HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide: Breast Cancer Data, Release 1 - US Realm (Draft for Comment 2)



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A specific durable physical device used in diagnosis or treatment. The value is the coding for a type of device, for example, a CPAP machine. The same device might be used on multiple patients.

This logical model was published on Fri Aug 17 00:00:00 UTC 2018 as a draft by The HL7 Cancer Interoperability Group sponsored by Clinical Interoperability Council Work Group (CIC).

This IG does not define a corresponding profile for this logical model.

NameFlagsCard.TypeDescription & Constraintsdoco
.. cimi-entity-Device-model 0..*
... type 1..1CodingThe most specific code (lowest level term) describing the kind or sort of thing being represented.
... deviceUdi 0..*stringUnique Device Identifier (UDI) Barcode string number for a device, assigned by the organization using the device.
... vendorModelNumber 0..1stringThe model number of the device, assigned by the manufacturer or vendor.
... manufacturerName 0..1stringThe name of the company who produce the device.
... manufactureDate 0..1dateTimeWhen the item (medication, device, etc.) was produced.
... expirationDate 0..1dateTimeWhen the item (medication, device, etc.) will expire.
... version 0..1string, idA number or code associated with the product that identifies a particular release iteration.
... url 0..1uriA unique URL on which the device may be contacted directly.

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