Subscriptions R5 Backport
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Subscriptions R5 Backport, published by HL7 FHIR Infrastructure WG. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.1.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

CapabilityStatement: R4 Topic-Based Subscription Server Capability Statement

Official URL: Version: 1.1.0
Active as of 2020-11-30 Computable Name: BackportSubscriptionCapabilityStatementR4

CapabilityStatement describing the required and optional capabilities of a FHIR Server supporting backported R5 Subscriptions in R4.

This CapabilityStatement describes the expected capabilities of a FHIR R4 server supporting this Implementation Guide.

Raw OpenAPI-Swagger Definition file | Download

FHIR RESTful Capabilities by Resource/Profile:


Resource TypeSupported ProfilesSupported SearchesSupported _includesSupported _revincludesSupported Operations
SubscriptionBackported R5 Subscriptionurl, status--$status, $events, $get-ws-binding-token


Conformance Expectation: SHALL

Supported Profiles:

Operation Summary:

Fetch and Search Criteria:

  • A Server SHALL be capable of returning a Subscription resource using: GET [base]/Subscription/[id]
  • A Server SHOULD be capable of creating a Subscription resource using either: POST [base]/Subscription or PUT [base]/Subscription/[id]
  • A Server SHOULD be capable of modifying a Subscription resource using either: PUT [base]/Subscription/[id] or PATCH [base]/Subscription/[id]
  • A Server SHOULD be capable of deleting a Subscription resource using: DELETE [base]/Subscription/[id]
  • A Server SHOULD be capable of searching for Subscription resources using: GET [base]/Subscription/?[parameters]

Search Parameter Summary: