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Generated Fri Apr 19 19:17:26 UTC 2024, FHIR version 4.0.1 for hl7.fhir.uv.shorthand#3.0.0 (canonical = (history)). See Full QA Report

Quality Checks
Publisher Version:IG Publisher Version: v1.6.5
Publication Code:shorthand . PackageId = hl7.fhir.uv.shorthand, Canonical =
Realm Check for UV:
  • n/a
Publication Request:
Pub-Modeworking release
sequenceRelease 3
descThe FHIR Shorthand Release 3 ballot promotes most existing trial-use features to normative, introduces new trial-use features, and provides clarifications where necessary.
  • Error fetching package-list from Not Allowed
  • This IG has never been published, so the version should start with '0.' or include a patch version e.g. '-ballot'
  • Publication Request is for v'3.0.0-ballot' but package version is v3.0.0
  • Proposed path for this publication should usually be the canonical with the version or sequence appended and then some kind of label (typically '-snapshot')
  • This release is not labelled as a milestone or technical correction, so should have a patch version (3.0.0)
  • This IG is not yet published at all, so there must be "first" : true in the publication request
  • No publication request category found (needed for first publication - consult FHIR product director for a value
  • No publication request title found (needed for first publication)
  • No publication request introduction found (needed for first publication)
  • No publication request ci-build found (needed for first publication)
Supressed Messages:1 Suppressed Issue
Dependency Checks:
PackageVersionFHIRCanonicalWeb BaseComment
.. hl7.fhir.uv.shorthand3.0.0R4
... hl7.terminology.r45.5.0 MR4http://terminology.hl7.org
... hl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r41.0.0 UR4
Templates: hl7.fhir.template#current -> hl7.base.template#current -> fhir.base.template#current. Tools: 0.1.0
Dependent IGs:no references
Global Profiles:(none declared)
Terminology Server(s): (details)
HTA Analysis:no Non-HL7 references found
R5 Dependencies:(none)
Draft Dependencies:
Modifier Extensions:(none)
Previous Version Comparison: Unable to compare with previous version: Unable to find version history at (Problem #1 with package-list.json at Not Allowed)
IPA Comparison: n/a
IPS Comparison: n/a
Summary: errors = 1, warn = 1, info = 0, broken links = 0
Build Errors010

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warningThe jira specification file appears to be out of date with the versions, artifacts and pages currently defined in the IG. A proposed revised file to be reviewed and, if appropriate, submitted as a pull request against the XML folder in To see the differences, perform a file compare on 'template/jira-current.xml' (a normalized view of what is in Github) and 'template/jira-new.xml' (reflects current IG content)

input/ImplementationGuide-hl7.fhir.uv.shorthand.xml Show Validation Information (1)

ImplementationGuide​.definition (l1​/c12420)errorImplementationGuide.definition.resource: minimum required = 1, but only found 0 (from|4.0.1)

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Content-only specification. No resources required.

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input/ImplementationGuide-hl7.fhir.uv.shorthand.xmlImplementationGuide.definition.resource: minimum required = 1, but only found 0 (from|4.0.1)