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Protocols for Clinical Registry Extraction and Data Submission (CREDS) IG, published by HL7 International / Clinical Interoperability Council. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.0. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

ValueSet: All codes used as NCDR questions for CathPCI (Experimental)

Official URL: Version: 1.0.0
Active as of 2023-11-14 Computable Name: NCDRQuestionVS

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This value set contains 163 concepts

Expansion based on codesystem NCDR Question Codes v1.0.0 (CodeSystem)

  100000180 or STEMI Equivalent First Noted
  100000290 Total Occlusion
  100000517 Insurance Claim Number (HIC)
  100000851 Across Lesion
  100000856 Type
  100000862 in Graft
  100000866 Complexity
  100000880 Coronary Intervention Indication
  100000883 Coronary Artery Dissection
  100000922 Restriction
  100000923 During the Procedure
  100000994 Area Product
  100001027 Assessed (Pre-Procedure)
  100001072 Insurance Payment Source
  100001095 Enrolled in Research Study
  100001096 Study Name
  100001130 - Other Asian
  100001131 Ethnicity Type - Other Hispanic, Latino or Spanish Origin
  100001201 Coronary Angiography Procedure
  100001255 Coronary Intervention of the Left Main Coronary Artery
  100001256 Amount
  100001257 CTA Results
  100001271 Procedures Performed
  100001274 Pain Symptom Assessment
  100001276 Support
  100001277 Vasopressor Support
  100001278 Ventricular Support Device
  100001283 this Hospitalization
  100001284 Type this Hospitalization
  100001289 Indication
  100001296 for CABG
  100001297 Vessel with Stenosis >= 50%
  100012978 Vessel with Stenosis >= 50%
  100012979 Vessel Adjunctive Measurements Obtained
  100012980 Instantaneous Wave-Free Ratio
  100012981 Coronary Vessel Stenosis
  100012982 Coronary Vessel Stenosis
  100012983 Graft Vessel
  100012984 Segment Number
  100012986 Status
  100012993 Device Activation Date and Time
  100012995 ECG with STEMI or STEMI Equivalent Date and Time
  100012997 ECG obtained in Emergency Department
  100012999 Department Presentation at Referring Facility Date and Time
  100013000 Centered Reason for Delay in PCI Reason
  100013002 Centered Reason for Delay in PCI
  100013003 Coronary Syndrome Symptom Date
  100013004 Coronary Syndrome Symptom Time
  100013007 for MultiVessel Disease
  100013008 Procedure Type
  100013013 Restenosis
  100013014 Thrombosis
  100013015 Treated Lesion
  100013016 Flow (Post-Intervention)
  100013017 Difficulty walking indoors on level ground
  100013018 Difficulty gardening, vacuuming or carrying groceries
  100013019 Difficulty lifting or moving heavy objects (e.g. furniture, children)
  100013020 Had chest pain, chest tightness, or angina
  100013021 Had to take nitroglycerin (Tablets or spray) for your chest pain, chest tightness or angina
  100013022 Chest pain, chest tightness or angina limited your enjoyment of life
  100013023 How would you feel about this
  100013024 Dyspnea Scale Question 1
  100013025 Dyspnea Scale Question 2
  100013026 Dyspnea Scale Question 3
  100013027 Dyspnea Scale Question 4
  100013028 of CABG Graft
  100013030 Length
  100013039 Induced Timing
  100013057 Code
  100013075 Procedures Performed Type
  100013080 Rationale for not taking medication
  100013084 Medication Reconciliation Completed
  100013085 Medications Reconciled
  100014000 for Cath Lab Visit
  100014004 Instability
  100014005 Instability Type
  100014009 Ventricular Support
  100014013 Cardiac Arrest Rhythm
  100014016 Arrest at Transferring Healthcare Facility
  100014017 Arrest at this Facility
  100014026 Organ Transplant Type
  100014031 of units of PRBCs transfused
  100014032 PCI
  100014033 Surgery
  100014059 to Determine Follow-Up Status
  100014067 Rehabilitation Referral
  100014074 Access Closure Method
  100014075 Cross Over
  100014077 Time
  100014079 Access Site
  100014080 Status
  100014081 Arrest After Arrival of Emergency Medical Services
  100014082 Arrest Witnessed
  100014083 Device Counter
  100014084 Transferred In for Immediate PCI for STEMI
  100014085 Disease Stenosis Type
  100014086 Disease Regurgitation Type
  100014087 Disease Stenosis Severity
  100014089 Disease Regurgitation Severity
  100014233 Dose
  1000142348 through Graft to Native Lesion
  1000142349 Deployed
  1000142350 Calcification
  1000142356 Vessel Adjunctive Measurements Obtained
  1000142364 Assessment Date
  1000142366 for PCI with Surgical Consult
  1000142367 Treatment Decision
  1000142372 Reference Procedure Start Date and Time
  1000142373 Date of Death
  1000142374 Device(s) Used
  1000142375 Device Diameter
  1000142376 Device Length
  1000142377 Events
  1000142378 Events Occurred
  1000142379 Event Dates
  1000142381 Study of Health and Aging (CSHA) Clinical Frailty Scale
  1000142398 Device Associated Lesion
  1000142417 Devices Event Occurred In
  1000142418 Capacity
  1000142420 Risk
  1000142421 Access
  1000142423 Type
  1000142426 Unique Key
  1000142431 Test Performed
  1000142434 Test Risk/Extent of Ischemia
  1000142436 Reference Episode Arrival Date and Time
  1000142437 Reference Episode Discharge Date and Time
  1000142438 Schema Version
  1000142441 Counter
  1000142442 Immediately Prior to Treatment
  1000142443 In Graft
  1000142447 Date
  1000142449 Zip Code
  1000142450 Date and Time
  1000142451 Provider
  1000142452 Provider
  1000142453 Provider
  1000142454 Catheterization Operator
  1000142455 Operator
  1000142457 Date and Time
  1000142459 End Date and Time
  1000142460 Start Date and Time
  1000142461 (Post-Intervention)
  1000142463 Name
  1000142464 Failure Newly Diagnosed
  1000142465 Failure Type
  1000142467 Assessment Results
  1000142469 Antiarrhythmic Therapy Initiated Prior to Cath Lab
  1000142475 Ventricular Tachycardia Type
  1000142478 Events
  1000142479 Events Occurred
  10001424303 Test Results
  10001424780 Event Date and Time
  10001424782 Diagnostic Coronary Angiography Procedure without intervention
  10001424783 Diagnostic Coronary Angiography Procedure Date
  10001424784 Diagnostic Coronary Angiography Procedure Results
  10001424792 Planned after Discharge
  10001424796 Score
  10001424801 Assessment Method
  10001424808 Arrest Out of Healthcare Facility
  112000000348 Flow (Pre-Intervention)
  112000000349 Method Not Documented

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System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
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Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
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