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Example Bundle: US Public Health Document Bundle - Eve Everywoman

Generated Narrative: Composition

Resource Composition "us-ph-composition-example"

Profile: US Public Health Composition

versionNumber: 1

US Public Health Information Recipient Extension: See above (PractitionerRole/us-ph-practitionerrole-henry-seven)

US Public Health Initiation Reason Extension: Suspicion of Zika

identifier: id: c03eab8c-11e8-4d0c-ad2a-b385395e27db

status: FINAL

type: Public Health Case Report (LOINC#55751-2)

encounter: See above (Encounter/us-ph-encounter-eve-everywoman-outpatient: Ambulatory Office Visit)

date: 2018-01-02 22:13:23+0000

author: See above (PractitionerRole/us-ph-practitionerrole-henry-seven: Henry Seven, MD)

title: US Public Health Composition Example

custodian: See above (Organization/us-ph-organization-salem-medical-center: Salem Medical Center)

History of Present Illness Section

History of Present Illness Section
Persistent Cough REPORTED starting on 2018/03/05
Whooping Respiration not reported
Paroxysms Of Coughing REPORTED starting on 2018/03/06
Post-tussive vomiting not reported

Reason for Visit Section

Reason for Visit Section

Reason for Visit: Bad cough

Chief Complaint

Chief complaint Narrative - Reported

Chief Complaint: Bad cough

Additional Document Content

2. (Encounter/us-ph-encounter-eve-everywoman-outpatient)

Not done yet

3. (PractitionerRole/us-ph-practitionerrole-henry-seven)

Generated Narrative: PractitionerRole

Resource PractitionerRole "us-ph-practitionerrole-henry-seven"

Profile: US Public Health PractitionerRole

identifier: id: 9941339108

practitioner: See above (Practitioner/us-core-practitioner-henry-seven: Henry Seven, MD)

organization: See above (Organization/us-ph-organization-salem-medical-center: Salem Medical Center)

code: Primary Care Clinic/Center (provider-taxonomy#261QP2300X)

specialty: Family practice (SNOMED CT#419772000)

location: See above (Location/us-ph-location-salem-medical-center: Salem Medical Center)

4. (Patient/us-ph-patient-eve-everywoman)

Eve L Everywoman Female, DoB: 1974-11-24 ( Medical Record Number: 1032702 (use: USUAL))

5. (Location/us-ph-location-salem-medical-center)

Generated Narrative: Location

Resource Location "us-ph-location-salem-medical-center"

Profile: US Public Health Location

identifier: id: 1144221995

status: ACTIVE

name: Clinic Bldg A, Salem Medical Center

type: Hospital (RoleCode#HOSP)

address: Clinic Bldg A 4444 Healthcare Drive Ann Arbor MI 99999

managingOrganization: See above (Organization/us-ph-organization-salem-medical-center)

6. (Practitioner/us-core-practitioner-henry-seven)

Generated Narrative: Practitioner

Resource Practitioner "us-core-practitioner-henry-seven"

Profile: US Core Practitioner Profile

identifier: id: 9941339108

name: Seven Henry


address: 1002 Healthcare Drive Ann Arbor MI 99999 US

7. (Condition/us-ph-condition-encounter-diagnosis-diabetes)

Generated Narrative: Condition

Resource Condition "us-ph-condition-encounter-diagnosis-diabetes"

Profile: US Public Health Condition Encounter Diagnosis

category: Encounter Diagnosis (Condition Category Codes#encounter-diagnosis)

code: Diabetes mellitus (disorder) (SNOMED CT#73211009)

subject: See above (Patient/us-ph-patient-eve-everywoman: Eve Everywoman)

onset: 2017-08-23

8. (Organization/us-ph-organization-salem-medical-center)

Generated Narrative: Organization

Resource Organization "us-ph-organization-salem-medical-center"

Profile: US Public Health Organization

identifier: id: 55555555

active: true

name: Salem Medical Center


*+1-555-555-1111, mail@salemmedicalcenter.com22222 Health Authority Drive Ann Arbor MI 99999