Acute necrosis
2059009Skin of ear lobule
2071003Reticular formation of spinal cord
2076008Head of phalanx of hand
2083001Nucleus ambiguus
2092003MM - Malignant melanoma
2095001Accessory sinus
2099007Hemangioma - morphology
2122006Pressure atrophy
2123001Mammilloinfundibular nucleus
2142002NM - Nodular melanoma
2150006Urinary tract transitional epithelial cell
2156000Glial cell
2160002Ligamentum arteriosum
2175005Pharyngeal cavity
2182009Endometrial zona basalis
2192001Clavicular part of pectoralis major muscle
2205003Lamina of fifth thoracic vertebra
2209009Cerebral basal surface
2218006Endothelial degeneration
2221008Malignant mesonephroma
2227007Adrenal cortical carcinoma
2232008Normal karyotype
2236006Lesser osseous pelvis
2246008Type I hair cell
2285001Structure of torcular Herophili
2289007Dicentric chromosome
2292006Structure of nasopharyngeal gland
2302002Vein of the knee
2305000Structure of spinous process of cervical vertebra
2306004Structure of base of third metacarpal bone
2327009Salivary seromucous gland
2330002Structure of segmental bronchial branches
2332005Metencephalon of foetus
2334006Renal calyx
2348006Adenomatoid tumor
2349003Structure of nasal suture of skull
2372001Structure of medial surface of toe
2383005Structure of papillary muscles of right ventricle
2389009Structure of superior margin of adrenal gland
2395005Structure of transverse facial artery
2397002Structure of first metatarsal facet of medial cuneiform bone
2400006Universal designation 21
2402003Structure of dorsum of foot
2421006Structure of submaxillary ganglion
2424003Malignant mesenchymal tumor
2433001Structure of digital tendon and tendon sheath of foot
2436009Tunica intima of vein
2453002Subcutaneous tissue structure of posterior surface of forearm
2454008Structure of articular surface, third metacarpal, of second metacarpal bone
2464004Moderate cytologic atypia
2484000Skin structure of frenulum of clitoris
2489005Structure of medial check ligament of eye
2499000Entire cisterna pontis
2502001Membrane of lysosome
2504000Structure of pancreatic plexus
2510000Femoral triangle structure
2539000Structure of superior rectal artery
2543001Structure of cuboid articular facet of fourth metatarsal bone
2550002Bone structure of phalanx of thumb
2559001Claw-shaped deformity
2570008Traction diverticulum
2577006Structure of gracilis muscle
2592007All extremities
2600000Structure of flexor pollicis longus muscle tendon
2620004Intervertebral disc structure of third thoracic vertebra
2639009Neuroendocrine tissue
2653009Structure of posterior thalamic radiation of internal capsule
2666009Structure of semispinalis capitis muscle
2672009Structure of anterior cutaneous branch of lumbosacral plexus
2675006Structure of anterior ethmoidal artery
2681003Structure of dorsal nerve of penis
2682005Bladder mucosa
2686008Structure of medial olfactory gyrus
2687004Structure of Bowman space
2695000Left maxillary sinus structure
2703009Entire calcarine artery
2712006Structure of capsule of ankle joint
2718005Structure of apical foramen of tooth
2726002Structure of fold for stapes
2730004Entire vitelline vein of placenta
2734008Major injury
2735009Papillary cystadenocarcinoma
2739003Endometrial structure
2741002Structure of medial occipitotemporal gyrus
2746007Circular layer of gastric muscularis
2748008Spinal cord structure
2759004Eccrine gland structure
2771005Lamina propria of ureter
2784001Traction injury
2789006Apocrine gland structure
2792005Structure of pars tensa of tympanic membrane
2803000Structure of tendon sheath of popliteus muscle
2810006Structure of cremasteric fascia
2812003Structure of head of femur
2824005Structure of spinous process of fourth thoracic vertebra
2826007Structure of lamina of fourth lumbar vertebra
2830005Structure of dorsal digital nerves of lateral hallux and medial second toe
2839006Structure of perivesicular tissues of seminal vesicles
2841007Renal artery structure
2845003Structure of respiratory epithelium
2848001Structure of superficial epigastric artery
2855004Structure of accessory cephalic vein
2861001Entire gland (organ)
2894003Structure of posterior epiglottis
2905008Structure of anterior ligament of uterus
2909002Structure of posterior portion of diaphragmatic aspect of liver
2920002Structure of facial nerve motor branch
2922005Structure of posterior papillary muscle of left ventricle
2923000Subcutaneous tissue structure of supraorbital area
2952002Proliferative inflammation
2953007Microglandular hyperplasia
2954001Supernumerary deciduous tooth
2962009Adenofibroma, no ICD-O subtype
2969000Anatomical space structure
2979003Bone structure of medial cuneiform
2985005Mammary Paget's disease
2986006Structure of talar facet of navicular bone of foot
2998001Entire right margin of uterus
3003007Internal capsule anterior limb structure
3008003White fibrocartilage
3028004Transitional epithelial cell
3039001Subcutaneous tissue structure of thigh
3042007Structure of glomerular urinary pole
3054007Structure of articular surface, metacarpal, of phalanx of thumb
3055008Structure of bone marrow of vertebral body
3056009Structure of anteroventral nucleus of thalamus
3057000Nerve structure
3058005PNS - Peripheral nervous system
3062004Spinal arachnoid
3068000Structure of seminal vesicle lumen
3081007Mitochondrion in division
3093003Structure of tendinous arch of pelvic fascia
3100007Clinical crown of tooth
3102004Anaplastic oligodendroglioma
3113001Structure of suprachoroidal space
3117000Structure of dorsal surface of index finger
3118005Structure of trabecula carnea of left ventricle
3120008Pleural membrane structure
3134008Structure of head of fourth metatarsal bone
3138006Bone tissue
3139003Ballooning degeneration
3153003Structure of tractus olivocochlearis
3156006Structure of obturator artery
3159004Structure of costocervical trunk
3169005Spinal nerve structure
3172003Lymphoepithelioid lymphoma
3178004Structure of raphe of soft palate
3194006Endocardium of right atrium
3198009Monostomatic sublingual gland
3215002Subcutaneous tissue structure of nuchal region
3222005All large arteries
3227004Left coronary artery main stem
3236000Structure of posterior segment of right upper lobe of lung
3243006Structure of parametrial lymph node
3255000Papillary area
3262009Structure of root canal of tooth
3279003Structure of pedicle of third cervical vertebra
3295003Structure of ventral anterior nucleus of thalamus
3301002Tectopontine fibers
3302009Splenic branch of splenic artery
3313007Chronic superficial ulcer
3315000Structure of vestibulospinal tract
3332001Occipitofrontal diameter of head
3336003Haversian canal
3341006Right lung structure
3350008Entire right commissure of pulmonic valve
3362007Intertragal incisure structure
3366005Structure of anterior papillary muscle of left ventricle
3370002Structure of supporting tissue of rectum
3374006Secondary spermatocyte
3377004Structure of agger nasi
3380003Superficial injury
3382006Structure of rima oris
3383001Nonsegmented basophil
3394002Suboccipitobregmatic diameter of head
3395001Structure of superior palpebral arch
3396000Structure of mesogastrium
3400000Cell of bone
3409004Structure of lateral margin of forearm
3416003Lengthening of short arm
3417007Structure of rotator muscle
3438001Deep lymphatic of upper extremity
3444002Thalamostriate vein
3447009Penetrated oocyte
3460003Structure of anterodorsal nucleus of thalamus
3462006Structure of commissure of tricuspid valve
3467000Cell to cell relationship, characterized by cell contact, separation minimal or absent
3471002Posterior midline of trunk
3478008Structure of vastus medialis muscle
3481003Structure of embryonic testis
3488009Annulate lamella, cisternal lumen
3490005Subcutaneous tissue structure of suboccipital region
3524005Structure of lateral wall of mastoid antrum
3538003Structure of capsule of proximal tibiofibular joint
3541007Structure of dorsal metatarsal artery
3553006Structure of thyroid capsule
3556003Structure of dorsal nucleus of trapezoid body
3563003Muscularis of ureter
3572006Vertebral body
3578005Structure of body of gallbladder
3582007Structure of gastrophrenic ligament
3584008T10 dorsal arch
3594003Structure of straight part of longus colli muscle
3608004Ischiococcygeus muscle
3609007Structure of occipital branch of posterior auricular artery
3612005External spontaneous fistula
3645005Pregnancy luteoma
3663005Structure of tympanic ostium of Eustachian tube
3665003Pelvic wall structure
3670005Entire subpyloric lymph node
3679006Polycystic change
3711007Great vessel
3743007Structure of lateral thoracic artery
3761003Structure of nucleus pulposus of intervertebral disc of first thoracic vertebra
3766008Subcutaneous tissue structure of lower extremity
3785006Entire dorsal metacarpal ligament
3788008Structure of apical segment of right lower lobe of lung
3789000Enteroendocrine cell
3810000Septal cartilage structure
3821009Blunt injury
3833004Odontogenic tumor
3838008Structure of apex of coccyx
3839000Lipid-rich carcinoma
3860006Structure of transplanted liver
3865001Structure of interscapular region of back
3867009Structure of dorsal surface of great toe
3875003Urate tophus
3876002Subcutaneous tissue structure of femoral region
3877006Structure of common carotid plexus
3898006Benign tumor morphology
3910004Subcutaneous tissue structure of lateral surface of fourth toe
3916005Structure of occipital lymph node
3924000Structure of pericardiophrenic artery
3931001OW - Oval window
3935005Head of tenth rib structure
3937002Structure of entorhinal cortex
3954005Lacrimal sac structure
3956007Structure of fifth metatarsal articular facet of fourth metatarsal bone
3959000Structure of rectus capitis muscle
3960005Olfactory tract structure
3964001Structure of gyrus of brain
3966004Entire parietal branch of anterior cerebral artery
3977005Subcutaneous tissue structure of concha
3984002Deep vein of clitoris
3989007Structure of medial globus pallidus
4000000Severe transitional cell atypia
4015004Chromosomes, group A
4019005Posterior commissure of labium majorum
4023002Recurrent closed dislocation
4029003Eosinophilic progranulocyte
4061004Lateral orbital wall
4066009Structure of capsule of proximal interphalangeal joint of index finger
4072009Structure of fourth coccygeal vertebra
4079000Mucoepidermoid carcinoma
4081003Entire dorsal lingual vein
4093007Structure of vagus nerve bronchial branch
4111006Macula of the saccule
4117005Lumbosacral spinal cord central canal structure
4118000Multilobular chondroma and osteoma
4121003Structure of superior frontal sulcus
4125007Bursal cyst
4146003Structure of artery of extremity
4148002Structure of palmar surface of little finger
4150005Celiac nervous plexus structure
4158003Abdominal aortic plexus structure
4159006Hyparterial bronchus
4180000Both lower extremities
4193005Entire extensor tendon and tendon sheath of fifth toe
4205002Türk cell
4212006Epithelial cells
4215008Head of second rib structure
4230004Pacinian neurofibroma
4247003Bone structure of first metacarpal
4258007Posterior tibial vein
4268002Lateral spinorubral tract
4276000Structure of inferior articular process of seventh cervical vertebra
4281009Structure of middle portion of ileum
4295007Structure of paracortical area of lymph node
4303006Cartilage canal
4305004Metastatic signet ring cell carcinoma
4312008Anterior midline of abdomen
4317002Structure of spinalis muscle
4328003Protoplasmic astrocyte
4335006Upper jaw region
4352005Structure of subchorionic space
4358009Structure of lateral surface of little finger
4360006Stratum spinosum structure
4369007Small intestine mucous membrane structure
4371007Structure of fourth metatarsal facet of lateral cuneiform bone
4375003Structure of incisure of cartilaginous portion of auditory canal
4377006Structure of parafascicular nucleus of thalamus
4392007Malignant mixed tumor, osteosarcomatous type
4394008Scala vestibuli structure
4402002Structure of anterior articular surface for talus
4419000Tracheal submucosa
4421005Cellular structures
4430002Structure of clivus ossis sphenoidalis
4432005Structure of ductus arteriosus
4442007Dental arch structure
4476003Atypical glandular cells of undetermined significance
4484004Chromocenter alteration
4486002Structure of accessory sinus gland
4513002Obstruction by torsion and angulation, combined mechanism
4524000Structure of subclavian plexus
4527007Joint structure of lower extremity
4532008Acute inflammation
4537002Structure of internal medullary lamina of thalamus
4538007Papulovesicular eruption
4541003Congenital failure of fusion
4548009Lamellated granule, as in surfactant-secreting cell
4549001Entire vagus nerve parasympathetic fibers to liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and pancreas
4553004Mixed subependymoma-ependymoma
4566004Structure of tentorium cerebelli
4578000Skin structure of posterior surface of thigh
4583008Structure of splenius muscle of trunk
4584002Scirrhous adenocarcinoma
4588004Structure of middle trunk of brachial plexus
4590003Metastatic adenocarcinoma
4596009Larynx structure
4603002Structure of base of phalanx of foot
4606005Tubercle of eighth rib structure
4618001Congenital dextrorotation
4621004Structure of lesser tuberosity of humerus
4624007Structure of lymphatic cord
4631006Tubular adenocarcinoma
4647008Lipid droplet, homogeneous
4651005Structure of tunica albuginea of corpus spongiosum
4658004Skin structure of nuchal region
4677002Basal lamina, inclusion in subepithelial location
4684005Mesonephric duct hyperplasia
4686007Blister due to degeneration of basal cells
4703008Cardinal vein structure
4717004Neutrophilic myelocyte
4718009Entire venous plexus of the foramen ovale basis cranii
4743003Structure of ventral sacrococcygeal ligament
4755009Structure of medial surface of great toe
4759003Structure of gemellus muscle
4766002Structure of supracardinal vein
4768001Structure of perineal nerve
4774001Structure of phrenic nerve pericardial branch
4775000Structure of ventral posterior inferior nucleus
4797003Papillary adenocarcinoma
4799000Deiter cell
4810005Structure of uterine venous plexus
4812002Anterior tibial compartment structure
4828007Femoral canal structure
4840007Subcutaneous tissue structure of ring finger
4843009Ampulla of semicircular duct
4861000Structure of tuberculum impar
4866005Constrictor muscle of pharynx structure
4870002Structure of dorsal tegmental nuclei of midbrain
4871003Lamina of modiolus of cochlea
4876008Acute obstruction
4881004Entire sublingual vein
4888005Entire interlobular vein of kidney
4897009Cell membrane, prokaryotic
4905007Structure of uterovaginal plexus
4906008Mastoid antrum structure
4919007Congenital protrusion
4924005Cerebellar gracile lobule
4935000Adenocarcinoma in situ in villous adenoma
4942000Lower limb lymph node structure
4947006Contraction bands
4950009Sezary syndrome
4954000Structure of radial notch of ulna
4956003Subcutaneous tissue structure of back
4958002Amygdaloid structure
4977000Eccrine spiradenoma
5001007Structure of superior temporal sulcus
5008001Pitting edema
5014008Benign interstitial cell tumor
5023006Structure of yellow bone marrow
5026003Structure of posterior surface of prostate
5046008Structure of superficial dorsal veins of clitoris
5052009Primary cutaneous neuroendocrine carcinoma
5068003Structure of obturator internus muscle ischial bursa
5069006Structure of rugal column
5076001Structure of infrasternal angle
5115006Structure of posterior auricular vein
5122003Entire angle of first rib
5128004Lens zonules
5140004Permanent upper right 6 tooth
5178002Benign synovioma
5183005Inferior closed dislocation
5188001Round calculus
5192008Structure of intervertebral foramen of twelfth thoracic vertebra
5194009Structure of epithelium of lens
5195005Structure of right external carotid artery
5204005Superior ileocecal recess
5213007Frontal vein
5225005Structure of uterine ostium of fallopian tube
5228007Right cerebral hemisphere structure
5229004Structure of mucosa of gallbladder
5237007Pautrier microabscess
5244003Intraductal papilloma
5257006Follicular adenocarcinoma
5261000Structure of thoracic intervertebral disc
5272005Skin structure of lateral portion of neck
5279001Structure of foramen singulare
5296000Structure of anterior mediastinal lymph node
5314004Acute dilatation
5324007Structure of superior pole of kidney
5329002Bone structure of C4
5336001Structure of inferior frontal gyrus
5347008Synaptic specialization, cytoplasmic
5356000Bowenoid papulosis
5362005Structure of median arcuate ligament of diaphragm
5366008Hippocampal structure
5379004Small intestine muscularis propria
5382009Superior fascia of perineum
5394000Uterine paracervical lymph node
5398002Normal fat pad
5399005Dissecting hemorrhage
5403001Articular process of third lumbar vertebra
5409002Traumatic eviscerated structure
5421003Sex chromosome Y
5427004Apocrine intraepidermal duct
5458003Deep artery of clitoris
5459006Cardiac incisure of stomach
5468008Fracture, multiple
5480000Canalized thrombus
5491007Lacrimal part of orbicularis oculi muscle
5493005Metacarpophalangeal joint of little finger
5498001Superior aberrant ductule of epididymis
5501001Hyaloid artery
5520004Subcutaneous tissue of chin
5538001Tegmental portion of pons
5542003Crista marginalis of tooth
5544002Longitudinal layer of duodenal muscularis propria
5560003Alveolar ridge mucous membrane
5574005Seventh costal cartilage
5580002Tendon of supraspinatus muscle
5597008Retina of right eye
5600009Schneiderian carcinoma
5611001Anulus fibrosus of intervertebral disc of fifth cervical vertebra
5625000Navicular facet of intermediate cuneiform bone
5627008Right visceral pleura
5633004Muscular portion of interventricular septum
5640003Granular atrophy
5643001Canal of stomach
5644007Fractured membrane P face
5653000Inner surface of seventh rib
5658009Adenocarcinoma in tubulovillous adenoma
5668004Lower digestive tract
5677006Lenticular fasciculus
5682004Subcutaneous tissue of upper extremity
5688000Squamous cell carcinoma in situ with questionable stromal invasion
5696005Articular part of tubercle of ninth rib
5697001Skin of lateral surface of finger
5709001Multifidus muscles
5713008Submandibular triangle
5717009Temporal fossa
5718004Tendon and tendon sheath of leg and ankle
5727003Anterior cervical lymph node
5734001Pressure groove
5742000Skin of forearm
5751008Subcutaneous tissue of anterior portion of neck
5755004Cystic hyperplasia
5769004Endocervical epithelium
5770003Decompression injury
5802004Medium sized neuron
5804003Congenital growth disproportion
5814007Angle of seventh rib
5815008Superior rectus muscle
5816009Duodenal fold
5825003Substantia propria of sclera
5828001Posterior cord of brachial plexus
5843004Basaloid carcinoma
5847003Superior articular process of seventh cervical vertebra
5849000Glial cell reaction
5854009Orbital plate of ethmoid bone
5862001Mucous membrane eruption
5868002Serosa of urinary bladder
5872003Subcutaneous tissue of lateral border of sole of foot
5881009Tuberosity of distal phalanx of hand
5882002Endothelial sieve plate
5889006Articular surface, third metacarpal, of fourth metacarpal bone
5890002Posterior cells of ethmoid sinus
5893000Superior recess of tympanic membrane
5901005Multiple internal injuries
5909007Glandular-stromal asynchrony of endometrium
5923009Articular process of twelfth thoracic vertebra
5926001Bronchial lumen
5928000Great cardiac vein
5942008Tensor tympani muscle
5943003Vestibular vein
5944009Posterior palatine arch
5948007Capsule of distal interphalangeal joint of third toe
5951000Left wrist
5953002Eighth rib
5958006Small cell carcinoma, intermediate cell
5960008Depressed structure
5974001Pressure cone
5976004Subcutaneous tissue of eyelid
5978003Fracture, open, longitudinal
5979006Episcleral artery
5996007Chromosomes, group D
6001004Quadratus lumborum muscle
6004007Intervertebral disc of second thoracic vertebra
6006009Circular layer of duodenal muscularis propria
6009002Mesentery of ascending colon
6013009Reticuloendothelial system
6014003Penicilliary arteries
6032003Columnar epithelial cell
6046003Outer surface of third rib
6050005Lacrimal vein
6059006Metacarpophalangeal joint of middle finger
6062009Deciduous mandibular right canine tooth
6073002Ligament of left superior vena cava
6074008Capsule of temporomandibular joint
6076005Gastrointestinal subserosa
6078006Mucus retention
6104005Subclavian nerve
6105006Body of fifth thoracic vertebra
6110005Facial nerve parasympathetic fibers
6120000Oncocytic metaplasia
6151007Amphophilic stain reaction
6194002Nail of fourth toe
6216007Postcapillary venule
6217003Piriform recess
6219000Neoplasm, malignant, uncertain whether primary or metastatic
6223008Mild koilocytotic atypia
6229007Os lacrimale
6253001Sulcus terminalis cordis
6266001Granulomatous inflammation
6268000Accessory phrenic nerves
6269008Subcutaneous tissue of scalp
6279005Skin of dorsal surface of finger
6317000Posterior basal branch of left pulmonary artery
6325003Aryepiglottic muscle
6326002Fetal atloid articulation
6335009Lymphoid follicle of stomach
6359004Hair medulla
6371005Lymphatics of thyroid gland
6375001Cavernous portion of urethra
6379007Multiple adenomatous polyps
6381009Alpha heavy chain disease
6392005Coccygeal nerve
6404004Ligamentum nuchae
6406002Membranous inflammation
6413002Presymphysial lymph node
6417001Medial malleolus
6423006Supraspinatus muscle
6424000Structure of radiating portion of cortical lobule of kidney
6445007Mast cell
6448009Posterior vagal trunk
6472004Medial aspect of ovary
6492006Klatskin's tumor
6504002Glans clitoridis
6511003Distal portion of circumflex branch of left coronary artery
6530003Cardiac valve leaflet
6533001Colonic haustra
6538005Thyrocervical trunk
6541001Anterior commissure of mitral valve
6544009Gastrohepatic ligament
6550004Angular incisure of stomach
6551000Pollicis artery
6553002Inferior nasal turbinate
6564004Medial border of sole
6566002Cerebellar hemisphere
6572002Base of phalanx of middle finger
6579006Sebum retention
6582001Intrinsic obstruction
6598008Lingual nerve
6606008Structure of dorsal intercuneiform ligaments
6608009Sphenoparietal sinus
6620001Cuticle of nail
6623004Sternal muscle
6633007Right posterior cerebral artery
6641007Metatypical carcinoma
6643005Right anterior cerebral artery
6646002Anterior fossa of cranial cavity
6649009Uterine subserosa
6651008Central lobule of cerebellum
6660000Atypical intraductal hyperplasia
6684008Articular facet of head of fibula
6685009Right ankle
6711001Arch of second lumbar vertebra
6720005Femoral nerve lateral muscular branches
6731002Pleural recess
6739000Chorda tympani
6742006Callosomarginal branch of anterior cerebral artery
6750002Mitochondrial inclusion
6757004Right knee
6780007Hemoglobin cast
6787005Tendon and tendon sheath of hand
6799003Macula of utricle
6805009Interstitial tissue of spleen
6820003Obturator nerve anterior branch
6828005Ligament of lumbosacral joint
6829002Pars ciliaris of retina
6834003Axial skeleton
6841009Corticomedullary junction of kidney
6842002Desmoplastic fibroma
6844001Spore crystal
6850006Secondary foot process
6864006Leaf of epiglottis
6866008Habenular commissure
6871001Visceral pericardium
6894000Medial surface of arm
6902008Popliteal region
6905005Subcutaneous tissue of medial surface of third toe
6912001Lower alveolar ridge mucosa
6914000Perivascular space
6921000Right upper extremity
6930008Jugular arch
6944002Anterior labial veins
6969002Lymphocytic tissue
6975006Anterior myocardium
6981003Posterior hypothalamic nucleus
6987004Collateral sulcus
6989001Thoracolumbar region of back
6991009Subcutaneous tissue of jaw
7003006Chronic hemorrhage
7035006Bile duct mucous membrane
7050002Subcutaneous tissue of external genitalia
7055007Lupus erythematosus cell
7067009Right colic artery
7076002Interstitial tissue of myocardium
7078001Hemosiderin pigmentation
7083009Middle phalanx of index finger
7090004Supraaortic branches
7091000Ventral posterolateral nucleus of thalamus
7094008Dilated pore of Winer
7099003Attachment plaque of desmosome or hemidesmosome
7117004Fetal implantation site
7121006Maxillary right second molar tooth
7148007Anulus fibrosus of intervertebral disc of thoracic vertebra
7149004False rib
7154008Trigeminal ganglion sensory root
7160008Base of metacarpal bone
7167006Paraduodenal recess
7173007Cauda equina
7188002Gustatory pore
7192009Isthmus tympani posticus
7227003Hypoglossal nerve intrinsic tongue muscle branch
7234001Inferior choroid vein
7242000Appendiceal muscularis propria
7244004Decidual cast
7275008Lymphatics of appendix and large intestine
7295002Muscle of perineum
7296001Deep inguinal ring
7300000Lymphoepithelial carcinoma
7311008Anterior surface of arm
7313006Open dislocation, incomplete
7344002Lingual gyrus
7345001Ciliary processes
7347009Infratendinous olecranon bursa
7362006Lymphatic of head
7372009Inflammatory atypia
7376007Left margin of uterus
7378008Paraventricular nucleus of thalamus
7384006Plantar calcaneocuboidal ligament
7404008Anterior semicircular duct
7435002Ovarian ligament
7471001Lateral surface of sublingual gland
7477002Lipid, crystalline
7480001Iliotibial tract
7494000Cerebellar lenticular nucleus
7498002Plantar tarsal ligaments
7507003Anterior ligament of head of fibula
7524009Vasa vasorum
7532001Vagus nerve parasympathetic fibers
7554004Deep head of flexor pollicis brevis muscle
7566005Mitotic cell in anaphase
7591005Intervertebral disc space of eleventh thoracic vertebra
7597009Subcutaneous tissue of vertex
7610001Tenth thoracic vertebra
7629007Thalamoolivary tract
7643002Calcified hematoma
7651004Intervenous tubercle of right atrium
7652006Frenulum labii
7657000Femoral artery
7658005Subtendinous bursa of triceps brachii muscle
7697002Pontine portion of medial longitudinal fasciculus
7712004Subdural space of spinal region
7726008Skin of medial surface of fifth toe
7736000Posterior choroidal artery
7742001Palatine duct
7744000Congestive hypertrophy
7748002Skin appendage
7755000Mesovarian margin of ovary
7756004Lamina of third thoracic vertebra
7764005Striate artery
7769000Right foot
7783003Sympathetic trunk spinal nerve branch
7796002Lipogenic pigmentation
7820009Lateral posterior nucleus of thalamus
7828002Xanthine calculus
7829005Anterior surface of manubrium
7832008Abdominal aorta
7835005Posterior margin of nasal septum
7840002Subcutaneous tissue of submental area
7841003Macrocytic normochromic erythrocyte
7844006Sternoclavicular joint
7851002Intracranial subdural space
7854005Mandibular canal
7872004Myocardium of ventricle
7874003Scapular region of back
7880006Rhopheocytotic vesicle
7884002Corneal corpuscle
7885001Rotator cuff including muscles and tendons
7892006Submucosa of anal canal
7894007Karyotype morphology
7896009Occipital angle of parietal bone
7905002Linear oblique
7906001Open dislocation
7911004Olivocerebellar fibers
7925003Proximal phalanx of third toe
7936005Ligament of diaphragm
7939003Localized edema
7944005Helper cell
7954009Lamina propria of ethmoid sinus
7967007First left aortic arch
7986004Abdominopelvic portion of sympathetic nervous system
7991003Skin of glans penis
7999001Articulations of auditory ossicles
8001006Mucous membrane of tongue
8005002Incomplete transposition
8012006Anterior communicating artery
8017000Inflow tract of right ventricle
8024004Limitans nucleus
8039003Subcutaneous acromial bursa
8040001Superficial flexor tendon of little finger
8045006Membrane-coating granule, amorphous
8057002Lateral nuclei of globus pallidus
8059004Pancreatic veins
8067007Superficial circumflex iliac vein
8068002Stratum lemnisci of corpora quadrigemina
8070006Secretory alteration of vagina
8079007Radial nerve
8091003Intervertebral disc space of twelfth thoracic vertebra


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