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Example MedicationAdministration: US Public Health MedicationAdministration - Eve Everywoman - Naloxone

Generated Narrative: MedicationAdministration

Resource MedicationAdministration "us-ph-medadmin-eve-everywoman-naloxone-response"

Profile: US Public Health MedicationAdministration

US Public Health Therapeutic Medication Response Extension: Patient's condition improved (finding) (SNOMED CT#268910001)

status: completed

medication: naloxone HCl 0.4 MG in 1 ML Injection (RxNorm#1659929)

subject: Patient/us-ph-patient-eve-everywoman: Eve Everywoman " EVERYWOMAN"

effective: 2018-03-07 --> 2018-03-07


*Gluteus maximus muscle (SNOMED CT#206007)Inject - dosing instruction imperative (qualifier value) (SNOMED CT#422145002)1 mL (Details: UCUM code mL = 'mL')