Lower Extremity Skin Wound Assessment Implementation Guide STU1 CI Build

Lower Extremity Skin Wound Assessment - IG, published by HL7 International - Electronic Health Records Work Group. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 0.1.0). This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/fhir-skin-wound-ig/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions


This page lists all the CodeSystems, ValueSets, and ConceptMaps defined as part of the Lower Extremity Skin Wound Assessment implementation Guide. For more information on using codes in resources, see the the FHIR specification.

Code Systems

Code systems published in this IG - Includes HSPC defined code systems and externally defined code systems

  • Wound Observation Type Code System

  • Value Sets

  • CommunicationMode
  • Coursevalueset
  • ReriwoundConditionvalueset
  • WoundTypeEtiologyvalueset
  • WoundAssessmentInterpretationvalueset
  • Episodevalueset
  • Trendvalueset
  • WoundInternalItemOrBodyStructureVisiblevalueset
  • WoundBedAppearanceValueSet
  • Wound Bed Color value set
  • WoundEdgeDescriptionValueSet
  • WoundEdgeColorValueSet
  • ClockFacePositionValueSet
  • PresentAbsentValueSet
  • WoundMeasurementDeviceValueSet
  • WoundGradationValueSet
  • PressureUlcerAssociationvalueset
  • BodyLocationQualifiervalueset
  • BodySidevalueset
  • BodyLocationOrientationvalueset
  • CIMIWoundTypevalueset
  • WoundAnatomicLocationvalueset
  • WoundExudateAmountDescriptionValueSet
  • WoundExudateAppearanceValueSet
  • WoundExudateColorValueSet
  • WoundExudateOdorValueSet
  • YesNoValueSet
  • BodyLandmarkDescriptionvalueset
  • QualitativeWoundDepthvalueset
  • SurfaceOrientationvalueset
  • UnderlyingAnatomicalStructurevalueset
  • Recurrencevalueset
  • Wound Shape value set
  • WoundObservationTypeValueSet

  • Concept Maps


    See the FHIR terminology section for a complete discussion on code systems and a list of codes system names used in FHIR.