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ValueSet: SNOMED Cardiac Catheters (Experimental)

Official URL: Version: 1.0.0
Active as of 2023-11-14 Computable Name: CardiacCatheter

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SNOMED Cardiac Catheters set


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Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 74 concepts

Expansion based on:

  • SNOMED CT United States edition 01-Sep 2023
  • SNOMED CT United States edition 01-Sep 2023
  706539002 catheter
  2491002 balloon catheter
  462205001 vascular ultrasound catheter, non-steerable
  462349001 vascular ultrasound catheter, steerable (physical object)
  462698001 drainage catheter
  462815004 vascular guidewire-placement catheter
  463095008 coronary angioplasty balloon catheter
  464394006 coronary angioplasty balloon catheter (physical object)
  465589004 catheter (physical object)
  465708007 coronary angioplasty catheter
  465945008 rotational catheter (physical object)
  466209009 coronary angioplasty balloon catheter
  467113003 intravascular recanalization system catheter
  467298003 angioplasty laser catheter (physical object)
  467322005 artery perfusion catheter
  467337009 mapping system injection percutaneous catheter
  467443005 septostomy catheter, blade (physical object)
  467525008 ventriculography catheter
  467537005 cardiac catheter
  467551005 ultrasound cardiac catheter, non-steerable (physical object)
  467685001 septostomy catheter, balloon (physical object)
  467941000 valvuloplasty catheter
  467955008 artery infusion catheter (physical object)
  467978002 ultrasound cardiac catheter, steerable (physical object)
  468003007 angioplasty radio-frequency catheter
  468004001 coronary angioplasty balloon catheter
  468037004 perfusion catheter (physical object)
  468057000 sizing catheter (physical object)
  468114007 optical coherence tomography system catheter
  468603008 suction catheter
  468867009 balloon catheter (physical object)
  468953004 rotational catheter
  469255005 guiding catheter (physical object)
  469461006 heating/cooling system catheter (physical object)
  469529005 delivery cardiac catheter (physical object)
  469542005 occluding catheter
  469613005 morphology catheter
  469726001 recanalization blunt-microdissection catheter
  469868006 circulatory assist axial-pump catheter (physical object)
  470718001 coronary angioplasty balloon catheter
  700865002 stent placement catheter
  700969007 cardiac pacing balloon catheter
  700970008 cardiac pacing catheter
  701504003 heart valve prosthesis post-dilation balloon catheter
  701622005 injection catheter
  701759002 thrombolysis system peripheral artery catheter
  701807002 thrombolysis system pulmonary artery catheter
  702051007 filter catheter
  702180001 cryosurgical system catheter
  704817008 pacemaker extraction catheter
  705923009 catheter
  705924003 balloon catheter
  705926001 angioplasty balloon catheter
  705927005 mapping catheter
  705928000 angioplasty catheter
  705929008 perfusion catheter
  705978003 catheter
  716781001 laser system beam guide-catheter, endocardial ablation (physical object)
  720351003 angioplasty balloon catheter, drug-eluting (physical object)
  725513000 mapping/ultrasound imaging catheter (physical object)
  736904005 occluding catheter, navigational-sensing (physical object)
  767701006 heart valve prosthesis implantation catheter
  773219001 low intensity collimated ultrasound ablation system catheter
  787577001 occluding funnel catheter
  789597004 artery blood sampling catheter (physical object)
  827152000 circulatory assist valved catheter
  860659007 peripheral atherectomy system catheter (physical object)
  1003475009 irreversible electroporation system catheter
  1137640004 mapping radio-frequency ablation catheter
  1157298007 stent-graft fenestration catheter
  1162468008 atrial line
  1172896007 denervation ultrasound system catheter
  1230245001 dual injection and aspiration catheter (physical object)
  1284888007 intravascular lithotripsy system balloon catheter

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