HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide: Breast Cancer Data, Release 1 - US Realm (Draft for Comment 2)



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The topic class for describing a breast cancer staging observation.

This logical model was published on Fri Aug 17 00:00:00 UTC 2018 as a draft by The HL7 Cancer Interoperability Group sponsored by Clinical Interoperability Council Work Group (CIC).

This IG does not define a corresponding profile for this logical model.

NameFlagsCard.TypeDescription & Constraintsdoco
.. oncology-BreastCancerStageTopic-model 0..*
... topicCode 1..1CodingThe concept representing the finding or action that is the topic of the statement.
.... extension 0..*ExtensionAdditional Content defined by implementations
Slice: Unordered, Open by value:url
.... system Σ1..1uriIdentity of the terminology system
Fixed Value: http://ncimeta.nci.nih.gov
.... version Σ0..1stringVersion of the system - if relevant
.... code Σ1..1codeSymbol in syntax defined by the system
Fixed Value: C2216702
.... display Σ0..1stringRepresentation defined by the system
.... userSelected Σ0..1booleanIf this coding was chosen directly by the user
... details 0..1stringA text note containing additional details, explanation, description, comment, or summarization. Details can discuss, support, explain changes to, or dispute information.
... category 1..*CodingA class or division of people or things having particular shared characteristics
Binding: Observation Category Codes (extensible)
... panelMembers 0..1BackboneElementPanelMembers represent the elements of a group of a related but independent evaluations.
.... observation 0..1Represents the result of evaluations (measurements, tests, or questions) that have been performed.
..... breastCancerPrimaryTumorClassification 0..1Reference(BC BreastCancerPrimaryTumorClassification Logical Model)The size and extent of the primary tumor, based on criteria defined by the staging system being used.
..... breastCancerRegionalNodesClassification 0..1Reference(BC BreastCancerRegionalNodesClassification Logical Model)The presence of metastases in regional lymph nodes, based on criteria defined by the staging system being used.
..... breastCancerDistantMetastasesClassification 0..1Reference(BC BreastCancerDistantMetastasesClassification Logical Model)The presence of distant metastases, based on criteria defined by the staging system being used.
..... hER2ReceptorStatus 0..1Reference(BC HER2ReceptorStatus Logical Model)HER2 receptor status. HER2 is a member of the human epidermal growth factor receptor family of proteins and is encoded by the ERBB2 oncogene. HER2 is overexpressed in 20-30% of breast tumors, and is associated with an aggressive clinical course and poor prognosis. HER2 status (positive=present or overexpressed; negative=absent) is a factor in determining prognosis and treatment options.
..... estrogenReceptorStatus 0..1Reference(BC EstrogenReceptorStatus Logical Model)Estrogen receptor alpha is the predominant estrogen receptor expressed in breast tissue and is overexpressed in around 50% of breast carcinomas. ER status (positive=present or overexpressed; negative=absent) is a factor in determining prognosis and treatment options.
..... progesteroneReceptorStatus 0..1Reference(BC ProgesteroneReceptorStatus Logical Model)Progesterone receptor status is a factor in determining prognosis and treatment options. The value is the percentage of cells that test (stain) positive for the presence of a receptor. The interpretation of positive or negative (found in the interpretation property) is based on the staining percentage, and may take into account the staining intensity.
..... dCISNuclearGrade 0..1Reference(BC DCISNuclearGrade Logical Model)An evaluation of the size and shape of the nucleus in tumor cells and the percentage of tumor cells that are in the process of dividing or growing. Cancers with low nuclear grade grow and spread less quickly than cancers with high nuclear grade. In breast cancer, nuclear grade is typically evaluated for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) only. There is currently no concept code for DCIS Nuclear Grade in LOINC, SNOMED, or NCI Metathesaurus.
..... breastCancerHistologicGrade 0..1Reference(BC BreastCancerHistologicGrade Logical Model)The Elston Grade/Nottingham Score, representative of the aggressive potential of the tumor. Well differentiated cells (Grade 1) look similar to normal cells and are usually slow growing, while poorly differentiated cells (Grade 3) look very different than normal and are fast-growing.
... stageTimingPrefix 0..1CodingIndicates when the staging was done, in terms of treatment landmarks.
Binding: BC StageTimingPrefixVS ValueSet (required)

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